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Nationality Flag-Greece.jpg Greek
Date of birth August 1, 1934
Date of death August 28, 2008
Residence Alexandroupoli, Greece
Faith Lidoxan Dioism
President of Greece
August 2, 2008 – August 28, 2008
Preceded by Rathen Holton
Succeeded by Ikarti
Greek Representative of the
PEACE Global Security Council
August 3, 2008 – August 28, 2008
Succeeded by Ikarti
Vice president of Greece
July 2, 2008 – August 1, 2008
Succeeded by Ikarti
Military rank Icon rank Recruit.png Recruit
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

John Daker (Greek: Ιωάννης Δάκερ, Ioannēs Dáker), born Iohannes Papadopoulos, was the ninth President of the Hellenic Republic. He served as a Member of Parliament in July 2008 under President Rathen Holton. He was also a Councilor-for-Life on the Byzantine Imperial Council and owner of the Gyros News Corporation. He died August 28, 2008, when he disappeared from the Presidential Estate as he was walking from the kitchen after fixing himself a butter sandwich.

Childhood to mid-life

John Daker was born August 2, 1934, in Alexandroupoli, Greece. He was born mustachioed, and so his father named him "John" - a name derived from the Hebrew יוחנן Yôḥānnān, which means "With heavenly hair by the grace of God." From an early age, John was known to be a gifted child. He was able to correctly guess the number of hairs present in the pubis of then-King Paul, and so was made a Ταγματάρχης (Greek: Tagmatarchis, Major) in the Hellenic Army. In the Army, Major Daker presided over troops in Alexandroupoli from 1943 until 1946. When he was 23, he was selected to become a Royal Guardsman.

Royal Guard

As a Royal Guard, John Daker was the cream of the proverbial crop. When Turkish assassin Deniz Cesur made an attempt on King Paul's life on May 29, 1953, John caught the bullets with his hands of steel resolve. For his quick thinking and brave actions, he was awarded the Order of the Redeemer. He was dubbed "Daker" by King Paul following his heroic act, comes from the ancient Greek word "δάκρυον" (dakryon, "to tear") to symbolize the way his manly hands metaphorically tore up the Turkish plans to topple the Greek monarchy.

Blood collected at the hospital following his daring save was stored in a vault in Athens. In 2005, a collection of clones were made using this DNA. Once the clones mature, they will be organized into a new branch of the Presidential Guard specifically tasked with guarding the President at all times.

When the monarchy eventually fell, John pursued a career in politics.

Early career

John was quickly a successful politician. His status as a recipient of the Order of the Redeemer brought him great acclaim and his time in the Hellenic Army and Royal Guard earned him the trust of the Greek people. He was elected Mayor of Alexandroupoli in 1980 and served in that office until 2008.

As Mayor, John lived life on the edge. In his younger years, he modernized Alexandroupoli. Using both his own hands and hands harvested from organ donors, John installed new sidewalks around the city and built Maglev tracks to service an intercity rail system. As he aged, he occupied himself less with manual labor but never swayed from his adventurous nature. In his older years, some days he would enjoy a glass of sweet tea and a cheese sandwich while reclining on the south patio. On other days, however, John would take his lunch and eat it in the sunroom, which was located in the east wing.

When Rathen Holton founded the Greek Republic Resistance in July to contest the power of Capelli King the United Greece Party coalition, John took notice and joined the party. Despite jeers from United Greece Party officials, Rathen led the party to a resounding victory in both local elections and general elections in July.

Member of Parliament

John served as an MP under President Holton and quickly became an influential party member. To prevent the disastrous policies carried out by the King presidency from ever happening again, Rathen commissioned a Constitution which John drafted with help from Greek citizens and party members. The Constitution was signed into law after a supermajority of Parliament moved to ratify it. Twenty MPs voted to ratify the Constitution with eighteen MPs abstaining.

Another measure introduced by Daker during his time as an MP was a proposal to rename the city of Athens to Rathens in honor of President Rathen Holton. The measure carried, but was stalled and has not been revisited as of August 2008.

During the First Balkan War, Daker met with then-President of Pakistan Senor Schlong to discuss a loophole in the FIST Treaty that would enable a majority of FIST member nations to overrule Turkey's veto power. The measure, now known as the Ascension of Greece, was drafted by John and sent to Senor, who proposed it to the FIST coalition. The measure passed with three of five nations officially voting in support. Pakistan, Indonesia, and Japan voted to admit Greece. Turkey unsuccessfully moved to block Greece's ascension, and Iran effectively abstained, despite Iranian Foreign Minister Sardar Mehdi's support.


As President, John Daker accomplished much for Greece. He established the first formal Cabinet but, as a geriatric, could never remember to convene his Cabinet for discussion. He broke long-standing discriminatory racial practices in Greek politics by appointing Afro-Hellenic politician Ikarti to the position of Vice President. He worked with Ikarti to develop trade agreements with Austria, Norway, and Thailand.

John Daker strengthened Greece's future by quickly signing peace with Turkey under Phaedrus Lidox. The two established the Byzantine Empire, an alliance that lasted until Phaedrus's death. In the waning days of his Presidency, John penned the Contract:Charter of the PEACE Global Community of the PEACE Global Community and, in signing the treaty alongside thirteen other presidents, created the largest alliance in the world.

He also worked with Turkey to return Greek lands in accordance with the Treaty of Athens. The lands are contested, with Greece claiming sovereignty but Turkey maintaining troop presence. Additionally, he attempted to smooth over rough relations with Turkey by apologizing for various offenses committed by Greece over the course of the weeks leading up to the First Balkan War.


Between the hours of 3 and 5 AM on August 28, 2008, John awoke and walked to the kitchen of the Presidential Estate, where he fixed himself a butter sandwich. He was carrying the sandwich to his study when he vanished without a trace. His nightgown fluttered to the floor and the plate carrying his sandwich crashed to the ground, where the plate broke. The sandwich landed on the floor but did not break.

At 6:07 AM, a Presidential Guard happened upon the gown and plate. He raised an alarm and the entire premises were searched. The search continued until the image of Phaedrus Lidox descended upon the estate and spoke unto Acting President Ikarti, "The old bastard left his ties and his suit. It's okay if you don't know everything." Following the vision, Ikarti spoke to the nation and announced John's rapture and the vision received by Lidox. The search was then called off.