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Jah Exodus

General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Owner Esteban Delgado
Founded 3 August 2008
Subscribers 33
Articles 27

Jah Exodus is Esteban Delgado's personal newspaper published in South Africa but sometimes also internationally.

The writing style of these pieces have altered slightly over the month of August, from the heartfelt, optimistic declarations (Exodus) to concrete manifestos (Party Changes) to embittered polemics (Disrespect). Delgado frequently addresses topics head-on, causing controversy to whom his inventive is addressed. His pro-Africanism has chiefly been the subject of ridicule by those who dismiss him as a 'xenophobe', a label he vigorously denies being of Venezuelan origin. His economic theories, supported in part by respected economist Hireshmont Vellos, have been met with skepticism, approval and anger - particularly by noted capitalist Tomislav - as have his salients against price lowering by others, such as Blatko's food company, the owner of which accused him of hypocrisy. Delgado regularly receives support from Leif Archaix, Vellos and Deus Ex.

  • "Exodus From Babylon To Zion" (Aug 3) - an emotional editorial about the downfall of South Africa.
  • "Delgado For SPSA" (Aug 9) - article promoting his candidacy for the SPSA (later BLF) leadership, which he then won.
  • "Black Lion Front" (Aug 15) - article proclaiming the SPSA name change to BLF.
  • "The Sovereignty of South Africa" (Aug 16) - article explaining Delgado's pro-African stance.
  • "Life's Alright" (Aug 21) - article favorably contrasting the new SA economy to the old.
  • "Even Better" (Aug 22) - an update expanding on the above.
  • "Party Changes" (Aug 25) -an update on the BLF manifesto.
  • "An Explanation of The Black Lion Front Economic Theory" (Aug 25) - a description of libertarian socialist economic principles.
  • "And Who Is Ruining Our Progress?" (Aug 27) - a call to end price lowering.
  • "Disrespect To Our Self-Determination" (Aug 27) - an anti-ASP and anti-communist polemic.
  • "Transcript of BLF-ASP Meeting" (Aug 28) - a release of the IRC discussion between the two parties.
  • "Lotto Limpopo" (Sept 3) - an announcement regarding a fundraising lottery.
  • "Proclamation Of South African Sovereignty" (Sept 7) - a declaration of independence from illegal Zockyist dictatorship and the establishment of the Independent South African Republic.
  • "BLF Forum" (Sept 11) - a link to the new Black Lion Front forum.
  • "Croats To South Africans: You Will Fall" (Sept 17) - article exposing a controversial article deleted by a Zockyist.
  • "South African Independence League Local Candidates" (Sept 19) - announcement of the SAIL candidates for local elections.
  • "The Money That Belongs To South Africans" (Sept 21) - announcement explaining what happened to the 6000 ZAR stolen by the Croatians and recovered by the South Africans as well as defusing both Zockyist and Indonesian libel and slander.