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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 2441
Date of birth Dec 14, 2009 Day 755 of the New World
Residence Rhode Island
Sex Male
Political party Federalist Party
Newspaper The High Rock
Congressman of Rhode Island
July 26 – August 26
Preceded by Vincent Truglia
Succeeded by Jacksondr5
Congressman of Rhode Island
August 26 – September 26
Preceded by Jacksondr5
Succeeded by Leplatt
Congressman of Utah
October 26 – Still Serving
Preceded by ProggyPop
Succeeded by Still Serving
Military unit Seal Team 6
Squadron Alpha
Position Black Panthers
Military rank Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Icon achievement hardworker on.gif 5x Hard Worker
Icon achievement congressman on.gif 3x Congress member.
Icon achievement supersoldier on.gif 2x Super Soldier.

Early Life

Jacksondr5 was born on day 755, just before the UK Invasion. He started out as a two clicker in America's Advancement Party, not doing much, but playing the game for some reason. He finally came out into the open just as the AAP was PTOed, and traveled with the others to the American Progressive Front. He signed up for the APF Militia, was accepted, and learned what he could from the people there.

He never really touched on the Political aspect of the game until the Congressional Race of May, 2010. He lost by 1 vote to WyrmHero. Butthurt Jackson was butthurt, but he quickly got over it when the Chamber of Deputies opened up.

The CoD was something that really showed how active this ecitizen could be. Looking at the boards, he's on every one. Although he didn't know what he was talking about half the time, it didn't stop him from having his lulz.

Political Life


After the fall of the APF, he quickly transferred to the Federalist Party, he had been in their chat room for some time at this point. Then a month later, he ran for congress, and got in.

Jacksondr5 was already somewhat known from his time in CoD, and didn't waste time settling in.

Some of his achievements in Congress.

  • During the forum outages (500 error), he created a temporary forum for congress to use. Sadly, it was never put into affect because he never received help from the SoH.


  • From October to the present, Jackson was the Director of the Office of Militia Support, giving out money to top militias in the eUS. He reformed the payment system and added EZC to the roster.

Party Life

When Jackson joined the feds he was welcomes with open arms. The feds were p/h to have him and he was p/h to be one of them.

Some of his achievements in the Fed Party.

  • Represented the Feds in Congress for 3 terms.
  • Worked as a Professor in the FEA, also managed the FEA forum, later became the VD's secretary.
  • Jackson became the official Info Desk editor and worked to help new players have updated information to get started in the game.
  • During the reign of PP Melissa Rose, Jackson was appointed as the Director of the Department of Cheesecakes, handing out the wonderful cakes to party members.
  • Later JAckson became the Director of Information, and did most of the forum's upkeep.


One day, Jackson was talking with some of his friends in the Guardians of Order [1]. All of the members were running for congress and they needed someone to sit in the party. Jackson moved to the party to sit in it, but was turned down. A few days later he got this message. "Due to party president resignation, you have been selected to become the new party president for The Guardians of Order. Congratulations!" Turns out he forgot to move back to the feds. Now, the only other person in the party was a nearly dead guy who would live until PP election day. (The guardians decided to use him to sit in the party).

Now with this Jacksondr5 had an idea. Put himself up for POTUS under the Guardians, for teh lulz. Once he had his campaign goals set he looked at the list, and wasn't on it. This ruined teh lulz, so he asked the leader of the fed party, Greene12, to put him up under the feds, just until the Primary was finished and they had an actual person. Jacksondr5 then took it a step further and wrote an article, saying he was running. [2] Apparently, people didn't like him running. But Jackson ignored the trolls, and continued to write. [3]. The trolling continued, and eventually, Jackson thought of ending the joke and leaving it at that. But, of course, people would just see that as a way of giving up, and that would hurt Jackson's reputation for a while. While he never got on the ballot, he did get his name known, and landed a job as OMS director.