Jurgo Evergetes

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Jurgo Evergetes

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Nationality Flag-Spain.jpg Spanish
Date of birth 31 May 2008 - Day 193
Date of death early 2011
Residence Castilla y Leon
Sex Male
Party president of Nueva Espana Liberal
15 November 2008 – 1 December 2008
Succeeded by MVerslayer
President of Spain
24 December 2008 – 5 January 2009
Preceded by Cyberber
Succeeded by Anonimux
Party president of Zionist Front
23 February 2009 – 23 March 2009
Succeeded by Alfonso
Congressman of Spain
May 2009 –
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel.png Lt Colonel
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Jurgo Evergetes is a citizen of Spain and Israel. He was one of the founders of Nueva Espana Liberal, and became President of Spain in December 2008. He was the Minister of International Affairs of Israel.

The 1582, ARDE and UPL era

Jurgo Evergetes born in Castilla y Leon, Spain, in May 2008. His first party was 1582, where in his early days supported Dr Victor in his candidature to the presidency of the party. June 10 Dr Victor was defeated by Kane in 1582's elections, and after the contempt and exclusion from the dome of 1582, Jurgo Evergetes, Dr Victor, Ardacho and FunFrock83, and more people, decided to join ARDE, the new political party led by Alfonso.

Jurgo Evergetes in his first era

During the months of July and August, Jurgo Evergetes was quite idle for personal reasons. This was the time that Alfonso decided to organize a takeover to Mexico, while NomNomNom was in command of ARDE in Spain. Jurgo Evergetes was a few days in Campeche, Mexico, and thought to presenting to elections of this region, but finally returned to Spain. Alfonso managed to be President of Mexico, but Spain could not annex Mexico. In September 2008, the idle in ARDE was lower, because Alfonso and NomNomNom fell little in the game. After a meeting of the heavy weights of ARDE (Jurgo Evergetes, Ardacho, Alfonso, NomNomNom, FunFrock83 and Dr Victor took the decision to merge ARDE with UPL (Union Popular Liberal).

In Unión Popular Liberal, Jurgo Evergetes worked actively with Chicho, anvalro, maltus, Anonimux, Jondalar, Blas de Lezo and Ardacho, and he was presented to the elections of Castilla y Leon in October 2008 with the help of pluvio and De_Lorean, running in third place.

In November 2008, Jurgo Evergetes was Congressman in Spain (and Secretary of International Affairs in tuput's presidency), while began negotiations to merge Union Popular Liberal with 1582. After this union, also adding PCL (Partido de Centro Liberal of Don Carlo, PMV (Partido Media Vida), with MVerslayer, tuput, PruDeN and Kartalon as leaders, decided also to join this large merger of the spanish parties on the right. The name chosen for the new party was Nueva Espana Liberal.

The NEL era

Jurgo Evergetes as President of Spain

In December 2008 Jurgo Evergetes was the NEL candidate to the Presidency of Spain, reaching the second place with the 42.21 % of the votes, being exceeded by PRDE, a coalition of all large parties led by Cyberber. Since the early days of his government the president Cyberber had problems with some of his ministers and several parties in the PRDE, so on December 24 was approved by a large majority an impeachment, reaching Jurgo Evergetes the Presidency. During the Presidency of Jurgo Evergetes, was tried to defend the last Spanish possessions in the South of France, and negotiated with Mexico to provide a solution to the issue of Campeche. Vice President Pepu, Bolonia (Foreign Minister) and Minister of Defence ryuk were important characters in Spain during this time. The legislature is over 5 January 2009, with the victory of Anonimux (president of Nueva Espana Liberal) in the elections of Spain.

The BELI and Zionist Front era

Jurgo Evergetes in his Israeli Era

In January 2009, Jurgo Evergetes decided to establish the Spanish Brigades for the Liberation of Israel (BELI), a platform to fight for freedom of Israel, country submitted to the Turkish Empire. Many Spanish citizens joined the cause. On January 25 Jurgo Evergetes became again congressman by NEL. On 18 February broke out a rebellion in the Israeli region of Nazareth North District, dominated by Turkey. The BELI were mobilized rapidly, helping many Spanish travel to the area to help the Israelis in the revolt. On February 19 the revolt succeeded, and Israel again exist many months later. The BELI began to collect gold in Spain to establish a political party in Israel and collaborate in the reconstruction of the country. A few days later was founded in Israel the Zionist Front, with Jurgo Evergetes as party president. On February 25 the party was presented to the elections to the Congress, with Jurgo Evergetes, Chuanpi, Lola Moreno, John MCue, ninelyxram, Albinia and tresoj as candidates, without forgetting the affiliate 24jesus24. The Zionist Front won two seats (Jurgo Evergetes and Chuanpi), 20 % of the Israeli Congress. On 5 March the Zionist Front supported Sadeh Badeh (Israeli Workers Party) in presidential elections. After the victory of Sadeh Badeh, Jurgo Evergetes became Minister of International Affairs of Israel, and Chuanpi the Minister of Immigration.