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Medal - Member of the British eRepublik Empire.png

I, Mr Woldy, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint Jack Harris, Member of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.
Medal - Distinguished Service Order.png I, Field Marshal Hazz, Chief of the General Staff, hereby award Jack Harris membership to the Distinguished Service Order as conferred by the United Kingdom Military Honours Committee.

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Permanently banned
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Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth Dec 10, 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence London
Congress of UK
Minister of Defence of UK
6th Sept 2009 – 5th Oct 2009
Military rank Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal
Citizen permanently suspended for creating or administrating multiple citizen accounts.

Personal Information

Jack Harris has been a behind the scenes leader in the United Kingdom for quite some time. Starting early in his Erepublik career, indirectly through Economic success and Military leadership Jack has been quite influential in the history of the United Kingdom. From owning Banana Corporation, being a majority owner in Eurasian Holdings, and a Para CO and Minister of Defence in the UK, Jack has found his niche in gameplay.


While shying away from the more vocal political positions throughout the United Kingdom (which has a more verbal and tenuous history of infighting), Jack has led the UK in many ways. Starting only one month into his Life, he became the owner of Banana Corporation, which started with a Q2 Grain Company, and at one point owning almost half of the UK's largest functional Corporation (which has since downsized), Eurasian Holdings.

Economic Ability

Starting with Banana's Q2 Grain company, through investments and loans, Jack started his Economic career out very well. Growing at one point in owning Q4 companies in Food, Weapons, and Grain, Q3 Wood, and Q2 Housing. Growing tired of the stagnant environment in the UK, he decided to merge with 4 other investors into Eurasian Holdings, which also came to own a Q5 Hospital Company.

When Jack decided to leave Eurasian, he left his 49% ownership to Vinners, in exchange for ownership of the Q5 Hospital company. He later gave the Hospital company to the UK, to run as their National Hospital company.

In the end, he owned only a small Q1 food company.

Military Leadership

Jack has been a UK Paratrooper for quite some time. He became a Para on the 4th of April, 2009, where he learned the ropes of following orders and always remaining alert and active. In August, he became one of the Paratroopers Supply CO's, charged with ensuring the distribution of weapons and moving tickets so the Para's could maintain their level of excellence. After a short stint as Para CO (just before the September Presidential elections), he was made the Minister of Defence, charged with ensuring the defence of the United Kingdom and her allies.

He later remained a Paratrooper but held no duties outside of his normal soldier routine.

Political Career

The only time Jack has run for office was during the famed "Para PTO" during SaraDroz's term as Prime Minister, where several Paratroopers ran for Congress after being unhappy at the funding they were receiving. He has mainly stayed out of political affairs, although he offers insight and input to most matters in terms of military capability.

Medals and Ribbons