Japanese Labour Party

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Japanese Labour Party

Party-Japanese Labour Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Abbreviation JLP
Newspaper Mainichi Koujin
Colors Red
Dissolved April 2009
Members 0
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Kageki Minshutou
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Japanese Labour Party was a political party of Japan that has been taken over by the Goons in an attempt to take over Japan. In April 2009, the party was renamed as the Kageki Minshutou by then Party President Kokawayoshi Makoto to re-brand the party.

The Manifest of the Japanese Labour Party

Since it's creation, the Japanese Labour Party has stood for progressive, sensitive, down-to-earth politics that have the common citizens of Japan in mind. The Japanese Labour Party strives to create a better Japan for all of its inhabitants whether they have freshly arrived or are industrial pillars of the Japanese society. After the takeover of the JLP by criminal Mafia elements and its resurrection at the hands of dedicated politicians, the Japanese Labour Party has decided to establish this manifest as a foundation for all our political activity and as the guiding principle of our strive for the betterment of Japan.

Foreign Policy

The Japanese Labour Party recognizes the importance of a responsible and sensible Foreign Policy if Japan is to maintain her sovereignty, statehood and self-determination in an ever-increasingly hostile international environment. To achieve a sensible Foreign Policy, one has to look into the world with open eyes and act responsibly. As such, the JLP is sceptical about the continuing primacy of PEACE in the international stage. While not calling for Japan to leave PEACE, the JLP feels that Japan's goals and PEACE's goals more often than not are far more distant from each another then we would like. As such, the JLP intends to strengthen bilateral ties with nations such as the United States or Indonesia and work towards a Pacific treaty system of closely cooperating nations that will ensure our independence. The war between Iran and Pakistan has shown us that even PEACE isn't a guarantee for PEACE, and as such, it would be most advisable to build a second foundation to stand upon should PEACE collapse.

In regards to Korea, we will stay cautiousness until it is clear that democracy truly has established itself in the country. Current reports indicate corruption and replacement of one dictatorship by another, a fact that will have to be closely investigated before Japan commits itself to investigate and supporting a new Korea.

Democratic Participation

The Japanese Labour Party believes that democratic participation is key. Both within the party as well as in the country the JLP is striving for the maximum amount of democracy and the involvement of all citizens into the democratic process. Gone are the days of the elitist government. A government led by the JLP will act openly, involve its citizens and take responsibility for its acts. We will clearly state how our Congress members voted on proposals and will explain to citizens why they voted how they did. We will expect other Congress members to do the same. We will use newspapers and other means to involve the citizens in the decision-finding process and discuss our policies with them. Q&A sessions with the government will happen on IRC on a regular base. A discussion board on the forum to allow citizens to discuss current issues of the Congress will be opened and their views and opinions will be included when drafting a final stance on an issue. It is not only the Congress that rules - the people of Japan rule!

Education & Bilingualism

Japan is a culturally rich land. As such it is especially sad that our media is predominantly English. While this attracts a great international audience, the JLP will also strive to support Japanese outlets and support Japanese teaching programs to increase the amount of Japanese language communication in the community and add to our uniqueness and appeal. As such, a Japanese discussion board will also be created on the forum should enough demand arise.


The government will subsidize and encourage the production of Q3+ food. Every Japanese citizen is entitled to sufficient food in an acceptable quality. As soon as the food market has been brought back on track we can focus on other industries. But until the food situation isn't solved, we cannot develop our other industries further. Only a well-fed population is an industrious and productive population!


The Japanese Labour Party supports low taxes to stimulate our economy, but also believes that in certain cases, such as the food market, government intervention is needed to stimulate our economy. Therefore, we will issue government loans and subventions to support prospective businesses that are deemed valuable to the Japanese nation at large, for example, food businesses of higher quality. Entrepreneurs will benefit from the additional funding, while on the long term the Japanese budget benefits from the money that is being paid back to the state with interest, which can be used to support other economic projects and thus increase the economic prowess of the nation

Labour Unions

The Japanese Labour Party is in solidarity with the workers of Japan and calls for fair and just wages for all of them. Therefore, the Japanese Labour Party supports the creation of Unions to represent the interests of the workers. These unions will receive own forums on the board to organize and will be able to closely cooperate with the government if they so desire. When workers and entrepreneurs cooperate, we can achieve the best of two worlds: the maximum productivity of the businesses while fair wages ensure that the money is invested back into the economy.

This manifesto was written by Kokawayoshi Makoto during the brief leadership of Gustavius.

May fortune come over Japan.

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