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JohnSmith 2K9

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
National rank 0
Date of birth 5th may 2009
Residence North Dakota
Sex Male
President of Ireland
22 March 2010 – 5th April 2010
Preceded by Dubhs
Succeeded by Patton
Minister of Industry of Ireland
6th April 2010 – Present
Preceded by Sweetdrinker
Succeeded by DylanB9216
Minister of Trade of Ireland
6 January 2010 – 6 March 2010
Congress of Wexford
26th Dec 2009 – 26th March 2010
 office_location8= North West of Ireland]]
26th Sept 2009 – 25 Oct 2009
Speaker of Irish Dail of Ireland
26th Dec 2009 – 28 Jan 2010
Military rank Icon rank National Force.png National Force
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

JohnSmith 2K9 is a citizen of Ireland who has received citizenship of Canada.

If you ever meet him now days it is most likely either in the House of the President in Pheonix park in Dublin, walking around this liberty or getting his pitch fork ready for another rebellion. You may also find him in Leinster House walking around the halls talking with everyone or in his office in the Party Buildings.

One of JohnSmith 2K9 first actions in the New World was to join Irish Republican Party(IRP). His main convictions for doing this were two-fold.

JohnSmith 2K9 or JSK as he was called, was born on the 5th of May 2009 in his RL home of Northern Ireland, he did not know it was under UK rule as he is a RL Irish Nationlist and after a few days gave up on the game. He come back on the 7th August 2009 to find the world in the middle of World War 3 and the USA on its knees under PEACE and UK a puppet state of PEACE. He seen an ad from the Austrian Minister of Immigration at the time Nykoal (she has since died) and he moved to Austria and got help to get his health up to fight in the Training Wars between Latvia/Lithuania.


John was settling well into Austria but one day he had a massive argument over whether Austria should be in PEACE or not, he got citizenship and joined the Austrian Independence party but he left a few days later to go and start a life in USA.


During August USA was on its knees, Spain lost 16,000G in an idiot thing and was falling under France's control and Canada was gone. John moved to the fortress region of Flordia and fought in the 1st battle of California, which failed. John was scared now that Indonesia had the control of the battle, that USA would fall but the Indonesian President got banned, giving USA the chance to take the region back. John took the first flight he could get on to go to his RL home of Ireland.

Arriving in Ireland

John arrived in Ireland at the end of August and quickly got citizenship from Darragh the MOFA at the time and joined the eIrish Republican Party and was doing good. He moved to Mayo on the 25th of September and won a seat in Dail Eireann. On the 6th of October John became Minister of Community and he had a great month but nearly lost most of the money when the org was hacked. On Oct 15th his mate the Engima ran for PP for eIRP but got banned that day by PP, who JSK later exposed all he had done and he brought down PP from all power he had for the rest of PPs life. His party was destroyed so he was asked by Moomoohead to move to Irish Freedom Party and run for PP, which he did but sadly lost.

Canada and Spain

John moved to Canada and left again because of they High TAXs and he loves Spain because of the weather and cheap weapons.

Running for President

In the December 2009 elections with Patton can run and Snake not running, he decided to run and was told he would do very bad. On the election day he got 84 votes and came 3rd, he was winning for most of the day and lost in the last few hours.

25th of Dec - 25th of Jan

In December 25th he was elected to the Office of TD for the Wexford, on the next day he was made Speaker of the Irish Parliament. on the 6th of Jan 2010 he was made Co Trade Minister in Edanas January Term. on the 15th of January he was elected to the President of the Irish Freedom Party. and won a 2nd term for the SE.

25th of Jan to 25th of Feb

On the 25th of January he got the last seat in the Wexford for the Dail. Sadly he did not run for Speaker after accusations of being "lazy". In the Battle of Belfast he fought to take Newry off the hands of the Nords and he took back his homeland. He also did not run for Party President and is the Vice President again.

25th of Feb & running for President

John won a 3rd term for the SE and 4th in total and he ran for President of Ireland on the 5th of March, in which he was up against Dubhs and Nith. He was winning and Nith dropped out and supported him but sadly in the last 2 mins of the vote he lost to Dubhs. He felt like giveing up the game there. but came on one day to see Dubhs about to get impeached, that vote failed by 2, and Ireland suffered for another week until the 22nd of March when Dubhs was impeached by the Dail and he became President of Ireland.

Phoenix Park

Now John was President, he got Ireland into an alliance called the Broallance. The banc got hacked along with state orgs, all of which were taken back. He had uproar from the communists when he sacked Gleb2006 as COS and removed John Jay from the IDF and faced impeachment but this failed by a massive margin.

After President Term

John was then appointed Minister of Industries and moved over the world and fought in deployments in Norway and Australia and came back and won a 2nd term as PP of IFP. He then won a 4th term and 5th in total for Wexford. he is now MOFA of Ireland, his dream job under Pres Moo, and is serving his 5th term for SE and 6th overall in the Dail, he is now the longest serving congtuorus TD for the Southeast, but plans to take a break over the summer to get a BH and get ready for V2,

Down the Road

John plans to be officially elected President of Ireland. John has helped increase the Irish Freedom Party membership base and as of the 6th of June 2010, has helped IFP become the biggest party in Dail Eireann.


JSK has received 19 medals

Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 1x Battle Hero

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 37x Hard Worker

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 17x Congress Member

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 31x Super Soldier