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Medal - Officer of the British eRepublik Empire.png

I, Jhorlin, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint Jamesw, Officer of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.
Previously conferred: MBE, presented by Iain Keers

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Dead citizen



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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Date of birth August 26, 2009
Date of death Late 2018
Sex Male
Faith Dioist
Newspaper That guy
Congress member of the United Kingdom
November 26th 2009 – N/A
Preceded by Davott
Succeeded by Mr Woldy
Gifting Director of the United Kingdom
December 6th 2009 – January 5th 2010
Preceded by IndieKid
Succeeded by Mailak Kalan
Minister of Work of the United Kingdom
January 6th 2010 – February 15th
Preceded by Lord Weiis
Succeeded by Meghan
Minister of ??? Profit of the United Kingdom
March 5th 2010 – April 4th 2010
Succeeded by elbanaan
Party president of The Unity Party
March 16th 2010 – April 15th 2010
Preceded by Iain Keers
Succeeded by Dan Moir
20th President of the United Kingdom
5th May 2010 – 4th June 2010
Preceded by GLaDOS
Succeeded by Mr Woldy
24th President of the United Kingdom
23rd August 2010 – 5th October 2010
Preceded by John Bartlett
Succeeded by GGRyan
26th President of the United Kingdom
6th November 2010 – 5th December 2010
Preceded by GGRyan
Succeeded by Jhorlin
32nd President of the United Kingdom
6th June 2011 – 26th July 2011
Preceded by Artela
Succeeded by Lionbeard
42nd President of the United Kingdom
6th June 2012 – 6th July 2012
Preceded by Sir Humphrey Appleby
Succeeded by Iain Keers
President of the United Kingdom
7th February 2018 – 6th June 2018
Preceded by UKs Finest
Succeeded by Iain Keers
Military unit Royal Navy
Position Soldier
Military rank Icon rank Titan***.png Titan***
Aircraft rank Squadron leader 5.png Squadron Leader*****

Jamesw was a citizen of Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom.

During his time in the New World, he has had an impact on every part of the United Kingdom: from his creation of Every Single One, and its off-shoot military unit, The Legion, to his near 7 months as President, and over 18 months in cabinet. As well as this, he has also served internationally, first within Phoenix, and then within PANAM/Terra.

He was also crowned the joint #1 most influential UK citizen

He started life as a member of the United Kingdom Reform Party before making a shock switch to The Unity Party at the end of January 2010. At the time, he was becoming well known for his organisational ability and activity in the UK. He helped deliver an election victory for TUP on the 25th of February, a national record of 47.5% of the Congress. He followed this up in March by matching the previous record of 18 seats; 45% of the UK congress. As well as this, he was elected President under the TUP Banner 3 times, and served the majority of a fourth term after John Bartlett resigned.


Jamesw has a centrist approach to politics. Though being a member of parties both to the left, and the right, this ultimately centralist approach, based on seeking to build consensus and progress the UK as a whole ultimately signalled an end to his political life in 'established' parties. He joined with Artela and created Every Single One to embody an approach closer to his own. Throughout his time spent on eRepublik, jamesw has been through scandal, shitstorm, bawfests and the occasional hilarious mistype. In all, though, the journey has been one filled with humour, depreciation of any/everyone (including himself) and an unrelenting quest to find the holy grail of a united and the impassioned UK, focusing on how to improve itself, not to fix itself.


As president of the UK, Jamesw hand selected a cabinet to attempt to revolutionize the way the UK was governed, and ensure a lasting system which was effective, popular, but most importantly: was fair. Due to dedicating much of his time to Phoenix, the military, and ensuring good day-to-day governance, he did not succeed; but maintained that only through reform could the UK progress. His presidency was not one of thrift; indeed it turned out to be one of the most expensive in history: with huge operations to protect the jewel in the crown of Serbia, Liaoning, as well as huge spending to try to free the French regions of Aquitaine and Rhone Alps. As well as this, he shared some of the financial clouts the UK mustered by assisting both France, Serbia, and Phoenix HQ with hefty loans. His presidency was one of economic solidarity, military growth and was the beginning of the domestic reform taking growth within the UK.


First Term

Jamesw first entered the Congress on the 25th November 2009. He ran in the North West of England region, coming first with 35 votes. His fellow MPs for that period were James Glover (24) and Jack West Jr. (20).

Second Term

He was re-elected on the 25th December with 26 votes. His fellow MP for the December term was Lord Weiis.

Third Term

He was re-elected for a third time in North West of England with 15 votes. Also elected were James Glover (17) and 70mD II (11).

Forth Term

His first election as a TUP candidate, Jamesw ran in London and won with 123 votes. Also elected were Raziel Darkheart (214), Coram Boy (75), lap12345 (66), Bowen199 (62), TheDarkOne234 (57), Alex Lawrence (51), Gabriel McCook (46), Lionbeard (35) and Jack Jockson (33).

Fifth Term

Jamesw returned to his home region of North West of England and topped the ballot with 6 votes, along with Michael Chertiozhnik (6) and Master Hofkens (5) respectively.

United Kingdom Reform Party

Vice Party President

Jamesw served in this role for three consecutive months, under Winston L.S. Churchill (1) and Raziel Darkheart (2), and in this time became synonymous with the party. He was also responsible for running the UKRPs elections, and delivered 2 strong results for the party; his final month was plagued with miscalculations and a resurgent TUP presence across the country. Dubbed the keers of the right, until his eventual defection to The Unity Party in January 2010, Jamesw maintains strong relations with many of the people in his old party, particularly Raziel Darkheart, Darkmantle and GLaDOS.

The Unity Party

Party President

Jamesw also successfully ran for Party President of The Unity Party in March 2010, and beat the closest challenger, Lord Weiis comfortably, gaining 66% of the vote, with 159 votes at the final count: Lord Weiis managed to get 26%; 66 votes. His term in charge saw The Unity Party record its second-highest Congressional return: of 18 seats, whilst this was lower than the previous month, TUP, for the first time in its history, outnumbered all of its political adversaries in congress seats: United Kingdom Reform Party managed only 7 seats, with RFA also on 7 seats, BEP on 1 seat and FDP also on only 1 seat, meaning the self-appointedUK-Right were left with only 16 seats between them.


Personal Ventures

Jamesw began his business empire in Russia, where he had an Oil and an Iron company, bought using the gold from medals, converted from wages, and doing offers for free gold. From there, his business expanded slowly, with profits being used to begin Monetary Market Trading. After a couple of weeks of doing surveys and a couple of offers for free gold, as well as the profits accrued from his Oil and Iron companies, his trading continued to deliver fantastic returns: culminating in Jamesw's first 100 gold of profit. This money was invested in both companies, upgrading the Oil to Quality 2, and the Iron to Quality 3. From there, Jamesw continued the process, and after another two weeks had made enough money to open up several more companies. He invested in Serbia, Hungary, Iran and the UK: focusing first on the highly profitable housing markets. After a week, his four companies had managed modest profits of roughly 4g each: combined with the profits from his recently upgraded iron and oil companies, Jamesw decided to re-invest in the raw material market and promptly bought another Iron company: with roughly 8g remaining, he then re-started trading on the Monetary Market. For the next week, Jamesw then focused all his efforts on the Monetary Market, withdrawing profits every time a house, some iron or oil was sold and instantly investing the currency into gold. This process was repeated until December 16th 2009, when Jamesw bought his 17th company: a weapons company in the UK.

Joint Ventures

Whilst maintaining his personal businesses, Jamesw also forged joint ventures with several of his fellow eUK businessmen: at the moment, these ventures are with metalmicky999, BombadierBeetle, Hassan Pesaran and Aelar Vardamir Anari Eneibari. At one point, Jamesw was directly running 30 companies, with over half of these personally owned. With his appointment as Gifting Director in December, Jamesw decided to shut down all 17 of his personally owned companies, and focus on ensuring his joint ventures were efficiently run, whilst dedicating more time to his political roles, and his party.

Going Insane

Most of Jamesw's riches were blown when he decided he'd stop being boring and waiting for V2 to come; in the space of a week he spent over Icon - Gold.gif 350 GOLD tanking himself because Battle Hero medals are srs bsns. Most of his gold was spent on this, and Lana, although Jamesw retains a nice nest egg, in anonymous orgs, for when V2 eventually arrives, as well as several high-quality companies dispersed around the New World.


Jamesw owns a successful newspaper, That guy, originally known as Ramblings of a Nobody, which has over 1000 subscribers. His paper deals with issues varying from international relations to domestic politics; mainly focusing on the United Kingdom. He also regularly supports his party, The Unity Party, and their quest for a better eUK for all, whilst simultaneously writing apolitical articles based on improving the United Kingdom. The newspaper was home to his May 2010 campaign for the president of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, where he consistently delivered long, detailed and thought-provoking manifestos to address the issues he perceived. These manifestos tipped his subscribers to the Media Mogul mark, and were well received in the UK: each becoming an instant hit; his manifestos almost omnipresent in the run-up to election day.


This soldier has been Mentioned in Despatches by the UK Military.

Jamesw has at various times served as a member of the Navy and Special Forces of the United Kingdom. As a congressman he cannot move country and thus is not part of the mobile troops of the United Kingdom, however, he still donated his labour to the national defence by working in the Special Forces companies. He meticulously fought in line with the UK forces, where possible.

Supreme Commander of Phoenix

Commander of UK during Canada-UK War

Commander of UK during Anglo-Irish Conflict


Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x45)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x92)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x27)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x10)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x3)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x2086)
Icon achievement Sky Hero on.gif
Sky Hero (x3)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x60)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x94)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x788)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x10)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x770)
Icon achievement Prestige Hunter on.gif
Prestige Hunter (x1)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x1)

Government offices
Preceded by
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
6th June - 5th July, 2010 (1st Term)
Succeeded by
Mr Woldy
Preceded by
John Bartlett
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
From 23rd August 2010 (2nd, 3rd Term)
Succeeded by
Military offices
Preceded by
Field Marshal fezoj
Acting Chief of the General Staff Succeeded by
Field Marshal Hazz