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Nationality Flag-Singapore.jpg Singaporean
Date of birth January 31, 2009
Day 438
Date of death February 2010 (est)
Residence Central Hungary
Sex Male
Congress member of Israel
President of Israel
6 November 2009 – 20 November 2009
Preceded by Cj Will Win
Succeeded by Zaib Atsu
Military rank Icon General.jpg V1 General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

JMatH was a wanderer which wander from a country to a country.

The Glorious Birth and Beginnings

JMatH was born on day 438 (January 31, 2009) in the USA's region of Indiana. He quickly earned his first days wage and trained for the very first time. Seeing as JMatH was born during the time of the Justinious - Uncle Sam election, he was absolutely fascinated by the political aspect of this game. JMatH quickly levelled up and joined his first party, the America's Advancement Party (AAP). JMatH started to become more and more knowledgeable about eRep during this time. He fought in his very first war (Israel's liberation war) and met many people that would help him throughout his entire time in the USA.

During his first 18 days, JMatH continued to live in the USA, meeting new people and talking with great people who were willing to help newbs. He would also study the wiki until 3 AM, which is how he knows a lot about past wars and battles that shook the world. One war that interested him the most was the Turkey-Israel War that resulted in Israel's complete takeover. He read many wiki pages on the war and was saddened that a great country like Israel wasn't available to move to... until February 19th, 2009.

Israel's Liberation

Just less than a week after learning about Israel's complete takeover, Benn Dover (former president of the USA, now banned) started a liberation war in the Nazareth North District of what was formerly Israel. JMatH quickly moved to Turkey's Q5 hospital region (after begging like a newb for a moving ticket) and fought in his first ever war. Ironic enough, the first war JMatH would ever fight in would result in liberating the country he would learn to come close to and serve.

The resistance war succeeded and Israel was back on the map. Now, remember, before you make fun of him, JMatH was a huge newb. Exactly the day after Israel was liberated, JMatH moved there in complete excitement and didn't realize there would not be any jobs or any food on the market. After a few days, he was on the edge of death, until a former friend by the name of Kylyx gifted JMath and he got to continue his "happy" life in barren Israel (of course this wouldn't last long, but he was half dead and a huge newb, so you can guess he was stupid as hell).

After joining the Israel forums, JMatH started in helping Israel form itself into a nation that would be safe for me to live in permanently. All of the old Israelis (Sadeh Badeh, yotamnor, Swifty, CyberStormAlpha, Franz Kafka, and all of the names you all know) would begin on the formation of Israel. The Israeli Workers Party and The Likud Party were formed and the adventure began.

Helping Form Israel

Israel had many tough days before we became what we are today. On its very first congress elections, Iran sent PTOers to take over the Congress and destroy Israel. This plan failed and the PTO group left. At that time Israel had its first congress after liberation. The new Congress immediately set taxes and a minimum wage. JMatH was once again on the edge of death, was ecstatic at making 1 NIS a day. He soon got his wellness up again and learned to never, ever go to a newly liberated country unless there's a congress.

Seeing as JMatH wasn't in the new Congress, he decided to help in something else. JMatH was given a mission to spy on Iran and Turkey to be sure they were not planning a presidential PTO, as there were a lot of suspicious people around during these times. JMatH figured out that Iran had wanted to, but the president at the time rejected it. That information secures a safe presidential election.

There were two candidates for president in the March 2009 elections, Sadeh Badeh, and CyberStormAlpha. After a short campaign, Sadeh Badeh came out on top with the most votes and began his huge reign as president of Israel.

Life in Early Israel

During his life in early Israel, JMatH became many things that helped his name become an Israeli household name. JMatH served as a one-term ambassador to Greece, a recruiter for the IDF, and a VP of an Israeli state company at the time. He ran for Congress once, but denounced it on the day he ran because of an issue in RL that would need to be cleared up.

After his run for the second congress, JMatH decided that he needed a break from the constant Kadima-IWP-Sadeh-Hufflepuff-Bachir Gemayal feuds. With the introduction of the new country, Latvia, he decided it is where he would help.


JMatH moved to Latvia a week before it was released. He met and worked with many annoying and great people (Roy Munson, Uncle Sam, etc.). Latvia was definitely different from Israel. While JMatH was there, everyone had backed Joey Phillips, a then Canadian, for President. When Uncle Sam came along, he had a different plan. He wanted it to be a democracy, so Uncle Sam and Joey Phillips would fight over the position for a long time.

While the two were doing a Huffle and Sadeh, Indonesian and Hungarian PTO groups were on the move in Latvia. They set up a fake party and started to TO Latvia. At the time, PEACE was a well-feared alliance when it came to PTOs. They tried everything to prevent the PTO, but in the end, Latvia was PTOed. JMatH was disappointed, not just with the PTO, but with the ignorant people who were supposed to be helping instead of fighting. He decided in the end that Israel is where he belonged, and where he would make his future.

His Return to Israel

After the failed PTO prevention in Latvia, JMatH decided it was time to move back where he was known better. At the time, Hufflepuff and her Kadima members were pissed at Sadeh for sniping votes at the last minute and destroying Kadima in the congress elections. This would be the final battle between Sadeh and Huffle, seeing as Huffles friend Bachir Gemayel would go inactive and Hufflepuff would be banned for use of multiple accounts.

After his return, JMatH was once again given the job of the recruiter by Cj Will Win and began his long job of recruiting. JMatH also became a PP of The Israeli Republican Union, which was a mega fail. He would then become a rebel and join The Likud Party of then famous Likud member, Jeff Sullivan. JMatH would work his way to Likud VP, but Jeff would go inactive and he would then join the IWP once again.

During his time in Likud, JMatH won his very first congress election and began his career as a congressman. JMatH was also constantly active in the IDF, becoming IDF Colonel under Yoel ben Shalom. This would help forge his image in Israel's future.

The Half-Written Chapter

JMatH would eventually feel like randomly moving the USA and becoming an ambassador there, but it wouldn't last due to the hugeness of the political area. He had learned to love Israel and its opportunities. He returned to Israel and lived there for a while.

The end

No one really knows what happened, but on March 24, 2010, during a random check-up, he was found dead in one of the Hungary regions as he earned five forfeit points.

Government offices
Preceded by
Cj Will Win
4th President of Israel
November, 2009 - December, 2009
Succeeded by
Zaib Atsu