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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth Aug 21, 2012
Date of death Dec 17, 2014
Residence Nebraska, USA
Sex Male
Newspaper eUSA Impulse Times
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

HeadlessChicken.jpgFirst steps

jmurrib21 was born in Florida, Icon-USA.png USA. August 21, 2012. Referred by Miki GO from Icon-Israel.png Israel while playing Army Attack game on Google+. The first steps were reading tutorials and finding help available. It was kind of overwhelming but definitively well worth the effort.

First eRepublik acquaintances were Henry Pfeiffer Arundel, Beach Bunny, blondeninja. At that time they were doing their ATO efforts and campaigning for the POTUS candidate. Henry Pfeiffer Arundel was looking for new citizens to support September 2012 POTUS candidate. Beach Bunny was recruiting new members for the American Military Party. blondeninja helped jmurrib21 to create his avatar.

Another great indirect mentor for the first steps is Mike Ontry and his great articles for the education of masses on US Department of Education those articles helped jmurrib21 to find his ways around the New World and at the same time he participated on a mentor program; his mentor was John William Connor.

With help from his mentors he found supplies links to these programs: Damage Mentorship and Vitality, Tank up 2 Rank up, and Meals on Wheels. He recalls that the following as great helpers supplying additional food or weapons: Jdohring3, DMV3, Henry William French, xy2set, Duncan Crowe, and bigcdizzle

A former Platoon Commander Jason Darby helped to adopt jmurrib21's avatar with the National Guard logo.

A special connection was the experience interacting with rainy sunday great patience and help knowing more information about the religion on eRepublik Dioism Dioism.png and its book The Book of Dio.

Victory.png Military experience

During the first steps jmurrib21 joined the Army, later he found out that their requirements were more than joining the Military Unit just by clicking the link on eRepublik and he needed to join another Military Unit.

Joined the eUS Training Corps, met great people there like Snorunt30, Malovent, Samoth Resyk, blondeninja, Synesi. The training was brief and soon transferred to the National Guard.

On the eUS Training Corps learned about eRepublik theory and history, how to join to IRC using the browser client Mibbit and also how to join the eUSA Military Forum.

jmurrib21 remembers that he experienced a break on his transition from the eUS Training Corps to the National Guard, there was a momentary limbo after receiving an Honorary Discharge from Malovent that later was explained to him to be a mistake. He got back to the Training Corps, and days later after completing the training and achieving graduation he got transferred to the National Guard with the help of Cyber Witch and Jack Mensley

Became a Guardsman on Sep 18, 2012 at the Platoon Mobile 4 which is commanded by Psikonaga. Jack Mensley, and Jadiv are great mentors and Commanders, also former National Guard members Rick von Ruger, Kria Erikson and John Killah are and were a great help.

In Platoon Mobile 4 jmurrib21 mentioned:

 I still continue with the same aptitude of me willing to: learn; help and get to know all of you.
People in the USNG are excellent and that makes a difference for me interacting with you all guys.

On Jan 05, 2013, jmurrib21 was promoted from Private in Platoon Mobile 4 to Platoon Commanding Officer of Mobile 1 at the rank of Lieutenant within the Military Unit.

Recruitment officer for the eUS Military, eUnited States Training Corps and National Guard.

Served from January 05, 2013, until December 02, 2013, as Platoon Mobile 1 Commander and Senior Officer of the eUS National Guard branch of the eUS Military

On December 02, 2013, jmurrib21 accepted a position in the eUnited States Training Corps an eUS Military branch, as Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Senior Officer, to help with the new recruits messaging, application processing, registry and tracking.

On February 03, 2014, jmurrib 21 was promoted from Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Senior Officer to Colonel.

On March 09, 2014, jmurrib21 was promoted to Executive Commander (XO) in the eUnited States Training Corps branch.

On December 15, 2014, jmurrib21 decided to start a new path and leave the Military unit actions and involvement.

On December 17, 2014, jmurrib21 resigned from the eUS Military, Military unit due to his decision to stop playing eRepublik. He praised special thanks to: Cyber Witch, Jadiv, Jack Mensley, jankems, & Snorunt30 great mentors and efriends.

Icon position party member.gif Political Activity

Became a member of the American Military Party seeking more social interactions, help and self-instruction on eRepublik matters. Membership on the AMP was brief and after a brief political activity hiatus jmurrib21 decided to join the Federalist Party inspired by reading their articles from members like: fingerguns, NewAzazel, EnterAwesome, and their display of leadership values made the difference to become a member of the Proud and Horny Political Party.

Other important Federalist that jmurrib21 interacted with: bigcdizzle, Duncan Crowe, Jefferson Locke, Tiacha.

In charge of Ambassadorial Affairs as Director of Ambassadors from May 15 until June 06, 2013. Under NewAzazel as MoFA. Created the ambassadors tutorial and staff list on Ambassadors' Reports. Followed up the Ambassadors registry, activity and sign-up form with the help of Mr. Wonka as Deputy. Established communication template letters to interact with new and current ambassadors.

On October 2013 briefly worked for a Federalist Party job as Fed FBI officer.

November 2013 helped the Department of Education by updating their wiki page Department of Education.

Continuously working in the Department of Education as Mentor, from November 2013 until May 2014.

Recommended by Oblige to be eRepublik Mentor since day 2,245 or 01-16-2014. Great opportunity to interact with new citizens and help them in their first steps on eRepublik.

Resigned from the Federalist Party on 12-17-2014 due to his decision to stop playing eRepublik.

Question book.jpg Media Activity

AMP and DokJon helped jmurrib21 to create his newspaper eUSA Impulse Times.

EUSA Impulse Times.jpg
First eUSA Impulse Time articles:
1- Acronyms Help
2- War analysis during deployment
3- The sound of silence
4- Thinking outside the box: Census?

Icon - Town Center Q5.png Activity on USA Government

Interacting with other citizens of the New World, jmurrib21 found the Ambassador Program. The program is a great way to get more help from foreign experienced citizens. jmurrib21 was assigned to the USA embassy in Finland on Oct 06, 2012. Doing the Ambassador job required time to gather local information from the USA and Finland and eventually attending meetings on IRC channel in both servers Rizon and Quakenet.

The Ambassador program is an activity that jmurrib21 enjoyed and it was very entertaining, every month and after the new presidential elections are required to find out who is going to be the new officials for both countries, then get along with the officials to create a collaborative environment among the countries, Exchange ideas and requesting help with specific battles.

Under the Ambassador program jmurrib21 has interacted with: Napalm Norm, Dr Luis Sentieiro, Black Baroness, Mike Schmittson, Israel Stevens, and Vanek26.

Since March 2013, joined as staff member of USA Department of the Interior recommended by rainy sunday. This job is about helping new citizens get directions on eRepublik and welcoming them to the Icon-USA.png USA and serving under Othere.

Also since March 2013, he joined the US Department of Education as mentor.

In May 2013 since day 2,003 [05-15-2013] started a new role as Director of Ambassadors, serving under NewAzazel until June 2013.

On December 04, 2013. Helped the Department of Education to create and edit a redesigned wiki page for the Department.

All jmurrib21 government activity stopped around May 2014 due to his full involvement in another game: The ingress app.

Employee.gif eRepublik outsourced activity

Registered Rizon IRC nicknames: jmurrib21, jm21|afk
As of 12-17-2014 jmurrib21 dropped nick jm21|afk

eUSA Military Forum registered name: jmurrib21

eUSA Forum registered name: jmurrib21

Icon donation.gif Buildings


On 12-15-2017 jmurrib21 dissolved all companies, turned the gold into currency and transferred to a Military Unit executive officer.

Icon mission new Leveling Up.png jmurrib21 Ambitions

Learn more game mechanics and gain recognition by actively performing excellent interaction with: social activity, media publishing, military units, new players, the political arena, foreign affairs, tasks at hand and all that will let him develop as a relief leader for the future on eRepublik.

Ambitions stopped as of 12-15-2014 when jmurrib21 decided to stop playing eRepublik.

Icon - Experience points.png Medals

Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 2x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 75x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 27x Hard Worker
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif 13x True Patriot
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif 1x Resistance Hero