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James Koenig

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Nationality Flag-China.jpg Chinese
Date of birth February 8, 2009
Date of death 2011
Residence Tibet
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

James Koenig joined the New World in Shanghai on February 8, 2009. At that time the region was under the control of Pakistan. James fought for the resistance during the liberation of Shanghai from Pakistan. As a citizen of China James moved to Beijing to fight for the resistance war against Iran.

During the fighting James reached level 12. He joined The Stars of Melijanna, a new Chinese party and declared his candidacy for the Congressional elections of March 25, 2009.

After witnessing the political takeover of China by the Freedom and Stars of Melijanna parties James left the SOM and joined the newly merged China Party and declared his candidacy for Congressman from Tibet for the election of April, 2009.

April Congressional Election

On April 22 James released this statement to the Tibetan region and the Chinese community:

大家好。 I joined the New World in Shanghai hoping to join a community of strong Chinese and was utterly confused when my nationality was Pakistani. Certainly Pakistan is a great nation, but for me it was devoid of community and opportunity. I could not find a job that would adequately support my wellness, and food was outrageously expensive. I could not afford to move and sometimes there was no work for me in manufacturing. I had to choose between work and training and still my wellness plummeted as I worked for 1.03 PKR.

I was lucky to spend all of my gold to reach 40 wellness and fight for the freedom of Shanghai. That freedom's sweetness was a small taste of the happiness I found in China. I had full wellness, a good job, and an employer who helped me help the nation. I was so proud that I moved to Beijing, sacrificing my wealth and wellness to fight in the resistance war there. My damage was minimal, but it was all I could give to our nation which we all love. I know that China will face struggles, but I am ready to be a part of our strength. I will focus on these things as a Member of Congress from Tibet:

  • I intend to work for the new and struggling members of our nation. However, I do not believe that government run food companies are necessary, especially considering the success of many Chinese corporations. These companies will provide the best opportunities for gainful employment. We are also lucky to have a small community where engagement is possible. I will reach out to younger members as I was helped.
  • I know that taxes affect the way we live. But they are also a complex tool. The current state of our moving ticket taxes is ridiculous. As China grows we must strike a balance between developing our own industries and keeping prices low for our citizens. Now that we have Beijing and its high resources I hope that we can shift toward encouraging domestic production. I would seek balance in our taxation policy, but I would also seek to learn from the greatest minds in China. We are lucky to have the great thinkers and writers that live here.
  • I see the strife that runs rampant in our world and I promise to help China remain strong. I would push for MPPs with members of both PEACE and ATLANTIS if at all possible. I would also like to see us develop regional alliances. Japan is our neighbor and our strong relations with them should be bolstered. We must gain self-reliance as well. An organized Chinese militia would allow organization and a multiplication of our strength. I alone am weak, but a well organized force, well equipped, can beat a stronger army.
  • I was once a member of the SOM but I want to see China returned to the true Chinese people. Mimi has done some great things for us. (We have a beautiful quality 5 hospital in Beijing.) But a truly great China must rely on its own citizens. We will only be great when we know our power rests in our own hands.

Vote for James Koenig. Vote for an open, prosperous, independent China!


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