Jizzie McGuire

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Dead citizen

Jizzie McGuire

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Nationality Flag-Sweden.jpg Swedish
National rank 219
Date of birth 22 July 2008
Residence Eastern Cape
Sex Male
Newspaper The Sexy Times
Congress member of South Africa
President of South Africa
March 2009 – May 2009
Military unit Dignity Brigade
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force.png Legendary Force
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Jizzie McGuire was a prominent co-owner of the Pax Africana Cooperative and a former member of the Black Lion Front. He is best-known for his hatred of the 'Indonesia'. He is a former leader of Dignity Brigade.


Jizzie McGuire's history can be separated into three parts: his early life, his capture, and life since emigration to South Africa

Early History

McGuire sprang into being on 22nd July, 2008 in Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa. Although most of his earlier movements are unrecorded, it is known he worked in the Housing industry for ABC Limited after failing in his initial ambition to get work in weaponry. Even from this early point he was interested in socialism, and joined the South African Socialist Party. In a rare early interview he described himself as 'pretty much a peon'. He joined the army within the first few days of his existence, but was captured on July 24th when the 'Indonesia' overran the Northern Cape. Following the events of the 24th and 25th, when the Western Cape and Free State were taken, South Africa was forced to capitulate. In retribution, the victors took four of the nine South African states, along with the inhabitants. Despite appealing to the SA government for a moving ticket to his unoccupied homeland, McGuire was to remain in occupied territory for eighteen days.

In 'Indonesia'

In occupied territory, McGuire found himself stigmatized and with few prospects. Unable to get a job in the housing industry he instead starved. Along with fellow exile Deus Ex he showed his contempt for the prevailing regime by contributing to the latter's Onion, further distinguishing and alienating him in the eyes of the government. Relying on gifts, ZAR, IDR and gold, McGuire managed to survive without a job, but colluded with Esteban Delgado's plan for collective suicide. Fortunately the plan was never executed, and by August 6th he had found a job in the food company aa' makaN enaxs. The income from this, in addition to outside aid, would eventually allow him to follow Ex and escape from Occupied South Africa. Meanwhile he joined the local Socialist Party, despite disagreeing with its aggressive 'defence' policies.

However, his experience at making and preparing food proved invaluable, and by the 9th August had raised enough money to cross the border into free South Africa, and was guaranteed a job by the new Pax Africana Cooperative, at the food company Bong Belly. On August 10th, Jizzie McGuire arrived in Mmabatho, South Africa.

Recent History

His initial experience in the postwar country was one of shock; the economy still had not recovered from the shock of losing so many regions and so much of the populace. Food was expensive and almost unaffordable, his wages from the still-embryonic Bong Belly company were meager, and the price of the South African ZAR was many dozens of times that of gold in one of the worst examples of eRepublik inflation. Moreover, on August 13th, his third day of freedom, his Health was still not above 44 points.

McGuire joined the Socialist Party of South Africa (SPSA), and was present during the count where, on the August 11th, his friend and Bong Belly colleague Delgado won the party leadership. During the revamping of SPSA (which was later changed to Black Lion Front (BLF)).

He participated with the independence movement South African Independence League (SAIL).

Jizzie McGuire was serving in the cabinet of Steven Bosch as Presidential advisor in the Presidential Caucus with Ines Schumacher, Gabriel Borien and ERDWURM.


The Sexy Times is the newspaper owned and published by Jizzie McGuire.