Jedinstvena Crna Gora

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Jedinstvena Crna Gora

Party-Jedinstvena Crna Gora.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Montenegro.jpg Montenegro
Abbreviation JCG
National rank 2
Founded October 2010
President Kocka Scekic
Members 16
Congress Occupancy 10/30 seats, 33%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Jedinstvena Crna Gora (JCG) was a leading party in Montenegro. When created, it was supposed to be the single party of Montenegro, decreasing the risk of a PTO. Originally started as Center-right, Libertarian, for some time it was Center, Authoritarian until it was revamped again as Center-right, Libertarian.

The party is always in top 3 parties in Montenegro.

Name change

Original logo of Jedinstvena eCrna Gora
Party was first called Jedinstvena eCrna Gora, then Jedinstvena Crna Gora, then Crnogorska narodna partija, and finally it switched back to Jedinstvena Crna Gora.


Out of the first 38 Presidents of Montenegro, 28 were members of Jedinstvena Crna Gora. Out of the other eight, three were officially supported by JCG, four unofficially, and JCG didn't participate in elections in May 2013, so it means they only lost presidential elections two times (September and October 2011). The nation's first presidential elections were won by Armon.


For most of its existence, JCG had the majority of seats in Congress. In these two charts you can see percentage and seats won by JCG (since the data available – March 2011). Note that Montenegro didn't have a Congress in April, May and December 2011, February, July and November 2012 and in January 2013.

JCG Percentage.png JCG Votes.png JCG congressman number.png