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Josh Mahurin

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Nationality Flag-Slovakia.jpg Slovakian
Date of birth November 12, 2008
Date of death Summer 2009
Residence Central Slovakia
Sex Male
Congress member of Greece
February 2009 – March 2009
Succeeded by Roumeliotis
Military rank Icon Colonel.jpg V1 Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Josh Mahurin was a Greek citizen born in the Peloponnese on November 12, 2008. Citizen account deleted at owners request.

Birth and Early life

At the time Greece was controlled completely by Turkey and Josh wanted to be a part in the freeing of Greece since his birth. He worked odd jobs throughout occupied Greece and joined the Greek Liberation Front (GLF) where he met party president Efthimios Pappas and other Greeks.

Time in Exile

After the party was temporarily dissolved to prevent Turkish takeover, Josh left Greece for Pakistan with many other fellow Greeks in what was known as the Great Hellenic Exile (among other names). Here Josh met more fellow Greeks like Thanos B and others while trying to be active in the Greek exile community. After working for a while in Pakistan and becoming disillusioned with the failing political scene dominated by takeovers, Josh wondered if it was not time to maybe head home. He got that chance with the reestablishment of the GLF and its future efforts for Greek equality and independence.

Returning Home to Revolution

Josh moved back to his fatherland and joined the reestablished GLF where he would go on to become an active member is the resistance movement and run for Turkish congress with fellow GLF front men in an attempt to gain some sense of equality in their occupied homeland. With failed bids to run in Thessaly, Josh soon got his chance to "take the power back" in the Resistance wars staged against turkey by GLF leader Efthimios Pappas. After a failed attempt by Dark Player 82 (foreign revolution starter) to liberate the Aegean Islands Efthimios launched a resistance in Thrace, in coordinated conjunction with a resistance started in the Beersheba South District of Israel by Israeli freedom fighters, where Josh fought with everything he had alongside his Greek brothers and sisters to free a small part of their homeland. He and the rest of the Greeks were rewarded with a victory against the Turkish occupiers but at great personal expense.

Life as a free man

Josh and many many others used up the majority of their funds and wellness in the fight for independence and were in bad shape when the Greek flag flew once again. Only thanks to gifting efforts of the new government and Isamoral was Josh and the rest of the wounded citizens able to recover from the horrific costs of their freedom. Soon after though were the congressional elections where Josh, being by now a very active and known member of the exile government and freedom fighting movement, won one of the first 10 congressional seats in newly liberated Thrace. While in congress he was part of the tax reforms and helped set the precedent still followed today of congressmen donating back the Icon-gold.gif 5 GOLD for being elected to the Hellenic Depository. During his time in office Greece joined Atlantis as a passive member and so Josh decided not to run for reelection but to instead support Greece militarily by going off and fighting in foreign wars to raise his military rank with other Greeks so that one day Greece could have a strong army.

Army Life

At this time Germany was trying to hold on to its union with Austria while PEACE was attempting to liberate Austria and in a retaliation for Germany also leaving PEACE and becoming a passive Atlantis member. Though he fought hard with his German allies Josh made little difference against the combined PEACE liberation efforts. After failing to make a difference in Germany, though raising his personal rank some, Josh moved to Romania to fight in the front lines in the bigger Atlantis vs. Peace battles. Here he raised his rank even further to Lieutenant.

Life before disappearance

He returned to Greece on April 13 to help build the new defense system and support two more resistance wars, only one ending up being officially started by the Greeks government, and both failing. After once again exhausting his resources fighting to free neighboring Macedonia, Josh was forced to return for a few days to Romania to regain wellness and get in some more training. Since then he has been working, receiving his first two hard workers medals, writing news articles when the mood suits him in his paper, now known as the Traveling Greek (named to spread Greece's image worldwide when he was in Romania and since left unchanged due to Josh's lazy, forgetful nature), and trying to stay up to date with the Greek political scene, in case he one day runs again for office, while trying to train whenever possible in the hopes of becoming a Captain and being a further use to Greece militarily. He randomly dropped off the face of the Earth for a while only being seen as a worker and fighter, some say he joined a cult known as the two-clickers during this period.

Life Since Return

His debut return move was made when he moved to the U.S. where he immediately joined to Socialist Freedom Party and took up a position as a commune grain worker in Kansas. Since then he has tried to establish himself with the far left scene. He made a return to Greece to help fill congressional seats against PTO attempts and then returned to the U.S. afterwards. However shortly after returning he moved to Slovakia to join others from the world communist movement to make Slovakia into a Marxist utopia. On Day 617 of the New World, Josh Mahurin became citizen of Slovakia. He planed to remain there to help the country no matter how successful the communist movement would be.

Death & Rebirth

Despite Josh's high hopes for the project in Slovakia, he eventually succumbed to depression which had been a major cause of his disappearances in the past. Unfortunately however, he did not recover his momentum and was found dead on communal grounds shortly after his disappearance. Cause of death was determined to be a suicide. His broken spirit was eventually reborn into a new body, bearing the name of Alex Lorre. Alex continued with much of Josh's spirit and was involved in much of the same work for the far-left that his previous self had been involved with prior to his unfortunate death.