Jurij Aly

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Jurij Aly

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Nationality Flag-Croatia.jpg Croatian
Date of birth 10th December 2008 - Day 386
Date of death 2010
Newspaper Endless News
Congress member of Croatia
26th April 2009 – 25th May 2009
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Jurij Aly is a citizen of Croatia and he currently resides in Northwest Croatia.


He is an active member of Hrvatska Stranka Prava, a political party in Croatia.
On Day 522 of the New World, Jurij Aly was elected into a 5th Congress of Croatia.
106 candidates from 5 different parties battled for 40 places in congress, and Jurij Aly received 31 votes.

Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 9x Congress Member


Jurij works in a weapon company, Hrvatsko Pravasko Oruzje. He is a conscientious worker and has received 3 Hard Worker Medals.

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 19x Hard Worker


During his short military career, Jurij has earned a rank of Captain. He has received Super Soldier medal.

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 9x Super Soldier


TSL News is newspaper published by Jurij. In first two months TSL News has been subscribed by 20 readers.