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Nationality Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgarian
Date of birth 13 November 2008
Date of death Beginning of 2016 (est)
Sex male
Newspaper The Jewitt Report
Congress member of USA
January 2009 – February 2009
Vice president of USA
President of USA
6 December 2009 – 5 February 2010
Preceded by Battle Kitten
Succeeded by Battle Kitten
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Jewitt was a former two-term President of the United States of America.


An avid journalist and political activist, Jewitt is the chief editor of The Jewitt Report newspaper. Jewitt's views have been termed as being "laissez-faire, communistic, totalitarian, and anarchic."

He was Congress member, Vice president and President of the USA. He is an outspoken "USA Nationalist, but Israeli at heart."

Hailed as one of the USA's top economic minds, he served as the Director of the Federal Economic Council of USA and was often mentioned whenever speaking about the economy or the markets. He has been contracted by various nations such as Thailand, Israel and Singapore for economic counsel.



Jewitt's life began in Hampton Roads, Virginia. He soon went with his parents (Kyle321n and Alyssa Sondotter) to Indiana. When on vacation in Israel the Turkey-Israel War began. In the panic to return state-side, his mother Alyssa Sondotter was killed by a car bomb; supposedly placed by The Party.

Jewitt would carry the grievances against The Party and Turkey his entire life, and upon moving to Tennessee he set forth his goals to become a people's voice, as well as be against all forms of socialism such as The Party and oppression, as in the case with Turkey. He studied abroad in Cookeville, where he resides in a cardboard box behind the Chattanooga Guns company.

First avatar featuring Jones Soda. All avatars have a similar bottle featured.

November 2008

Once arriving at level 8, Jewitt founded the Laissez-faire Newspaper with the primary goal to be an investigative and "narrative outlet." He opened his newspaper to all residents in the nation, primarily Tennesseans, to investigate the needs and views of the citizens and reviews of Congressmen and other politicians.

Soon after his release of Laissez-faire, Jewitt made contact with then-Congressional Candidate Zudak (Libertarian - TN). Working with the would-be Congressman, Jewitt began promoting the growth of his home state and its image by updating it's wiki and contacting various citizens. This was the beginning of a sort of social conglomerate of citizens that Jewitt would use in his articles as references, inspiration, and reinforcement of beliefs.

During his entry into public life, he soon aligned himself with the United Constitutionalists Party (Later United Independents Party), and publicly announced that he voted for Zudak, crossing party lines, all the while gaining conversants within the UCP such as NoneSuch, John Jay, PrincessMedyPi, Ben C, and Killing Time.

December 2008

Jewitt soon changed the outlet for his newspaper, Laissez-faire, and renamed it The Jewitt Report, while also altering its platform. No longer an informative editorial, The Jewitt Report focused on satirical representation and comical takes on recent events; while still hinting at solutions or key points. After his revision of his newspaper, he joined The Society For Excellence in Media, becoming its official fourth member. The Society for Excellence in Media would eventually just be a title to boast and would hold no prestige.

Originally showing a Menorah, the Jones Soda bottle was edited with a more avatar-friendly Santa's hat.

With these changes, he also announced his running for Congress, due to the inactivity from Zudak. His campaign slogan "Jewitt Can Do It" was mirrored, copied, and sometimes criticized by others such as Leviathann, Donovanator, and William Shafer. Although at this time his newspaper was still unknown compared to others, Jewitt went forth and practiced a limited campaign through it.

After claiming victory over his competitors, Jewitt went forth to update the Tennessee wiki and showed his voting record across the masses, all the while arguing for controversial tax plans such as the CTPA. His term would be rather uneventful, as Operation French Toast occurred one week earlier; in which Jewitt participated.

January 2009

As time went on, Jewitt would win another congressional election, gain Ambassadorship for the Occupied People of Israel under Turkish occupation, and would expand his reputation as a "silver tongued economist." After his second admission into the Economic Council of USA, Jewitt announced that on his real-life birthday of the 19th of February, 2009, he would resign from all positions except for Congress temporarily. This came as a shock to many but was only the beginning of an unexpected political maneuver even Jewitt himself did not intend.

Before his official resignation, Watcher hacked into the USA Federal Reserve and sold all of its GOLD, USD, and other currencies onto the market rather cheaply. Acting quickly, Jewitt ordered a meeting on the IRC chat system of online congressmen and Economic Council members, as well as other government figures. With a multiple-partisan group together and nearly three hours of arguments, numbers, and debates, an Emergency Tax Policy was issued as the first ever Legislative Order to be sent out by Congress.[1]

Franco during the Federal Reserve Hacking

Jewitt publicized the Legislative Order from The Jewitt Report, his newspaper, while most of the public hated the idea but were generally accepting. Within a week, a second Legislative Order was released by the US Congress to extend the first Order beyond its original perimeters. This was met with hostility from even fellow congressmen, but due to Jewitt's growing popularity due to the limelight, he was able to once again stand up and mediate and eventually took part in the Economic Council's planning for a new budget. Headed by Publius and One Eye, the eUS finally had, for the first time in its existence, a recording of all government income, spending, and revenue. This would pave the way for the PANEC Taxes, which were named after the orchestra-tors of the bill.

During this time, The Jewitt Report would grow to over two hundred subscribers and even bypass Propaganda Now!, Jewitt's favorite media outlet. The publicity was fueled by Jewitt's writing of both satire and comical articles which gained even more publicity and for a few weeks, every article released reached the Top Five in media with two going International. He would also found Tennessee Valley Authority as an organization to promote state-pride and house alternative companies from Jewron Incorporated.

February 2009

February was the beginning of the PANEC Taxes being passed, and in the midst of it, Jewitt announced he did not plan to run for reelection in Congress. Messages from Tennesseans, his former competitors, and fellow Congressmen all questioned his reasoning and his only explanation to PrincessMedyPi was "I do not want Tennessee to have a vacant seat, just in case." No one really knew, except for a select few, what "just in case" really was until after the Party President elections.

On February 16th, 2009, Jewitt announced his candidacy for the President of the USA. In an article[2], he explained his views lightly and hinted at changes he sought to bring to the nation. In just the first three hours of the article's release, it shot to the Top Five of USA Media and was commented on by some of the most well known politicians of the day. He would eventually announce his own father and Former Head of Quartermaster General, Kyle321n, as his running mate. After taking over the Brothers Without Banners Party, he assumed the Party President Office and renamed it the Popular Sovereignty Front. He did so to nominate himself and put himself on the ticket, which ended up not being needed.

Modified "Jewitt can do it!" Avatar which was made to add a comic feel.

Jewitt would garner endorsements from the Nationalist Party, the United Independents Party, and other 6th Parties. Others speculated that he would also gain the Libertarian Party vote, but it was given to the incumbent Uncle Sam. Due to real-life issues and getting his class work out of the way so he could have a free term with no worries, he failed to campaign as extensively as the other candidates and would ultimately lead to his not winning, not to mention he was up against a popular incumbent and a popular United States Workers Party candidate.

He would lose, coming in fourth behind Desertfalcon, which trailed scrabman and Uncle Sam. He did not find himself discouraged, however. He would eventually begin working for the next month's campaign by publishing multiple articles and attempting to make a more popular image of himself. He received 199 votes, or 10.25% of the voting population, the most of any candidate which never lived in BETA and spent his entire life in V1. He would, however, decide not to run for President in April.

March 2009

In early February, President Uncle Sam launched an invasion of Mexico through the name "Operation: Taco Bell." The war went by progressively, claimed over half the nation, but negligence on the President's commanding capabilities and USWP attacks on the mission would lead to public disapproval. At congressional turnover, a "lulz" proposal would almost impeach Uncle Sam while a second more serious one would be presented after the failures of Operation: Taco Bell. After Operation: Taco Bell brought immediate risk to the homeland states of the USA, the US Congress announced intentions to impeach the President.

Jewitt fought against it and recommended an alternative method of punishment but the quick-acting Congress would barely miss the impeachment of Sam by a vote of 49% out of the needed 66% - 6 votes difference. After another week of public disgust, USWP and CVP attacks, Uncle Sam would release an article[3] announcing his resignation. An impeachment vote was re-proposed and passed, making Scrabman President.

A disgruntled Jewitt watched as the entire country's government was remade and shifted, placing many USWP members who may or may not have been qualified for the positions they were given. Speculation by Claire Littleton said that this was a major cause of Jewitt's momentary resignation from the USA Government.

April 2009

April was a relatively uneventful month until the second week when Navy II, better known as "navy," admittedly did a "Franco"[4]. Navy was given the right to be the General manager of various weapons companies for use by the USA Armed Forces. Following congressional distaste and criticisms, Navy sold off the entire stock of weapons on the open market and sold off all the companies, transferring the funds to his organization; Dakara Holdings. He never once denied doing it, and in an exclusive interview[5] with Claire Littleton a week later, he seemed quite sympathetic.

On April 8th, John Jay, a long-standing partner with Jewitt and Kyle321n, put forth the idea to expand the organization Tennessee Valley Authority Group (TVA Group) to include multiple organizations and to essentially combine all three individual assets into a single corporate giant. Before this time, TVA was a "common pool" of excess profits from the three which was used to create "commons companies." On April 10th, Jewitt confirmed that it would be a great idea and on April 11th Kyle321n also replied in the same way. TVA Group was born as a fusion of multiple companies, organizations, and other entities. On the 12th of the month TVA Group's financial base needed expansion and The Authority Bank of Commerce was created.

The rest of the month would consist of Jewitt working on the Authority Bank of Commerce and making it feasible for three people to operate such a large corporation. With this, he sought out to make the first workable and efficient banking system within the confines of eRepublik. He would also announce his intentions to run for congress member of Tennessee, despite the outcome of the previous month's questionable loss to Donovanator and his running as Kyle321n's and John Jay's Vice Presidential choice in their respective elections for May.

May/June 2009

Opening up the month with a Presidential election, Kyle321n would lose his bid although John Jay would be elected. Becoming the Vice President of Singapore, Jewitt began work on analyzing their economy, working on diplomatic convoys, and working with their Congress to form a new and progressive tax scheme.

On the 14th of May, Jewitt would act as Best Man to John Jay in his marriage to Cstarlight21.[6] On the day of Congressional elections, he also would help in the counter-Political Takeover movement in Spain to protect them from Hungarian infiltration.

The month of May would mostly consist of Jewitt working on the Bank of Commerce and making its new website.

As June rolled around, Jewitt's activity would drop to less than an hour a day - sometimes missing a day and needing someone such as Tiacha to log into his account and ensure he kept his Hard Worker Achievements. The Bank of Commerce, mixed in with The Jewitt Report and other political undertakings would all suffer from his lack of activity.

He would be absent during major economic discussion, something that made many feel uneasy, including the Free Trade Movement which was sweeping through Congress - something that was widely one-sided due to a lacking of the usual Jewitt-led opposition. He would also watch passively as the Presidential elections for July would roll in for the first time in four months without his name on any ticket. He was approached by both of the major contenders (Emerick and Harrison Richardson) to e part of their Economic Advisory team, of which he gladly accepted.

On a more active note, Jewitt would continue his work and dedication to his bank and the United States Airborne - working on ways for them to perform Economic Warfare as well as coordinated troop movements.

July/August 2009

July would begin with newly-elected Harrison Richardson asking Jewitt if he would like to become the Chair of the Economic Council. Quickly, he would agree to the position and would end the 6th of the month proposing to the Economic Council discussions to last throughout the month.

His work with the Economic Council would be halted by an attack by PEACE Global Community on Canada. Fighting with the Airborne, he would see his first actual fight without being deployed since Operation French Toast. He would be the first to report on the USA's first attack on its home soil in Alaska[7] and it would be in this battle that he would gain the in-game rank of Icon General.jpg V1 General. He would aid in the coordination, economic warfare, and citizen evacuation efforts throughout the war.

August would prove to have more going on, but when it came to details little can be said. Jewitt would compose a total of three diplomatic treaties for the effort of declaring peace, one of which would actually be used unedited. He also would spearhead treaty analysis within the newly elected Emerick Administration.

As Emerick took office, the war turned around in favor of the USA. As Lieutenant of the 101st Airborne, 5th Platoon, Jewitt would use the war to garner in activity and communication in the group. He would also use these skills to bring back together financial planning and tracking within the executive branch.

A diplomat of sorts, he would also continue on to mentor various new persons to the game as well as experienced players alike. His paper, The Jewitt Report, would surpass 1,000 subscribers and he would be noted as a Media Mogul, and at that time would be the first U.S. Citizen to hold the title without being a President or using backhanded "subscription drives" and incentives.

His bank, owned by TVA Group, would also open up its doors again after being closed down for the war. The rush of new accounts and applications would bog Jewitt down from pursuing any future goals he may have had until the end of August and the victory in California versus Indonesia.

Legislative Career

First Congressional Run

Jewitt dancing on a beach after he heard the results of the elections.

On December 10th, 2008, Jewitt announced his intentions to run for Congress and become a "congress member" for the Tennessee district. He did so on the UCP Party Forums, and then later the next day via his newspaper. His position was well received and brought perceived approval from then-President Benn Dover. After being endorsed by Angrr and NoneSuch both, the race was between him, Donovanator of America's Advancement Party, and a criticized "zombie" Davduke of the United States Workers Party.

He released only two articles, one being his Congressional Platform[8] and his Formal Announcement of Candidacy[9]. The Jewitt Report also released an article investigating the three candidates and compared Jewitt with Donovanator[10]

The final vote came in at 2:03 AM CST (00:03 eRep Time) on December 26th: Jewitt had won. The final vote was Jewitt: 9, Donovanator: 8, and Davduke: 7. After formally accepting his position, he launched a website to keep track of his voting record and to make his mandate as transparent as possible.

Second Congressional Run

During Jewitt's first mandate as congressman, he worked extensively with the Economic Council to aid President Justinious McWalburgson III as well as to represent the occupied nation of Israel as Ambassador. This, however, shadowed his work in congress for the entire month, at which he was a founding sponsor in the Comprehensive Tax Policy Act (CTPA) and in many MPP and constructions projects.

He was abruptly reminded of the coming election only five days before the date, and frantically attempted to find time to compose a formal platform. Due to bugs in the game and with his limited time to dedicated to working around the bugs, Jewitt gave only one mass-Private Message (outlining his voting record and notification of the upcoming election) and struggled to release a news article holding his platform. Donovanator, running under the Conservative Party ticket, matched Jewitt for a second race. Frustrated, Jewitt used his to release his platform titled "Second Mandate, Second Platform,"[11] which mirrored a return slogan, "Jewitt can do it, again!"

As the day to a close, it was decided that Jewitt enjoyed a landslide victory, with the final vote being 13-5, with Donovanator the lesser. The absence of other candidates also honed in the two to finally see how well they competed against each other. Obviously, Tennessee enjoyed the first term and was eager for a second. With this victory, Jewitt altered his website and made it much more "user-friendly," by reorganizing the web pages and altering the format. It came with applause from many Tennesseans and congressional alum.

Two Cursed Elections

After a month's break, Jewitt announced that he would run for Tennessee's Congressional Seat once more. Quickly, many other parties moved their candidates to other states, notably the USWP]], when Donovanator of the CVP announced his intentions to run for reelection. The days leading up to the election were, as some put it, "epic." An unknown citizen commented, "Sounds like the Hatfields and the McCoys, but with advanced degrees." Jewitt would release an article titled, "The Ultimate Showdown: Donovanator v. Jewitt," where The Report reviewed both candidates[12].

Results coming in before the late evening, it appeared Donovanator would win. All day Donovanator led Jewitt by at least one vote up until 19:30 eRepublik Server Time, where they tied 10-10. Former Mayor of Nashville, ExoM7, and Donovanator and Jewitt met up in an IRC chatroom and discussed politics, their real lives, and the game. It was agreed that everyone still enjoyed the other and there were no grievances, with ExoM7 joking that he would return in April to challenge the two competitors. In the middle of the conversation, it was discovered that Jewitt had obtained two more votes. At 23:50 eRepublik Server Time, the count would be 12-10, Jewitt's leading. Both Donovanator and Jewitt would go to sleep believing that the CVP incumbent had lost, though Jewitt would wake up to find that the final count was 13-12, Donovanator being the victor. Many accused the CVP of funnelling votes at the last minute, though Jewitt would never comment.

Throughout the month of April, Jewitt would continue to work passionately with the USA Government in improving efficiency and dealing with public policy. Upon the elections for the month, he announced his candidacy against Donovanator and a newcomer from the United States Workers Party, Thanatos the Great. The battle between Jewitt and Donovanator would go throughout the week with the silent USWP candidate sitting back. On the 24th, Donovanator would announce his dropping from the race due to personal reasons.[13]

The election day would prove to be an interesting one, with Thanatos leading Jewitt by one vote. Every time Jewitt would gain one and tie, Thanatos would also gain one. Interesting, since less than five USWP residents were reported in Tennessee. In the last ten minutes of the day, Jewitt would be four votes better than Thanatos and he left the state to vote for a friend, ClammyJim. He looked at the Tennessee page within the last two minutes to see that Thanatos had gained five extra votes in the seven minute time frame. Friend and colleague Kyle321n would try to move to Tennessee to tie the election (and cause Jewitt's win), but he would be too slow and the day would end with Thanatos the Great as the new congressman of Tennessee.

That night many would go into the USWP chat room and cry "Vote moving!" No one denied it, but they insisted that the races in West Virginia (Emerick v. hokiehigh) and Connecticut (Justinious McWalburgson III v. Equality 7-2521) were all that was authorized for the vote moving. The next day, ProggyPop and then-President scrabman would had been seen discussing how there were votes moved to Tennessee and would admit to coordinating a vote moving campaign. However, it was never established that the votes were moved there to purposely counteract Jewitt. As the month would unravel, it would be apparent that the USWP congressman Thanatos the Great was inactive and relatively a "wasted seat."

 I spoke with [President] scrabman after the elections and I had to agree with him on one thing. When someone gets popular nationally, it makes them a target when running for office. Tennessee is a small state and one vote can decide the victor. I love Tennessee with my heart, but as long as vote moving exists and I make political rivals, I will never be able to represent it properly. 
(Jewitt, in the IRC chatroom #congress on the 27th of April)

Executive Career

Economic Council

The Economic Council was Jewitt's first experience with the executive branch of politics. Working as an adviser, he would continue to be with the Economic Council from December up until mid-April. This nearly five month run would out date any other positions which he had held.

The opportunities given to him were vast - he debated taxes, foreign economic policy, and economic theory on a national scale not ever seen by any one economist up until this time. Economic warfare, theory, practice, and efficiency were all topics readily addressed - including various Tax Policies which he himself would initiate discussion on or be a vital part of.

On July 6th, 2009, Jewitt would be appointed Chair of the Economic Council under the Harrison Richardson Administration - the highest economic position in the land. He would hold this position until the 6th of September when he would take up the position of Vice President under the Emerick Administration, leaving his successor, Woxan, to continue on the discussion. Jewitt would continue to act as an executive adviser to the President, but would not formally join the Economic Council again.

Lost Presidency, March 2008

While in the Economic Council, Jewitt would help formulate the first two fully comprehensive Tax Policies along with aiding in the damage control during the Teacher Incident. After this, he would announce his candidacy for President of the USA on President's Day.[14] His campaign would be spoiled by real-life duties (something called "Mid-terms") as well as shadowing by major opponents to a popular incumbent. He would reach a spike of popularity with a humorous article[15] which would later be mirrored by future candidates months later.

His first run for President would be marked by many other articles addressing the divide of ATLANTIS and PEACE as well as the economy, exports, and diplomatic relations with key countries such as Mexico and Japan. All articles would reach the Top Five - unlike his sometimes more popular political rivals who struggled to get even their announcement articles in the Top 10. Jewitt described his supporters as a "cult following" which even to more recent events praise the slogan "Jewitt can do it!" On the 5th of March Jewitt would receive 199 votes. It would have been 200, but he would never have voted for himself. If he had succeeded, he would have been the first "V1 Baby" to be elected as President of the USA.

Even up until this date, no actual "V1 Baby" has been elected as President of the USA.

Vice Presidency, Loss and Foreign Success

When running for President, Jewitt chose Kyle321n as his running mate. For the April elections (two month later) Kyle321n would announce his candidacy for the Presidency under the disguise of a right-wing coalition known as "RighCon." He asked Jewitt to be his running mate, in which he agreed. Also, a good friend and TVA Group Partner John Jay would also be running for President in Singapore.

Despite a limited campaign and little publicity, the Kyle321n/Jewitt ticket gained over 500 votes. Just a few months ago that would had won the elections. Due to a baby boom and incumbent scrabman's popularity with war games, the final poll would be set with over 1,500 votes to scrabman. Finals, moving back home for the summer, and other real-life issues plagued Jewitt once more and Kyle321n was no better off. Surprisingly, John Jay won his elections by a near land-slide and offered the Vice President position to Jewitt in which he accepted.

Upon entering the Singapore scene, he was met with resistance as a foreigner and a non-national. He would experience this conflict throughout the entire month-long term. Working with various minds, including former Singaporean President Arbryn, Jewitt would begin on creating a stable and flourishing economy within Singapore by analyzing their tax scheme and revenue. His work in the American Economic Council would show, as their new tax scheme would bring in an era of unprecedented tax reform, budgeting, and revenue tracking.

His term as Vice President of Singapore would only last one month, and he soon would return state-side to work more with American politics. Kyle321n would run a second campaign in June with Jewitt as his running-mate. Once again, they would be defeated by scrabman although the final poll showed less than a 5% difference between their votes. Despite the close turn out, Kyle321n and Jewitt both would not run for election in July - where Harrison Richardson would become President due to lack of a strong opposition candidate.

Vice Presidency, USA

On September 6th, 2009, Jewitt would be announced to be the new Vice President under President Emerick. He would also be the first United Independents Party -recognized politician to hold the office since PrincessMedyPi in January. Praise within his paper and the President's, Jewitt began on the first day getting ready for the long month ahead of them.

Just two days into the term, President Emerick failed to log in. Coordinating with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the cabinet he would keep suspicions low and cries for impeachment out of the minds of congressmen and citizens alike. For three days Jewitt would be de facto President of the USA until Emerick finally got a hold of Jewitt via cell phone - he would need to resign due to real-life issues.[16]

Long-time friend and fellow "V1 Baby" Gaius Julius would become President due to being the runner-up, a safety candidate in the event that Congress got "impeachment crazy." Jewitt would continue on as Vice President instead of Julius's running mate Cerb due to multiple factors, including public sentiments and a personal request by Emerick himself. The Julius Administration began work on the turnover which took less than a day to do. In the end, neither Julius nor Jewitt could tell who the President really was. Julius would later comment on this in his re-election article, in which he said, "there is never ever a lack of solid leadership on standby. Being a war time is difficult, you have allies, troops, cabinet members and Congress who you have to coordinate with."[17] With the Presidency being split in two, both were able to extend their efforts and expand upon what previous administrations struggled or failed to obtain; complete executive coverage.

Jewitt would concentrate on domestic, media, and legislative representation and issues within the Julius Administration while Julius would work with the military and foreign affairs fields. This combination allowed the Julius Administration to make sweeping changes and successes on both the domestic and foreign scale. They would end up running for re-election, Jewitt fully aware that his goal of becoming the "first V1 Baby President" would be thwarted if Julius won with him as his running mate. Regardless, the nation's future came before personal yearning and on the 5th of October Gaius Julius would become the first V1 Baby President elected to the USA.[18]

Armed Service

Field Marshal Badge

Starting his service in the National Guard's 2nd Division, 2nd Platoon, he would soon transfer over to the "Home Guard" 1st Division for Congressmen and other politicians. After four months of service, he would resign from the positions while operating as Vice President of Singapore in May. Upon his return, Leroy Combs would ask him to join the United States Airborne, a subsidy of the Army. He would do so and would become a Sergeant of the 101st Airborne, 2nd Platoon. Promotions would be made, and it would climax with Jewitt's becoming the Lieutenant of the 101st Division, 5th Platoon, which would be called "the Meatbombs." After becoming Lieutenant, a month would pass and he would have to resign once becoming Vice President of the USA.

National Guard

Jewitt's life in the National Guard was rather uneventful. He was not in the National Guard before Operation French Toast and was in the Home Guard long before and had left for the Airborne before the start of PEACE Global Community's attack on the Americas.


In early June, Jewitt would be approached by Leroy Combs, then-General of the Airborne, to join his ranks. Ecstatic, Jewitt would accept. He also would accept a commanding position thinking it was a joke from General Combs and then-Colonel Joshua Hoss.

His first deployment would turn into his greatest. While fighting in Turkey he would be given the chance to start and fight in a resistance war to free Jerusalem district. He started the resistance war and it would be successful - also leading to his only Battle Hero Medal.[19] Soon afterwards, he would be assigned Sergeant of the 2nd Platoon, 101st Airborne after a brief enlistment in the 1st Platoon of the same division. He would go on to fight in Turkey, Hungary, Belgium, and would end up in the USA defending her and her allies from an aggressive invasion on part of PEACE Global Community. During this time, Jewitt would become an in-game General and would have a strength much over 12.00.

After a few weeks, he would be promoted to the 101st Airborne, 5th Platoon as Lieutenant. The platoon was poorly managed and was full of inactives upon his promotion. Within the first week, the weak had been weeded out and Jewitt had begun friendly conversations with the remaining actives - encouraging their IRC use and communication. A run of a month and a half would face Jewitt and in it the 5th Platoon would be nicknamed "The Meatbombers," as well as considered one of the most active and communication-savvy groups in the whole Airborne.

Jewitt would eventually retire on the 5th of September, at 23:59 eRepublik Standard Time. This was due to his appointment as Vice President. While out of the Airborne, Jewitt would become a Field Marshal and achieve his third Super Soldier achievements on the 28th of September.

Sons of Liberty

Jewitt was a passive member of the Sons of Liberty organization which was formed to help fund and coordinate resistance wars in a war-torn USA. While in the Sons, he would obtain his second Battle Hero Medal as representative of the USA Government in Colombian-occupied states.[20]


Last updated October 1st, 2009
  • Jewitt considers himself in a state of "indescribable passion" for Tiacha, describing her as "My rose in a field of lilies, my mare in a field of mustangs, my peanut butter on my ice cream."
  • Although he says his disappearances on the weekends are due to his girlfriend and job out of the game, Jewitt was a suspected Mongolian sympathizer and was accused of establishing a secret order to bring a fascist government to China.
  • In popular culture, the name "Jewitt" was often used when referring to the economy or any market conditions (the same applies to the name "One Eye") within the USA.
  • He likes the color lime green and good tequila; as well as long walks on the beach and non-alcoholic daiquiris.
  • Jewitt was completely against Trivia sections in wikis, and often edits others' pages and deletes them randomly.
  • Not only kin to PrincessMedyPi, but Jewitt also calls Justinious McWalburgson III his cousin, Gates Schellinger brother, and Ben C and Killing Time his nephews. Although he hardly admits it, Jewitt also was Emerick's half-brother. He was related through marriage to William Shafer, a long-time contact and internationally-known citizen. He also was related to Panther by adoption.
  • Jewitt often referred to himself as a "de jure lobbyist" or "self-proclaimed lobbyist" when speaking in Congressional discussion before returning to the USA Government in the summer. This was suspected to be a "douchebag response" to a fight experienced by former Presidents Justinious McWalburgson III and Harrison Richardson about distinguishing actual congressmen from the "rabble" during discussion.

Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gifMedals

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x50)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x3)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x2)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x4)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x24)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x2)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x123)
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x1)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x25)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x16)


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