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Jacob Hansen

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Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
Date of birth June 29, 2008
Date of death Unknown
Residence Saarland, Germany
Sex Male
Mayor of Lower Saxony and Bremen
September 21, 2008 – October 14, 2008
Preceded by n00b gone wild
Congress member of Germany
December 26, 2008 – April 25, 2009
Party president of Buergerliche Union
April 25, 2009 – May 25, 2009
Preceded by MortenLond
Succeeded by Juran
Military rank Icon rank Captain***.png Captain***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Motto der Bremer Kaufleute

Jacob Hansen was a citizen from Germany.

Jacob's eRepublik History

# Month Day Year Event Category
1 June 29 2008 Born in Magdeburg, Germany
2 August 3 2008 Moved to Bremen, Sweden
3 August 7 2008 Foundation of the Hansen Fund Management SO
4 August 20 2008 Ran for Mayor in Bremen for the first time. Result: beaten by n00b gone wild from FBS.
5 August 31 2008 Joined the Democrats of New Sweden
6 September 21 2008 Became the Mayor of Bremen
7 October 16 2008 Jacob moved to Trondelag, Norway for a while, to support the Finnish cause and joined Sovereign Finland as well as the Finnish fight for freedom in Eastern Finland immediately.
8 October 22 2008 Moved back to Sweden after the end of fighting in Eastern Finland. Jacob's new residence will be the former German capital Berlin, from where he traveled regularly to Little Poland to support the Polish fight for freedom.
9 October 24 2008 Jacob's brave fighting for Finnish and Polish Independence was finally rewarded. His new military rank is Icon Corporal.jpg V1 Corporal.
10 November 1 2008 Moved to Bucharest to fight for Slovakia's independence.
11 November 12 2008 Jacob was awarded the Hard Worker Medal for working 30 days in a row.
12 November 13 2008 Moved to Trondelag again to fight for Russia's independence.
13 November 13 2008 Was promoted to Icon Sergeant.jpg V1 Sergeant during the battle of Volga Vyatka
14 November 17 2008 Moved back to Sweden to explore its capital region Svealand.
15 November 21 2008 Moved to Brandenburg and Berlin to help building up Germany.
16 November 24 2008 Joined Freie Deutsche Demokraten.
17 December 05 2008 Travelled to Lazio and back to gain some fighting experience through participating in the Swiss fight for independence.
18 December 25 2008 Got elected to Congress for the region of Saxony-Anhalt.
19 January 10 2009 Moved to Svealand to support the German fight for complete liberation of its territories.
20 January 11 2009 Moved to Lower Saxony and Bremen after its liberation.
21 January 25 2009 Reelected for Congress. This time for the region of Lower Saxony and Bremen.
22 February 18 2009 Moved to Schleswig-Holstein.
23 February 22 2009 Moved to Lower Saxony and Bremen to run for Congress again.
24 February 25 2009 Re-elected for Congress.
25 March 07 2009 Joined Bürgerliches Deutschland (renamed to Bürgerliche Union on March 25, 2009).
26 March 08 2009 Successfully proposed a tax change on Iron.
27 March 16 2009 Moved back to Lower Saxony and Bremen to run for Congress.
28 March 25 2009 Re-elected as a Congressman for Lower Saxony and Bremen.
29 March 28 2009 Promoted to Icon Captain.jpg V1 Captain.
30 April 25 2009 Lost the seat in the German Congress. But, became temporary party president of the BU due to MortenLond's resignation.
31 May 15 2009 End of term as BU's party president.
31 May 30 2009 Promoted to Icon Colonel.jpg V1 Colonel during the Battle of Bavaria.

Military Career

Jacob_Hansen served as a soldier in Bundeswehr.