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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Greece.jpg Greek
National rank 142
Date of birth March 24, 2011
Day 1,220
Residence Flag-Greece.jpg Peloponnese
Sex Male
Political party Ethniko Enotiko Kinima
Newspaper ePeloponnisiakos Typos
Congress member of Greece
Ambassador of Greece in Albania
Vice Minister of eGovernance of Greece
6 July 2012 – 6 August 2012
Served under Makedonissa
Party president of Fileleu8eri Patriotiki Symaxia
16 August 2012 – 16 September 2012
Preceded by [[kaulantis ]]
Succeeded by [[konlavd ]]
President of Greece
6 January 2013 – 11 January 2013
Preceded by [[Thanasis Klaras ]]
Succeeded by [[Apostolos6 ]]
Minister of Press of Greece
7 April 2017 – 7 February 2018
Preceded by [[DiMlTRiS ]]
Minister of Information of Greece
7 February 2018 – 7 November 2018
Succeeded by Makrugiannis
Party president of Ethniko Enotiko Kinima
17 August 2018 – 17 September 2018
Preceded by [[kostas free ]]
Succeeded by Zeus Christou
President of Greece
7 January 2021 – 7 March 2021
Preceded by Zeus Christou
Succeeded by alioth
Minister of Defence of Greece
7 January 2021 – 7 June 2021
Succeeded by [[Precious Box ]]
Prime Minister of Greece
7 July 2022 – 7 November 2022
Succeeded by Dimispirop
Military unit MINOAN LEGIONS
Position Soldier
Division Icon division 4 blue.png
Military rank Icon rank Titan***.png Titan***
Aircraft rank Group captain 0.png Group Captain

Jimkats1 is an adult citizen of Icon-Greece.png Greece. Partially active for eternity.

Born on Thursday March 24, 2011, Day 1,220. E-son of BloodDonor89 and e-father of Kris Hasa.

He is resident of Tripoli, capital of Flag-Greece.jpg Peloponnese, since Day 4,898 (18th April 2021). His former residency was Heraklion, capital of Flag-Greece.jpg Crete.

On Day 3,999 (Thursday November 1, 2018), few minutes before midnight to 2nd November, he reached level 100 and on Day 4,006 (Thursday November 8, 2018) at 2 pm, he reached 101 where he finally achieved the Elite Citizen achievement.
On Day 5,526 (Friday January 6, 2023) at 9 pm, he reached level 200 and on Day 5,529 (Monday January 9, 2023) at noon, he reached 201 where he achieved the Free Train Forever! feature.

Currently administrator in two forums (eGreece, EEK) and one Discord server (eGreece).

His knowledge, expertise and interest is around computer science, digital forensics, web and IT support. If you have any relevant question or just want to discuss, just contact. With which way, it's up to you to find out (hail OSINT :Kkona:)

Available on Discord: jimkats#4218

(more info to be added at some point regarding military and politics in 2011-2012 era. edit: apparently there are too many info to be included so I will try to find another way to show them without making more text mess here. hail past me :P)

Icon military.png Military

Soldier of MINOAN LEGIONS military unit.
Commander of PELASGI state military unit.

He was soldier of Arch.Angels since the day he joined the game till January 2013.
The first years, the MU's name was written as Arch-angels. Creator and first leader was EpiCourious and few months later DimAth took the leadership. In the beginning of 2012, leadership was assigned to Asoee. About 40 days later, leadership was assigned back to EpiCourious.
Initially, Arch-angels were an independent military unit, which had target to help and have fun with its members. In mid-August of 2011, the leader DimAth, targeted to get Arch-angels a very strong military unit, capable to show at world that it has the power and the strength of other famous military units.

On Day 1,497 (27/12/2011, 4:52 am CET +1) he achieved his 1st Battle Hero medal, at the 7th round of the RW in Lower Egypt, for the Greek side, with 1,540,000 damage.

On Day 1,507 (6/1/2012 1:44 am CET +1) he achieved his 1st Mercenary medal, with the 50th country to achieve being Bolivia.

For quite some time during 2013, he was in THE REBELS, before joining THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI at late 2013.

He was originally part of Icon division 4 blue.png when the Divisions update occurred on Day 2,282, where he was moved to Icon division 2 blue.png.

He was elected Captain of the 5th regiment of NI, for the period of April-July of 2014.

Has been appointed by Commander mourgoss as 2nd Commander of NI, on 6th September 2014 till 9th December 2015.

Has succeeded SaluteDePlatane as Commander of NI, on 9th December 2015. He transferred the leadership to Apikos Pikos on 23rd April 2016.

Has been appointed by Commander Apikos Pikos as Captain of the 5th regiment of NI, on 7th June 2016. He was changed by Commander Zi spiderwoman on 12th July 2016.

During both League of Allies events, he was ranked in the Simon Bolivar division. Decoration League of Allies Bolivar.png

For like 15 hours on 30th May 2017, he was appointed as Commander by BaKaRaS. During this time, he made few changes regarding regiments and 2nd commanders and then he transferred the leadership to Apikos Pikos.

On 21st May 2018, he moved to Hellenic Ministry of Defence as part of a state action to gather several active soldiers. On 18th July 2018, he returned to THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI.

On Day 3,880 (5th July 2018) he reached Titan rank.

On 15th August 2018, he was appointed as Commander by BaKaRaS. He transferred the leadership to Pasok na goustaroume on 20th February 2019.
During his term:

  • He supported the organized revolution sixteen days after he became commander, in order to restore democracy with the hope that Greece was ready to retain its regions.
  • He was several times moving the members in the regiments and in positions for a better line-up and management of the active soldiers and leadership.

On Day 3,956 (19th September 2018) he earned his 1st Sky Hero medal at the 4th round of the battle of Wales during the TW Greece-Croatia.

On 25th February 2019, he left THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI and the next day he joined MINOAN LEGIONS.

On 6th April 2020, he moved to Flying Rabbits Elite MU after their commander's invitation, Rabbit of Caerbannog, to several players to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. On 2nd July 2020, he returned to MINOAN LEGIONS.

During Hot Summer event, he maxed out (as in skill points) the terrains Industrial, Airport, Beach and Desert. Industrial.svg Airport.svg Beach.svg Desert.svg

On 12th January 2021, he left MINOAN LEGIONS and joined PELASGI, as part of his presidential term. He became commander on 29th January 2021, appointed by the former, tzimizt. He remains part of MINOAN LEGIONS family.

On Day 5,187 (1st February 2022) he earned his 100th Battle Hero medal. Yes, he is not medal hunter, thus the slow progress in BH/SH medals. Although the last year he earned a lot of medals due to the battlefield changes (air battle every round instead of every 4), plus the even fewer players hitting in battles.

On Day 5,681 (9th June 2023) he earned his 1st Campaign Hero medal. By accident. It was three hours before the DC, at the 9th (last) round of Bulgaria vs UK in North West of England when hitting for BH in UK side (193m damage), which was apparently enough for the CH, as it seemed no one cared for that battle from UK side.

Part of Division Icon division 4 blue.png.

Current record of Prestige points is 49,234 during the 2nd week of the Anniversary Challenge for the 16 years of eRepublik, week 5,852-5,858 (28 Nov -4 Dec 2023). Although, he managed to get his 1st Prestige Hunter medal the week after (week 5,859-5,865, 5-11 Dec 2023), specifically on the last day, due to several energy boosters from the Amazing Journey of the anniversary, which weekly challenge had 40k pp as final milestone instead of the 80k pp during anniversary.
Prior the Daily challenge introduction, which gave additional prestige points as rewards daily, the top 3 records were:

  • 1st best with 13,663 during the ending of the 11 years Anniversary, week 4,025-4,031 (27 Nov -4 Dec 2018).
  • 2nd best with 13,310 during the Anniversary Challenge for the 11 years of eRepublik, week 4,018-4,024 (20-27 Nov 2018).
  • 3rd best with 7,615 during week 4,088-4,094 (29 Jan -4 Feb 2019).

Icon position press director.gif Media

Icon-media-Newspaper subscriptions.png ePeloponnisiakos Typos is the newspaper owned and published by Jimkats1, created on Day 1,263.

Almost all articles are in the category of Social interactions and entertainment, while few of them were about off the game stuff.

The language of the articles is mostly Greek and sometimes English.

You can view the whole list of the articles in its wiki page.

There are some articles' series, one of which was about the Greek participation at the e-Eurovision Song Contest, and another with historical stuff regarding Greece.

On Day 3,473 (24th March 2017) he earned his 1st Media Mogul medal.

Icon position party member.gif Politics

Has a total of 19x Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Congress terms.

For the term of August 2012, he was 1 of the 2 vice Ministers of eGovernance of Greece. At that term, President of Greece was Makedonissa and Minister of eGovernance (MoeG) was Teobest1.
Job of this Ministry is to assist the government functions with any kind of cyber program, such as apps and sites. For this Ministry, knowledge of programming (computer and/or web) is necessary.
Remarkable is that the Ministry of eGovernance has never existed before nor after. Till now, it has never been recreated, despite the requests to the Presidential candidates of Greece for so long and it seems it will never exist again, mostly because active citizens are being reduced time by time. The Ministry was mentioned again during the election campaign of December 2018 in the article of candidacy of HonoreDeBalzac.
Monthly report of MoeG in Greek: https://www.erepublik.com/en/article/2096178/1/20

President of FiPS for August 2012.
During his term, he got access to the forum's main administrator account, in order to make changes mostly to the layout.

Member of the government of coucou22 for the term of May 2015.
Even though the President appointed him as Minister of Internal Affairs, it was never officially announced, but still was part of the government.
He was chosen to organize the Greek participation at the e-Eurovision Song Contest, organized by the government of Icon-Ireland.png Ireland.

For the term of August 2015, he joined as member of the Ministry of New Players of Greece.
At that term, President of Greece was Kataskopos21 and MoNP was Vaggelisker.
He assisted at the supplies' program called Pame Polemo (We Go War), which offered Q7 weapons and Q5 foods at fighters of D1.

Member of MoNP since then, with myrmidonas as President.
The work of MoNP was mostly publications in collaboration with MoP, which has as a result the creation of a digital library for new players.

Member of the party of ISOPOLITEIA till 14th May 2017.

For the term of March - April 2016, he was appointed by xristakos amigos as Secretary General.

Minister of Press for the government of mourgoss (term April - May 2017), for the government of Sp0ke (term May - October 2017) and for the government of F@nis (term October - November 2017). Yes, constant MoP since April :D.

Member of the party of Ethniko Enotiko Kinima since 14th May 2017.

Appointed as Spokesman by Myrfalas.

President of the Congress' Presidium for the term October - November 2017 under the party of Ethniko Enotiko Kinima.

Since February 2018, after his exhortation, Ministry of Information of Greece was formed with the union of Ministry of Press and Ministry of New Players. In the in-game titles, it's the Minister of Education.
The reason? Greece was still one of the few countries worldwide which had separate ministries for press and new players, while most of the countries had this under the education section.

President of EEK for August 2018.
Party had 82 members during the elections day and 83 members at the beginning of the term. Previous elected president was Myrfalas, who resigned mid-term and kostas free took his place as the member with the most XP.
During his term:

  • He appointed Zeus Christou as Spokesman. At the next term, they swapped their positions.
  • The only actual thing that was completed, was the party list of congress elections. 9 members applied, of which 7 were elected. The other 2 were for anti-PTO, just to fill the list.
  • He received invitation by Nea Poreia, right after the congress elections, for a political cooperation. After 3 days of internal party deliberations, the invitation was declined. The invitation was sent by their spokesman Eleanor 82, who acted as representative of their PP Baronios.
  • For the CP elections, he didn't officially support any of the candidates, although he promoted the candidacy of ProodeftikanosNG, who finished 2nd, 45 votes behind the winner.
  • He tried to revive EEK's forum, but even though he managed to get the access to it, the service used made the forum pretty unstable and laggy, thus he concluded that specific forum can't be reused by the party, only for history purposes.
  • He handed over the party to the next elected PP Zeus Christou with 80 members.

During the parliamentary term of September-October 2018, he managed to change the New citizen message of Greece, which was last changed on 26th March of 2014. The consultation period lasted for 3 days and the message was approved by several congress members. It was created by AntrikosA and later edited by Jimkats1 to better fit with the links needed to be used. After it was delivered to the CP NInja II, he proposed the law which passed on 17th October of 2018.
Following this so-long waited update of the New citizen message, he published a summary of all proposed laws for this message in the history of Greece.

The parliamentary term of November-December 2018 is the 3rd consecutive term which makes it the longest he was in the congress consecutively.

He got elected as President of Greece for January 2021. Being the only candidate, with Asoee dropping his candidacy at the last moment in order to support Jimkats1, he got elected with 232 votes and supported by the parties of Nea Poreia (president Asoee) and DiNAMS M.P. (president Venedimos), along with his primary party Ethniko Enotiko Kinima (president Zeus Christou).

In March 2023, after the congress elections, there were accusations from the party members Count Miden and Vassilis. towards the party president anastasismel that he was directed from off-party people to put them low in the congress list so to not get qualified. These accusations were following the several conflicts that occurred in the congress group messages of the previous months between those two and several other congress members and the government. After some discussions among those three and few of other party members, Jimkats1 decided to resign from EEK on 2nd April 2023, as he saw those two weren't up to any good and didn't want to listen the explanation of their mistakes. He returned to EEK for the the April party elections to vote for serafeimpent, who was about to replace anastasismel, and also being accused by those two for being pressured by off-party people. But Count Miden won the elections by 1 vote (16-15), who was seen in these elections by some party members as PTOer.

On 21st April 2023, he joined Hellenes Terroristas.

Currently member of the party of Hellenes Terroristas.

Icon economy.png Economy

When first entered the game, he was working until Day 1,239 at the Q1 food company Pita-gyro of Vassia137.
Later he worked at his military unit's iron company, named Paiper Iron EE, until January 2013.

Until January 2013, he owned a grain company, which with the building changes turned into a fishery company, Argoliko sitari, a Q2 food company Argitiko psomi, an iron company, Alousystem and a Q1 weapon company, Oplostasio. Plus the 3 grain companies and the Q1 food company that were offered from the admins to all players.

Before the economic skills got removed, he was Guru ** (or Guru ***, I don't remember exactly)

Since 2014 (can't remember exact time) he is working for mourga, with the mindset of working for his MU THE KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI. Even after he changed MU, he still works there. The working is accompanied with the ever-changing salary, few hundreds below the highest offer of Greece's job market.

Icon-media-Social interactions and entertainment.png Society

Helped at bringing Icon-Albania.png Albania in the game and establishing the relations with Icon-Greece.png Greece. Collaborated with Kris Hasa for the campaign, who was one of the big minds behind the start of Albania's entry in the game. After the official introduction of Albania into the game, Jimkats1 maintained contact with Kris Hasa and Napoleon 54 for quite some time.

Ambassador of Greece in Albania for the first 3 months (unofficially) and later on August 2012 for 1 month (officially).

Head administrator of forum of FiPS since August 2012 till January 2013.

Head administrator of forum of EEK since August 2018.

Administrator of eGreece's forum twice. Firstly for October 2012 - January 2013 and secondly since November 2014 still going.

Administrator of eGreece's Discord since April 2017.

Participated in eRepublik Idol, an eRepublik singing competition created by Demon War and Eraclev. He made it until stage 2 out of the 7 (Elimination 2). Participated with 2 songs.

Head of Delegation of Greece for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition of e-Eurovision Song Contest.

Executive Supervisor for the 3rd e-Eurovision Song Contest.

He created and maintains the wiki page of the e-Eurovision Song Contest.

Tester of the closed alpha of the eRepublik mobile app, started on 16 May of 2018.

One of the Legends of Discord in eRepublik's Discord server.

Number 1 in activity as shown by Nadeko bot, which is used to determine the appropriate users for the role of Legends of Discord, that is at least level 5.
The role's name is in pink color and offers the permission of adding reactions to messages.

For the April Fool's Day of 2019, he wore the avatar of Plato and most of his shouts during that day were in a friendly-admin style ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Icon - national goals set.jpg Random facts

  1. He never changed his CS, not even applied for a different one.
  2. The longest period he didn't login in the game at all was for 29 days, once. The 2nd longest was for 14 days, once. The 3rd longest was for about 5 days.
  3. One of his parliamentary terms was by mistake. He wasn't supposed to be elected as congressman, as he had applied for anti-PTO, but he was sorted high in the list.
  4. The longest period he was congress member was for 3 months.
  5. He was going to register in the game under the name "jimkats", but it was taken at that time, so he actually registered under the name "jimkats1" (with lower case). Although for unknown reason the system capitalized the first letter.
  6. He was invited into the game by a fellow student, in order to vote him in the congress elections. He didn't reach the appropriate level in time though.
  7. One of Greece's participations in eEurovision wouldn't exist if he didn't see by chance a relevant post in his wall. The deadline for the entries was already nearby, so he managed within 4 days to organize the Greek final and send the representative song to the central committee.
  8. The longest period he was commander of a military unit was for 6 months and 5 days.

Icon achievements.png Achievements

Total official medals: 2770

Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x59)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x152)
First awarded: Day 1,249
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x20)
First awarded: Day 1,344
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x3)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
First awarded: Day 3,473
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x247)
First awarded: Day 1,497
Icon achievement Sky Hero on.gif
Sky Hero (x84)
First awarded: Day 3,956
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x1)
First awarded: Day 5,681
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x56)
First awarded: Day 1,613
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x1087)
First awarded: Day 1,244
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x11)
First awarded: Day 1,507
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x1051)
First awarded: Day 1,619
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x2)
Icon achievement EDEN on.gif
EDEN soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement The World is Ours on.gif
TWO soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement Asteria on.gif
Asteria soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement Pacifica on.gif
Pacifica soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement Syndicate on.gif
Syndicate soldier* (x1)
Icon achievement Wiki on.gif
Wiki Rewards* (x18)
Jul 2015, Aug 2018-May 2019, Aug 2019, Jan/Mar/May/ /Jun/Sep 2020, Feb 2021

Military offices
Preceded by
December 9, 2015 - April 23, 2016
Succeeded by
Apikos Pikos
Preceded by
August 15, 2018 - February 20, 2019
Succeeded by
Pasok na goustaroume
Preceded by
Commander of PELASGI
January 29, 2021 -
Succeeded by
Government offices
Preceded by
New ministry
Vice Minister of eGovernance
July 6, 2012 - August 6, 2012
Succeeded by
Ministry abolished
Preceded by
Minister of Press
April 7, 2017 – February 7, 2018
Succeeded by
Ministry merged
Preceded by
New unified ministry
Minister of Information
February 7, 2018 – November 7, 2018
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Zeus Christou
President of Greece
January 7, 2021 – March 7, 2021
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Minister of Defence of Greece
January 7, 2021 – June 7, 2021
Succeeded by
Precious Box
Preceded by
Prime Minister of Greece
July 7, 2022 – November 7, 2022
Succeeded by
Party political offices
Preceded by
President of FiPS
August 16, 2012 - September 16, 2012
Succeeded by
Preceded by
kostas free
President of EEK
August 17, 2018 - September 17, 2018
Succeeded by
Zeus Christou
Diplomatic Assignment
Preceded by
New position
Ambassador of Greece in Albania
August - November 2011
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Ambassador of Greece in Albania
August 16, 2012 - September 16, 2012
Succeeded by