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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth 6th of February, 2010
Date of death 30th of August, 2018 (discovered)
Residence Salem, Oregon
Sex Male
Newspaper World Wide Whitehead

Josh Whitehead was born on Day 809 and firstly he was considered a freak.

History of Josh

When Josh was at the young age, he joined his first party, The Republican Party which at this time was under Pizza The Hut's presidency. While he was levelling up slowly but surely, he began to learn about the New World. He was moving from one state to another, but at the moment he's finally residing in the state of California.

While running for the Party president. Josh decided to move to his real-life state, Washington. He moved to Washington on July 11th, 2010 and he says he 'enjoys it a lot more. I hate it when everyone wants to move to the same state. I want to move to a state where is more peaceful, that's why I chose to move to Washington."

Since he has been born. Josh Whitehead has worked for a countless number of companies. He has been fired a-lot back in V1 for having 'low wellness' and he continued to be fired in V2 for having 'low happiness'. He once had a company under his arms called 'whitehead Metal', but shortly, as he sold it under a week. He wanted to focus more on ranking up than on working. He worked his butt off to raise as much gold as he could.

He used the gold mainly for his ads, but rarely uses it for his newspaper.

Political experience

He has served as a Party Statistician for two terms (June and July 2010) and as Republican Party president twice.

Running for Party President

On June 2010 Josh Whitehead was running for Republican Party President. As he spent weeks running, he and a fellow party member claimed that Darrell Anderson 2 was a PTOer, but after an investigation, it turned out that it was just another person running for the party presidency. He ran again for July as he got more of a fan base and a great reputation for helping other party members and the work that he does for the party.

The new Party President

On July 16th, Josh Whitehead won the election. He won the election with 60% of the votes while person ruining against him had only 30% of the votes. Josh recalled it as 'a great victory for the party, I am happy' he started to talk in his winning speech that he will begin to create a cabinet and began to clean up the much left over from the past.

During his July term, Josh had made changes within the party. He created two party branches. Josh found a few loopholes in the Republican Party charter. The founders of the charter were outraged when they found out he found some loops holes. While holding down the fort. Richard Nixon was outraged for the loops hole and that Josh did not join in to help create the charter under Darrel Anderson June Term. Josh began talking about how the charter was rushed too quickly and could have waited.

Josh released in his fourth agenda that he was NOT going to seek reelection. It later turned out it was a misunderstanding. Josh will be running for a second term and plans to continue to strengthen the party. When Josh ran for reelection, he was devastated by the number of votes he originally received.

Moving on

After Republican Party was renamed to The NoS 'Dive bar, Josh stayed and got elected one more time and renamed the party back to Republican Party. Afterwards, Josh joined USWP for a couple of months and finally SFP where he was presidential candidate for November 2014. Unfortunately, Josh ended up on the third place with only 11 % of the votes.

History of his Newspaper

When Josh was born, his newspaper was born with him. It was originally called The weekly Whitehead. Every week, he would write an article about things which were at his mind. He would speak the truth and other taboo that others would not touch. After a while, his paper was slowly becoming well known for articles related to Josh's party. He then wrote more towards the Republican party, but still he wrote here and there about things that people should listen too. Later on, he changed the paper's name to The Whitehead Report and finally to World Wide Whitehead.

World Wide Whitehead Radio

Josh whitehead had his very own podcast show that is all about eRepublik. It was aired every Friday at 20:00 eRepublik time. His co-Host was Jameson L. Tai and sometimes has a variety of Reporters on air. It is a broadcast that brings a different taste of how erepublikans interact with each other.


Josh served in Bear Cavalry.


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Freedom Fighter (x1)
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Hard Worker (x63)
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Congress Member (x9)
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True Patriot (x13)
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Party President* (x2)