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Jaz Razzle

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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth November 2008
Date of death June 2010
Residence Otago
Sex Male
Senator of New South Wales
25 April, 2009 – 25 May, 2009
Senator of New South Wales
June 26, 2009 – May 25, 2009
Ambassador to Austria of USA
16 January, 2009 – 17 February, 2009
Council Member of The Conservative Party
6 February, 2009 – 1 March, 2009
Public Relations Manager of True Blue Party
27 April, 2009 – 23 June, 2009
Succeeded by Stewstoyc
Deputy President of Australian National Party
15 July, 2009 – N/A
Military rank Icon rank Colonel*.png Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Jaz Razzle began his life in Indonesia. He chose to live in New South Wales, unaware that it was under the jurisdiction of the Indonesian government. After discovering this he saved up for a moving ticket and moved to the District of Columbia in the United States. Once there, he joined the eRepublikans for Change (later known as The Conservative Party). He spent about 4 months as a member of the CVP, before moving to Australia, and running for Congress under the TBP banner. He won the congressional elections there, and served in the Australian Senate for 1 month, before taking a short break. After the break he once again ran for Congress, this time under the ANP banner after resigning from the TBP, citing that the party did not accurately reflect his economic views.


Razzle Industries

Razzle Industries was initially set up to own Jaz Razzle's first company, Razzle Airlines. After the airline was resold the organization remained dormant for a few weeks, due to a lack of worthwhile companies to buy. Eventually, Razzle Industries decided to loan out much of the gold it had, so as to make a small profit instead of having the gold remain and not earn interest. Razzle Industries acted as a creditor that offered small loans of gold to low-risk citizens.

Razzle Airlines

On the 8th December 2008, Jaz Razzle created his first Organization, Razzle Industries. He began looking for companies to buy until he purchased a Moving Ticket company from Wells Fargo and renamed it to Razzle Airlines. For a while the company was breaking even, sometimes making a small profit if the oil price fell slightly. Jaz Razzle soon realized, however, that this company was not as profitable as a first expected and chose to put it on the company market for Icon-gold.gif 20 GOLD. The company sold, back to Wells Fargo for 20 gold, after having it on the market for 3 days.

Razzle Grain Company

On the 13th January 2009, Jaz Razzle bought a Q2 grain company from Moishe, for a price of Icon-gold.gif 30 GOLD. Despite the good deal for which the company was bought, it suffered many financial difficulties upon its start-up. It experienced financial losses while trying to gain a stable work-base, which was only worsened after the Gold Bug that swept through the eRepublik world. This bug, along with the administrator's decision to prevent donations for a period of time, only worsened the already heavy losses. Workers had to be laid off due to the unavailability of emergency funds, which Razzle Industries always kept, but was unable to use in this crisis.

The company started to stabilize due to the increase in Grain prices, a decrease in wages and the ability to donate from Organization funds. On the 16th February 2009, Jaz Razzle announced that the company would be shut down. The main factors in this decision were poor profits and a lack of available time to run the company.

Razzle Oil Company

On the 16th of February, 2009, Jaz Razzle bought a Q1 oil company, with an export license to the UK for 10 gold. This was a very good deal, as the company was actually worth 40 gold. Instead of running the company, Jaz Razzle decided to sell it for 36 gold, making a substantial profit, from its purchase price.

Razzle Q3 Wood

During February 2009, Jaz Razzle bought Razzle Q3 Wood, for Icon-gold.gif 85 GOLD, having previously sold all other companies. He began hiring immediately, and the company began making an instant profit. The company was bought at the height of wood prices (around 1.72 USD per Q3 Unit) and this proved to be a great benefit to Jaz Razzle's profit margins.

Free House Trial

On the 17th January 2009, Jaz Razzle announced a trial aimed to increase employee wellness and productivity for Razzle Q2 Grain. This involved giving out free houses to all employees who asked for one, and having them returned once they finished working for the company. The program proved to be a success, attracting widespread attention in the U.S business media and positive feedback form all employees. However, the program was shut down after a contract issue rose between Jaz Razzle and the Admins. The issue was resolved, but Jaz Razzle deemed continuation of the program to be too risky.

Capital Holdings

On the 8th of February, 2009, Jaz Razzle announced his intentions to set up his first co-operative organization. Within 8 hours of the initial announcements, all 10 investor positions were filled. The organization was called Capital Holdings after a unanimous vote from the Board of Directors. The organization was closed after just over a month and the Board disbanded after Jaz Razzle announced he no longer had time to run it, and a new Executive could not be found.



Maryland, USA

During his time, Jaz Razzle ran for congress 3 times in Maryland. He lost all 3 times, to John Wycliffe, but closed the gap every election. By the third election, Jaz Razzle was tied with Wycliffe, but Wycliffe won by default due to higher experience points.

New South Wales, Australia

On the 25th April 2009, Jaz Razzle was officially elected into the Australian Senate as a representative of New South Wales. He gained 8 votes, after only expecting a maximum of 5.

On the 25th June 2009, Jaz Razzle was elected into the Australian Senate for a second time, this time with 18 votes, making him the 4th most voted for Senator in the election.

TBP Public Relations Manager

On the 27th April 2009 Jaz Razzle, was named as the TBP Public Relations Manager. His job was to publish and approve all articles relating to TBP promotion and to act as a link between the public and the TBP. He sent out numerous PR messages during the time that he held this position, and answered many questions directed to the TBP. He also took a key role in organizing the May congressional elections, before resigning from the party.

ANP Deputy Party President

On the 6th July 2009, Jaz Razzle announced that he would be running alongside Calibur, as his Deputy Party President. Calibur won the PP election and Jaz Razzle became the ANP Deputy President on the 15th of July, 2009.

CVP Council

After the congressional elections in January, the CVP mounted a campaign to become more organized and fare better in the February elections. One of the recommendations was that a council be created, composed of 7 prominent CVP members. Jaz Razzle was selected as one of the members. His responsibilities included helping with campaigns, voting on executive party decisions and conversing with the party president on party issues.

On the 28th of February, 2009, Jaz razzle announced his resignation from the council, citing personal circumstances and real life reasons for the decision. At this time, he also announced his intentions to move from the United States permanently.


On January 16th, 2009, Jaz Razzle was officially named by Benn Dover as the ambassador between the United States and Austria. This was Jaz Razzle's first official position within the government and highlighted his increasing activity within eRepublik.

Operation: GOTV

After the results of the congressional elections, Jaz Razzle decided to undertake a new policy campaign. The program was called Operation: GOTV (Getting Out The Vote), a popular term used for trying to increase voter turnout. The operation was deemed a success, with about 20% of the voting USA population receiving a letter encouraging them to vote.


Jaz Razzle began his military career relatively late, due to exceptionally low wellness caused by many circumstances. He has fought for the USA against Indonesia, France and Portugal and joined the Army, under the command of Shadow Figure.

After resigning from all official government positions, Jaz Razzle decided to travel the world, fighting for 8 different nations in the process. During the 2 month travels, he fought over 150 times, finishing in the rank of Icon rank Colonel.png Colonel. He finished his travels in Australia where Jaz joined Australian Commando Unit Koalas.


Jaz Razzle was active on both the eRepublik and US forums. He was especially active on the help forums where he gave advice to newer players asking questions. He was also a mentor to a few lower-level players, as a means of extending and increasing citizen involvement and activity.