John Sykes

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John Sykes

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
National rank 432
Date of birth 30.03.2009 - Day 496
Residence Queensland
Sex Male
Senator of Northern Territory
May 26, 2009 – June 25, 2009
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png Supreme Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

John Sykes was an Australian citizen, whose focus is on currency trading, economics and politics at large. He later change citizenship and return to be UK citizen.

Early Life

John Sykes was born in the county of South East of England, United Kingdom, on day 496. His working life started in the construction industry, at the government owned housing company. In search of higher wages, John emigrated to the state of Northern Territory in Australia, where he entered the land industry.

Business & Employment

John Sykes was employed by ECAZ Diamond - Q4, while he was level 8+ land worker. Overall, John Sykes has earned 16 Hard Worker achievements, working for a variety of companies worldwide, and was the manager of a currency trading organisation, the Sykes eHedge Fund Ltd.

John Sykes was the man behind the financial institution Eucalyptus eHoldings, which he ran with influential citizens such as Mack Craft, Enoch Root, Dania or Timeoin occupying key posts.


Although John Sykes made his trading debut as a spread trader, notably returning 129% over six weeks to his investors, his trading style has now evolved towards daytrading. As a swing trader, John focuses on currencies supported by good fundamentals, mainly population and trade balance, that display a particular set-up. John Sykes generates a performance of 15-30% a week as the manager of the Sykes eHedge Fund Ltd, doubling the fund trading capital every four to six weeks.


John Sykes owns the newspaper Non Siquitur, formerly known as The Lobbyist, a tribune for his economic, political and financial discussions. His most notable journalistic achievements include The Euca eHandbook guide, and his currency trading guide.


In May 2009, John Sykes was voted into the Australian Senate as a Northern Territory representative, under the True Blue Party banner. He planed to run again, this time for Queensland, as an Australian Independents representative. John Sykes involvement in politics is concerned mainly with economic and social matters. His main beliefs can be summed up as follow:

  • A country trade balance should be in favor of exports, to encourage retention of capital.
  • The national currency should be loosely regulated, by using a managed floating rate.
  • Developing the average quality level of companies is the prime concern of economists because this means that more wellness is lost, pushing demand up, overall production drops because less goods are created, the GDP grows and finally because it makes low quality level companies more profitable.
  • The tax code should be determined entirely by the current need of the economy, such as curbing or promoting inflation, adapting to demographic changes or juggling employment issues.
  • On the social side, John's belief is that education is the most crucial task a government is bestowed, just second to diplomacy.

Afterwards he was a member of Australian National Party.


John Sykes has traveled to, and been involved in a number of countries. These notably include the United Kingdom, which he was a citizen of for a while, Germany, of which he was granted citizenship, Sweden, Denmark and Singapore.


John Sykes was awarded a Battle hero award during the first Brazil-Australia War, putting his 14 Super Soldier medals to good use. John was a member of Australian Army Reserves.