John Gormley

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John Gormley

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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
National rank 24
Date of birth March 9, 2009
Residence Icon-Ireland.png Cork
Sex Male
Political party Irish Freedom Party
Faith eAtheist
Newspaper The Green Shoots
Teachta Dála of Ireland
April 2009 – September 2010
An Taoiseach of Ireland
December 2010 – January 2011
Minister of Ireland
Party president of Irish Freedom Party
Military unit Ordo Hereticus
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**
Aircraft rank Senior airman 0.png Senior Airman

John Gormley is a citizen of Ireland who was born on March 9, 2009.


He has been involved in Irish politics for a long time, having been elected to Dail/Congress many times and also appointed a minister on several occasions. In December of 2010 he was elected Country President of Ireland. He was unfortunate because he inherited the position following a very troubling month in Irish history. Moomoohead had taken over the CP position after the impeachment of orangejuicemmm and had tried to fix the many mistakes that had been made. Despite these efforts, on December 6, 2010, John Gormley inherited an Ireland that was doomed to be wiped from the map by the UK. This occurred on December 7, the day after his election, before any real preparations could be made. Under Gormley's administration, Ireland revolutionary warred its way back into existence and with the help of Canada began to rebuild. With Ireland having lost all of its parties and companies John Gormley set the foundation for the new Ireland that would be created there after.


John was a tank in Irish Defence Forces in the V1 version of the game. In newer time, John is the Commander of elite Irish unit Ordo Hereticus.