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Joseph Schmo

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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth December 21, 2008
Date of death 2011
Residence Florida
Sex Male
Ambassador to Israel of United States
February 26, 2009 – June 29, 2009
Preceded by Jewitt
Succeeded by Cesog fillireb
Congress member of Vermont
March 25, 2009 – May 22, 2009
Preceded by Johnny America
Succeeded by ligtreb
Vice president of Nationalist Party
April 16, 2009 – August 2009
Preceded by navy II
Deputy Secretary of Defense of United States
July 5, 2009 – August 4, 2009
Preceded by loftedraptor
Succeeded by Chris Willson
Minister of Defence of Israel
September 6, 2009 – September 20, 2009
Preceded by Cj Will Win
Succeeded by Sir Valaro Volcrum
Military rank Icon rank Commander***.png Commander***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Joseph Schmo was American, Canadian and Israeli citizen. In the past, he has been a high ranking military officer in both the United States and Israel, an American foreign diplomat, and an American politician as a member of the Nationalist Party.


Joseph Schmo was born in Massachusetts in late 2008, hoping to one day become a Congressman from Massachusetts. Although that would never happen, he did join the Nationalist Party upon reaching the appropriate level. He immediately became active in the forums, and soon gained a small amount of recognition within the party.

Following the Nationalist Party hijacking by William Shafer, Schmo quickly gained even more recognition in the Nationalist Party. After Boss_Khamzi took over as the Party president, Schmo was appointed to the small position of Assistant Financial Committee Leader. Although the position was small, he was honored to have been chosen and was inspired to run for Congress. He first ran for Congress in February 2008 in the great state of Rhode Island. Schmo was appointed Ambassador to Israel on February 26, 2009.

In March, Schmo continued his rise to prominence. On March 5, 2009, he became the first Assistant Attorney General (AAG) appointed by Attorney General Henry Baldwin. Then, on March 15, 2009, Schmo became the successor to Navy II as the Financial Committee Leader of the Nationalist Party.

On March 16, 2009, Schmo was asked to step down from his position as Assistant Attorney General after winning the Congressional elections in Vermont. AG Baldwin's reasoning was that it would be a conflict of interest for someone to investigate people accused of vote buying while being a Congressman himself.

In May of 2009, Schmo was honored after being named Lieutenant General of the Army under General Armandez. He accepted and jumped into the job with two feet.

Between May and June of 2009, Schmo served as the General of the United States Army. He led very well, and helped save the Army from falling into oblivion.

In August of 2009, Schmo moved to Israel before mysteriously quitting the game halfway through his term as Minister of Defence.

Political Career

Schmo first ran for elected office in February 2008 when he ran for Congress in Rhode Island, as mentioned above. His primary opponent was Zorba of the United States Workers Party. Schmo lost to Zorba by a vote count of 5-3. Schmo was endorsed by the incumbent, John C and the Independent Council for Congressional Candidates Review.

Second Congressional Run

On March 20, 2009, Schmo announced his intention to run for Congress in the Green Mountain State - Vermont. His primary opponent was Mattoze5 of the Conservative Party. The election literally came down to the last minute on March 25, 2009, with Schmo pulling ahead to defeat Mattoze in a truly epic election. On that same day, he was forced to resign from the office of the Attorney General because there could be a conflict of interest into the investigation of Congressmen and women accused of vote buying. The next day, on March 26, he created the Vermont State Treasury in the hopes of improving the hospital in Vermont or getting a DS.

Re-Election Campaign

Running for re-election in Vermont, Schmo's primary and only opponent was The Man. Schmo gained the endorsement of both RightCon and the ICCCR after a very successful first term in Congress in which he was extremely active. He soundly defeated The Man by a final vote tally of 5-2 to retain his Congressional seat in Vermont.

Nationalist Party

In March of 2009, Schmo became a leader in the very active Nationalist Party after being selected the Financial Committee Leader. He led the most successful lottery in NP history, and came up with the revolutionary idea which he hoped would change fund-raising in eRepublik: the NP Auction. This auction has yet to be implemented, but he hopes to very soon.

On April 16, 2009, Schmo became the Party Vice President under the new Party President Kyle321n, at a time where the NP had reached its lowest point, and activity was all but nonexistent. He hopes to help raise the NP back to where it was before this low point in their history.


On April 3, 2009, Quartermaster General (QMG) navy II selected Schmo to be QMG XO, meaning he would primarily assist navy in buying and distributing weapons to the U.S. military. This was Schmo's first real job in the U.S. military after serving in the National Guard since January. After navy's betrayal of the USA, he did not retain his position in the Office of the Quartermaster when Kyle321n took over.


On May 9, 2009, General Armandez made Schmo the Lieutenant General of the United States Army, who serves as the Executive Officer. Although he was in the middle of his congressional term, he knew his first true love was the Army, and gladly accepted the position.

On May 23, 2009, Schmo was informed of his promotion to Commanding General of the Army in a time where the future of the Army was in question. He, along with his XO Knojerakk worked hard to save the Army from falling apart and being dissolved (something that Schmo thought CJCS Eugene Harlot wanted), and began work on a seven point plan decided on by congress that they would need to complete in order for the Army to regain funding, which they ended up doing rather quickly. One June 26, 2009, Schmo officially announced his retirement from the Army, however Knojerakk had been running things for a few days, anyway.

Schmo leaves behind a solid legacy in the Army. His close work with Congress and his senior officers allowed the Army to be reinvigorated, and it began to flourish. Knojerakk continued that work after Schmo's retirement. Without Schmo's willingness to lead along with Knojerakk and all his officers, the Army would have likely been dissolved and replaced with the United States Mobile Infantry.

Department of Defense

On July 5, 2009, the day Harrison Richardson was elected President, Schmo was appointed Deputy Secretary of Defense, serving primarily as a military strategy adviser to the President, the CJCS, and the Secretary of Defense. This was a very stressful time to be DSoD, as the United States received intelligence just days into HR's term that PEACE was planning an attack on the U.S. Schmo played a semi-important role in discussing military strategy during this time.

On August 5, 2009, upon the election of Emerick as President, Schmo did not retain his position in the cabinet and soon began his plans to move to Israel.


On July 19, 2009, Schmo was informed of his acceptance into the elite fighting unit of the United States of America, the United States Marine Corps. He served as a private in the United States Marine Corps for a few weeks before moving to Israel following Emerick's election as President.

Foreign Affairs

As mentioned above, Schmo became the U.S. Ambassador to Israel in February, his first position related to national government. He immediately immersed himself in the job, submitting his weekly reports, registering on the Israeli forums, jumping on the Israeli IRC, and actively reading the Israeli media, including commenting on article where appropriate. He has also stayed in constant communication with Israeli President Sadeh Badeh. During the Uncle Sam administration, many Israelis were not happy with the United States' actions in the Mexican War, however Schmo was able to keep them on the States' side.

Move to Israel

On August 6, 2009, Schmo made a life changing move and moved to Israel. He cited his increasing frustration with the petty party politics in the USA and his desire to gain a new perspective of the eWorld as reasons for the move. He immediately applied for and received citizenship, and joined the Israeli Defense Forces soon after. He was welcomed with open arms by various prominent Israelis, including BuzzyTheCat, Yoel ben Shalom, and Cj Will Win.

Israeli Defense Forces

A few weeks after enlisting in the IDF, Schmo was approached by MoD Cj Will Win to command the newly created IDF Special Forces. Schmo, who had been looking for something to command since leaving the Army, happily accepted and took control of the Special Forces on August 20, 2009.

Minister of Defence

On September 5, 2009, Schmo became Minister of Defence under President Cj Will Win. He immediately took to fixing the IDF to make it more active and more capable as a fighting force. It was a big responsibility, however his experience as General of the United States Army gave him an idea of what he had to do, and that helped him in his quest in Israel. Unfortunately, real life took over, and he mysteriously disappeared around September 20, 2009. He announced that he had retired from eRepublik in an article released in November.


After a short second stint in the United States, Schmo got sick of the fighting between the eUS Military and the rest of the government, and he decided to move to neighboring Canada, and country he always admired. He joined the Canadian Armed Forces and was relaxing in Alberta.

Fun Facts

  • Joseph Schmo's avatar is some guy from "The Joe Schmo Show," a show aired on Spike TV in the early 2000s, and according to Fox Sports, he looks like Tyler Hansbrough:
  • Joseph's RL name is Brad, and his eUS forums account was once BradB7293 after scrabman banned the name Joseph Schmo for "impersonating Joe DaSmoe"
  • In RL, Joseph/Brad has been told many times by some lady at the pizza shop he goes to that he looks like "that guy from the OC," presumably Adam Brody

Military offices
Preceded by
LTG Armandez
Executive Officer, United States Army
May 9, 2009 – May 23, 2009
Succeeded by
LTG Knojerakk
Preceded by
GEN Armandez
Commanding General of the United States Army
May 23, 2009 – June 23, 2009
Succeeded by
GEN Knojerakk
New office General, IDF Special Forces
August 20, 2009 - September 6, 2009
Succeeded by
GEN Sir Valaro Volcrum