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John Wycliffe

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth July 2008
Date of death 2011 (est)
Residence Maryland
Sex Male
Congress member of Maryland
December 2008 – March 2009
Political Action Committee Member of United States Workers Party
December 2008 – 2009
Government Affairs Party Platform Committee Chairman of United States Workers Party
January 2008 – February 2008
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant.png Lieutenant
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

John Wycliffe was a member of the United States Workers Party, serving in various capacities within the society of the United States of America. He is editor of the newspaper Summa Res Publica, which covered various political issues in the New World. As a member of the United States Workers Party, he has served as a 3 term Congressman from the state of Maryland and worked in the Political Action Committee for the Party.

Political Career

Early in the beta version of the New World, John Wycliffe joined the Democratic Party. After only a few weeks, however, he left the smaller party for the growing United States Workers Party.

The United States Workers Party

Wylcliffe became active in the party after a few months of activity in the New World and eventually began to work on the Political Action Committee. Soon, he was running for the Congress under the banner of the United States Workers Party in Maryland, his chief opponents being Jaz Razzle and One Eye. On a technicality relating to experience points, he was elected to office. Voting on every proposal, beginning with the War with France, Wycliffe served for his first full term until 25 January 2009.

The second congressional run for Wycliffe was met with a wider gap between him and the nearest opponent and he began his second term. It was around this time that the Federal Reserve of the United States was robbed and the Congress engaged in talks about economic recovery and the Comprehensive Tax Policy Act was temporarily disbanded, which he had supported publicly, chiefly in his newspaper. Also during this time, Wycliffe was chosen to chair the Government Affairs Committee within the United States Workers Party platform development team. In early February, with the help of Speaker ProggyPop and Party President scrabman, the first draft of the official Government Affairs Policy of the United States Workers Party was finished. After this, Wycliffe's third term run for Congress was again narrowly won. Wycliffe did not run for reelection in March 2009.


Summa Res Publica is the newspaper edited by John Wycliffe and covers various political issues. The first major coverage by the newspaper was done in the January 2009 Presidential Elections in which Wycliffe interviewed all three major Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates. His map of the distribution, party-wise, of Congress on the US Map reached the Top 5 American news stories after the January 2009 Congressional election.

United States Military

John Wycliffe fought outside of the army, self-funded during the Franco-American war at the end of 2008, but afterwards officially enrolled in the armed forces of the United States. When the army reorganized after the robbing of the Federal Reserve and the election of Uncle Sam for President, John Wycliffe would be made a Sergeant in the 2nd Army. He also served as the Executive Office (XO) of the 2nd Platoon of the 2nd Army. Wycliffe fought in Operation Portugal Thunder for the 2nd Army and has entered engagement with Mexican forces in the Mexican-American War. After the war, Wycliffe was promoted to the 2nd Lt. and commanding officer of the 2nd Platoon.