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Dead citizen


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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Belgium.jpg Belgian
Date of birth October 2009
Date of death January 30, 2018 (detected)
Residence Charleston, West Virginia, USA
Brussels, Belgium
Sex Male
Congress member of Belgium
President of Belgium
Military rank Icon rank Titan***.png Titan***
Aircraft rank Flight lieutenant 4.png Flight Lieutenant****

Jofroi was a citizen of Belgium.

Here is an extract of his Congress Candidacy of November 2009 in the LSD:

"I am a 22 years old student in Engineering, specialized in Mathematics and Actuaries. I live in Louvain-La-Neuve, in the south of Brussels, and as well I speak French (I am following Dutch courses, but I am not good enough to use it). It’s my last year and it leaves me time to do extra Universities activities, like eRepublik. I have some other hobbies like table tennis even if nobody cares."

The full letter can be found here.

Relations with Belgium

Citizen2075847 v5.jpg

Political Life


Here is a little timeline of Jofroi's evolution in the New World:

Term Event
Day 704 Birth
Around Day 712 Join the Libertarian Social Democrats party
Day 722 Join the Forum Translators Team
Day 726 Co-Vice President of the LSD with Theneka under Cocoamok's Presidency
Day 728 Launch of the WHB Food with LeValeureuxLiegeois in Brazil
Day 730 State Secretary of raws to provide help to the Minister Shrubbery which had an increase of real life activity
Around Day 730 Top 3 spammer on the eUNL IRC channel
Days 736-737 Elected in Congress in Wallonia. As Cocoamok is banned, Jofroi takes the lead of the LSD with Theneka and Perry Rhodan
Day 740 Interviewed on the Independent Radio Service . First news of How I Multiply Your Money the official newspaper of WHB Corporation
Day 741 As nobody wants to write his Biography Jofroi makes his Wiki page
Day 744 Launch of his Journal: Fougoy's Voice
Day 745 Leave his post of State Secretary of raws
Day 747 Becomes Lieutenant
Day 749 Becomes State Manager of the UNL Wood company in Canada
Day 750 Reaches the top of the spammer list in the #eUNL channel on IRC
Day 756 Extends his Vice Presidency of LSD mandate under Theneka
Day 761 Joins the Coaching Team
Day 767 Elected for a second term in Congress
Days 781-791 Helps the resistance in France, Germany and United Kingdom, giving one day job to poor exiled UNL citizen in Brazil
Day 783 Leaves his post of State company manager
Day 787 Co-Vice President of the LSD with Mattio under Theneka's Presidency
Around day 790 Becomes Captain
Day 798 Elected for a third term in Congress
Day 802 Launches an impeachment against ThomasRed
Day 803 Leaves Congress and the Netherlands to move to Belgium to get citizenship
Day 804 Moves to Brazil
Day 805 State secretary at Ministry of State Companies and Raws in Belgium
Day 807-815 Moves to Venezuela, Paraguay before coming back in the Netherlands
Day 818 Retires from his Vice Party President position in the LSD. Become Manager of the W Glitter, Russian Diamond Company
Day 820 Becomes Colonel
Day 821 Moves to Belgium. He joins the Belgium for Belgians party
Day 824 Wins the eUNL Awards in spam category
Day 829 Elected in Belgian Congress for the first time
Around Day 850 Beginning of a 2 clicker period
Day 857 Reelected in Belgian Congress
Day 888 Reelected in Belgian Congress
Day 915 Becomes General
Day 918 Reelected in Belgian Congress
Day 949 Reelected in Belgian Congress
Day 1010 Reelected in Belgian Congress
Day 1041 Reelected in Belgian Congress (1rst of the country)
Day 1071 Reelected in Belgian Congress
Day 1102 Reelected in Belgian Congress (2nd of the country)
Day 1163 Reelected in Belgian Congress (3rd of the country)
Day 1172 Leaves the Belgian Army
Day 1173 Goes to an IRL meeting with old eRep players
Day 1173 Creates 4 Belgian companies
Day 1174 Becomes Ministry of Economy in Belgium (merge of Ministry of Finance and Ministry of State Companies)
Day 1190 Suddenly becomes very rich and buys a Q5 weapons company
Day 1194 Reelected in Belgian Congress (3rd of the country)
Day 1203 Becomes Minister of Finance
Day 1204 Changes the name of his newspaper to "The next president Voice"
Day 1210 Joins again the army as a member of the 1st Belgian SAS
Day 1222 Reelected in Belgian Congress
Day 1224 "Steals" one BEF from the NBB-BNB
Day 1225 Gives it back
Day 1226 A removal from the government proposal is made
Day 1227 The removal proposal fails
Day 1229 Becomes First Private in the Belgian Army. Totally changes and automatizes the point system of the Belgian army.
Day 1231 Jofroi proposes himself on the Persona Non Grata List of Belgium
Day 1232 Jofroi is added on the PNG list
Day 1236 Jofroi is removed from the PNG list
Day 1253 Reelected in Belgian congress
Day 1256 Renames his newspaper into All TOgethers
Day 1261 Becomes Media Mogul
Day 1262 Becomes State Secretary at Minister of Education (related to Home Affairs)
Day 1273 Becomes Party President of the Belgian Democratic Front and rename it onto All TOgethers
Day 1278 Leaves the Belgian army and join the Ultramarines
Day 1283 Reelected in Belgian Congress
Day 1288 Runs for Belgian Vice Presidency. Leaves the Ultramarines and joins the Belgian army again.
Day 1291 Doesn't run anymore for Belgian Vice Presidency.
Day 1294 Vice President of Belgium under Mittekemuis II.
Day 1304 Reelected as Party President of All TOgethers and gets his first Battle Heroes while fighting against the UK.
Day 1312 Replaces Helviro as Minister of Finance
Day 1314 Reelected in Belgian Congress (1st in the country by number of votes). Promoted to Commander of the Chasseurs Ardennais.
Day 1323 Creates a the #Mercenaries channel on IRC
Day 1324 Second term as Vice President
Day 1334 Reelected as Party President of All TOgethers
Day 1345 Reelected in Belgian congress
Day 1354 Third term as Vice President
Day 1357 Elected as Judge of the Supreme Court
Day 1375 Reelected in Belgian congress (3rd in the country by the number of votes)
Day 1386 Loses the Presidential elections against Monsieur Guillontine.
Day 1388 Promoted as leader of the Belgian Training Academy.
Day 1391 Renames his newspaper into "News from BTA"
Day 1396 Reelected as Party President of All TOgethers
Day 1405 Reelected in Belgian congress
Day 1407 Monsieur Guillontine is impeached and Jofroi takes the lead of Belgium
Day 1416 Ministry of Finance and Education
Day 1436 Reelected in the Belgian Congress
Day 1447 Member of the government as Leaders of the Belgian Defence & Military Units
Day 1448 Resigns from the BTA command. Becomes Presidential Advisor instead.
Day 1471 CP ad-interim of Belgium.
Day 1477 Elected Vice President of Belgium
Day 1478 Nominated Presidential Advisor
Day 1497 Reelected in the Belgian congress (1rst of the country)
Day 1508 Reelected Vice President of Belgium
Day 1528 Reelected in the Belgian congress
Day 1611 Joins the Belgian para's


Maybe that will come later. But Jofroi is mainly acting knowing that FUN is the most important part of the game.


I got most IRL, but for the moment I'll only give one, which is a quote of "Le Chat" of Philippe Geluck:

"On peut rire de tout... sauf de moi ... et de maman."

Which could be translated by:

"We can laugh about everything... excepted me... and mom."


Former Coowner and manager of the WHB Corporation with LeValeureuxLiegeois.

The former manager of the W Glitter.


1: President of Belgium (Done)

2: Create a pro Belgium - Netherlands merge organization and party (Done)

3: Smash the Belgian constitution (Half Done)

4: Live long enough to see Belgium without Shadowukcs (Done)


First Belgian to have all different medals on day 2343:

First Belgian to be Icon rank God of War***.png God of War***, Icon rank Titan.png Titan, Icon rank Titan*.png Titan* and Icon rank Titan**.png Titan**