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Julio de Matos

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Nationality Flag-Portugal.jpg Portuguese
Date of birth 17th July 2008
Date of death 2011 (est)
Residence Lisboa
President of Portugal
November, 2009 – January, 2010
Preceded by Alister
05 September 2010 – 04 October 2010
Preceded by Bkk_on
Congress member of Portugal
Military rank Icon rank National Force*.png National Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
 Citizen account suspended at OWNER's request

Julio de Matos was a citizen of Portugal, born on the day 240 of the New World.

He has served various roles through Portugal's history, early as a journalist, as a newbie tutor and a politician, although he's most remembered as an administration of Portuguese tutoring project Servico de eTutorado. The Administrator was a Life-long role, chosen by Portuguese citizens through vote. They effectively run the Service, accepting Mentors, attributing Pupils (Students), updating Portuguese citizens and organizing lotteries and other sorts of games to raise money used primarily to buy gifts used to reward the successful integration and activeness of the rookie within the community.

On September 2009, Julio was elected as Congress member of Lisboa with 40 votes. Julio de Matos is believed to be a founder of ER ASAE organization.

He was elected three times as President of Portugal. He was a member of DISCIPULOS DE DIO, Party of metalheads and punks and P. Revolucionario eComunista party.

Representatives to the PEACE Global Security Council

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