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Jordan Miller

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth 27 June 2008
Date of death 2010
Newspaper The American Tribune
Mayor of Olympia
20 July 2008 – 14 October 2008
Congress member of USA
1 August 2008 – 25 February 2009
Succeeded by Inwegen
Communications Director of United States Workers Party
30 June 2008 – 5 January 2009
Succeeded by Inwegen
Military rank Icon rank Captain***.png Captain***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Jordan Miller was a politician and former member ofcongress from the USA. He served as the last Mayor of Olympia for 3 mandates.

He is an early member of the United States Workers Party, he served as the Communications Director of the USWP for a number of months before stepping down. His deputy, Inwegen, succeeded him in this position.

Unofficial Historian of the USWP.

Early Life

Jordan Miller started his life in the New World on the 27th of June, 2008 in Olympia, Washington. He quickly joined the small, upstart USWP and helped raise it to national prominence.

Mayoral Career

Jordan's first public office was attained on the 20th of July, when he won the Olympian mayoral elections. He moved to help make Washington a more active region. During his 3 mandates, Washington grew to become the 6th most populated region in the US, despite being the 14th most populated in real life. It was topped only by the four largest states IRL and Washington DC.

After Rillian Thomas founded the Olympian Red Cross, a charity SO aimed at gifting citizens of the state, he made Mayor Miller a co-owner of the organization. Since then, the Olympian Red Cross has become a national service, and continues to operate.

As Beta came to a close, it became evident that all regional treasuries would be absorbed by the federal government. Jordan followed the lead of many mayors from all over the country, and initiated a tax rebate.

He sent a PM to all citizens of the state, directing them to a newspaper article. One they commented on this article, they would be put on the rebate list. He succeeded in returning taxpayer money to the active citizens of Washington. This proved to be a widely popular program.

Once V1 was officially released, Jordan Miller ceased to be Washington's mayor. He served as the final mayor of the state.

Congressional Career

Do to his work within the USWP, Jordan was put higher up on the party ranking list in anticipation of gaining a congressional seat. On the 1st of August, the USWP won a large number of seats, and Jordan Miller became a congressman.

During his 6 terms, Congressman Miller routinely voted on issues. He made informed decisions and participated in debates within the USWP congressional caucus, but ultimately he made his own decisions on how to vote, not the USWP.

His 6th consecutive term in congress was his last. Due to computer issues in the month of February, he suffered a bout of inactivity. He felt that he could no longer represent Washington in an effective way and chose not to run for a 7th term.

Coincidentally, his friend and colleague in the USWP, Inwegen, who succeeded him as USWP Communications Director, won the following election to represent Washington in the 15th US Congress, succeeding him in his congressional seat as well.

Work in the CIA

After Roby Petric was elected President of the USA, Jordan gained a position working within the CIA. He served under Executive Director Mikaleus, and held the position as Director of European Affairs. He had a number of field agents below him.

After about a month and a half in the CIA, he decided to devout more time to work within his party, and announced his resignation as Director of European Affairs and his intention to leave the agency. He has contemplated returning to work within the CIA.

Work in the USWP

While somewhat quiet on the national stage, Jordan Miller is a well-known, highly active member of the USWP. Since Rocco Baldelli left eRepublik, Jordan is the oldest surviving member of the USWP still in the USWP, having joined just a week and a half after Roby Petric was elected as Party President in June.

His first job in the party was Public Relations Director. This position would lay the groundwork for the future Communications Department of the USWP, which he served as the first director of.

He looked up to Roby Petric greatly, and often talks about how if he probably wouldn't have become an active citizen if he hadn't had the chance to work with him early on.

Being Communications Director, Jordan Miller had a wide range of responsibilities under him. His largest contribution had been managing the USWP Wiki Project, which maintains a net of articles related to the USWP. He has written the bulk of the USWP Wiki page. Though no longer the Communications Director, he maintains the USWP Wiki.


The American Tribune is the newspaper owned and published by Jordan Miller.