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Joe Obvious

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Nationality Flag-Germany.jpg German
Date of birth Day 264, 10 Aug 2008
Residence Bavaria
Faith Dioism
Newspaper Die Zeit
Ambassador of Germany
Day 1120, 14 Dec '10 – Day 1421, 11 Oct '11
Preceded by BiliPiton
Military rank Icon rank National Force*.png National Force*
Aircraft rank Senior airman 3.png Senior Airman***

Born as Joe Poke on day 264 in summer 2008, former beta player Joe Obvious is the founder and was the chairman of the Luso-German Poke Foundation and editor-in-chief of Die Zeit.

He has been in charge of the German Embassy to Portugal and serves his country as Hauptmann (Captain) of the VIII Regiment in the German armed forces - Bundeswehr. He is a fluent speaker in German, Portuguese and English.

Private Life

Feeding Germany since 2008

Joe has stated that he is not an active member of the Dioist Faith, but has been deeply affected by it in his personal upbringing in Portugal. Travelling the world was another big passion in his life, one of the reasons to join the expeditionary forces in the first place. During his time as a member of the diplomatic corps, he often visited Brazil where he became an outspoken fan of national icon and beauty queen Laurao. Joe enjoys jazz, blues and classical music and takes comfort in playing his favorite instruments, such as the C. Bechstein concert piano, the classical guitars by Juan Estruch as well as the fine tunes of his standard-issue Sturmgewehr G36 by Heckler & Koch.

Joe's favorite past-time is to ride his Leopard battle tank and to shoot his G36 into the night while heavy drinking. Since this has been frowned upon by friends, coworkers, and neighbors and has led to more than one incident of negative publicity, he recently made a dramatic promise on national television to keep this to warfare engagements.

Economic Activities

For several years Joe held specialized Q1 companies with the main focus on the broad supply of the German Food industry. Joe and his former Orgs - now defunct along with the other private organizations - held these and other companies: PokeFood GmbH, PokeFood Bayern GmbH, PokeFood Schwaben GmbH, PokeFood Franken GmbH, PokeGrain GmbH & CoKG.

Public Career

Wir. Dienen. Deutschland.

While abstaining from politics for most of his life Joe eventually became a member of the German diplomatic corps, where he continued the policies preceded by him successfully. He has been involved in talks with the governments of Portugal and Brazil and occasionally offers to use his skills as a governmental advisor. Since winter 2010 he is officially aligned with the Open Mind Germany movement. Joe has stated that in his view the key to achieving happiness is "Democracy, Transparency and Peace".

Military Duty

As a soldier he was one of the first enlisted to join the German expedition forces in winter 2009, serving under Commander Rotfuchs in the EK IV and later under MoD Chicco in the EK II "Sons of Hades" for PEACE GC. In summer 2012 he served as staff officer helping on then-classified Project Lazarus which covered the latest restructuring of the Bundeswehr, where he now serves as captain for the VIII. Regiment. There have been repeatedly denied rumors of involvement in black ops such as false flag activities carried out abroad throughout his military career. Joe drives Leopard 2A7 Kampfpanzer tanks in the Q7 class, custom made by a military contractor friend.