Justin McCravok

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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth Day 776
Date of death Summer 2012 (est)
Sex Male
Faith Dioism
Newspaper The Lost Tome
The Keyblade
Congress member of District of Columbia
Day 888 – Day 918
Served under Harrison Richardson
Preceded by PigInZen
Succeeded by Chocolate McSkittles
Congress member of Maine
Day 948 – Day 977
Served under Chocolate McSkittles
Preceded by Harrison Richardson
Succeeded by Chocolate McSkittles
Day 978 – Day 1008
Served under Bradley Reala
Preceded by Chocolate McSkittles
Succeeded by St Krems
Congress member of USA
Day 948 – Day 977
Served under Chocolate McSkittles
Preceded by Harrison Richardson
Succeeded by Chocolate McSkittles
Day 948 – Day 977
Served under Chocolate McSkittles
Preceded by Harrison Richardson
Succeeded by Chocolate McSkittles
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal*.png Field Marshal*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Justin McCravok, or JMC, was born on Dec 5th, 2009 - Day 746 of the New World. Justin spends the majority of his time on IRC and US/UIP Forums.

Justin McCravok's eBirthday was held on Day 1111 (5 December 2010) of the New World.

Early Life

Justin McCravok was born on January 4th, just in time for the following day's elections. A simple noob, he started to use IRC under request of Woxan. In IRC, Woxan and Batterytime together helped send Justin to California. Afterwards, they would teach young McCravok about hospitals, defense systems and many other eRepublik game mechanics.

McCravok was saddened to know that Woxan had quit eRepublik only a short few months after Justin's birth. Fortunately, batterytime was still an active member in eRepublik and officially announced his presidential run in July.

Middle Life

During the middle of Justin McCravok's life, McCravok became a somewhat common eRepublic household name. McCravok went onto be a two-time congressional member, Mobile Infantry recruit, UIP Vice Party President, Assistant Administrator to the North American University (NAU) and several other jobs. Currently, he holds the position of Congressional member and Assistant Administrator to the North American University alongside Fionia.

Party Involvement


Around the time of Day 30 of Justin McCravok's eLife, he joined the United Independents Party (UIP). At the time, the UIP was a number 6 party being run by Tepwnzor. In short time, Tepwnzor assigned Justin McCravok his first out-of-game eJob. Needing to find someone to write for the UIP Paper, McCravok almost immediately became UIP Secretary of Publications. For three terms, two of which under Tepwnzor and one under Kazeal, McCravok wrote a variety of articles that can currently be found in the United Independents Party newspaper, "The Bulletin".

In the month of April, Kazeal became the UIP Party President. Kazeal was one of Justin's favorite choices and he won in an almost unanimous decision. The succeeding month, June, Under Illithian and Chris Shnitzel, McCravok took the job of Secretary of Elections. Secretary of Elections, one of the highest regarded congressional positions, was in charge of handling debates and setting up candidates and blockers for the congressional elections on the 25th. McCravok would proceed to be Secretary of Elections for one more term following, getting a total of about 20 UIP Candidates into Congress.

June was Justin McCravok's most infamous month of all. On June 8th, McCravok was approached by UIP Party President candidate Herr Nicholas. Herr Nicholas, a close friend of Justin McCravok at the time, wanted to have McCravok become his Vice Party President. McCravok agreed to the terms, and soon enough, was the Vice Party President of the United Independents Party. JMC would also retain the position of Secretary of Elections, as stated in the paragraph before. After elections, McCravok was disappointed to know that several UIP Candidates were sniped out of congress, losing to n00bs and inexperienced SEES folk. Unfortunately, there was nothing McCravok can do, and shortly after, JMC would start working full time as the Vice Party President. Unfortunately, morale became a serious issue within the UIP Cabinet. On June 30th and July 1st (both days overlapping), McCravok officially rage quit from the United Independents Party.


On July 2nd, Day 954 of the New World and also the day after the massive GF eRepublik Raid, JMC became a member of SEES. McCravok is slowly becoming active in SEES, registering on the forums and writing an article praising Dio. He also has read The Book of Dio and spread the knowledge that he has learned.

Wallingbottom, SEES Veteran, is the creator of Justin McCravok's SEES Avatar.

UIP Return & Party Presidency

After Justin McCravok's vacation had ended, he was astonished to learn that Herr Nicholas had quit the United Independents Party. With no other reason not to go back, he quickly rejoined, and announced his intentions to run for Party President of the UIP.

After a heated debate full of mass messaging, newspaper articles, shouts and teams of supporters, Justin McCravok and Pheno Sony had found out that their primary ended up in a complete draw. Not knowing what to do about who gets the position of Party President, an epic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors was held in the UIP's official IRC channel (#UIP). After 10 rounds, Justin McCravok had won 4-2, with 4 of the matches ending in ties. Pheno Sony resigned his candidacy later that night as Justin McCravok took the reigns for the first time in his eCareer. Pheno Sony was his Co-PP.

A month went by, and McCravok knew that he wasn't done. Before the Presidential Elections got under way, he announced his intentions to re-run for Party President. He won uncontested and served for one more month before deciding to hang up the boots and call it quits on the position of Party President.


Justin McCravok helped Fionia revive the North American University in the month of May. All the way through Late June, Fionia and Justin McCravok setup classes with teachers, officially restructured the whole system and wrote an article about the latest revival attempt.

After the NAU was officially launched, unsuccessfully mind you, Justin McCravok was approached by two presidential candidates, SVV and Bradley Reala, about taking the job of Secretary of Elections. He also signed up for GF's Cabinet sheet, but that became irrelevant after GF became permanently banned on July 1st. Unfortunately, McCravok was forced to decline all offers due to a three week vacation starting on July 10th that goes on towards July 32nd. What a shame.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 12x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 6x Congress Member
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 20x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif 1x Resistance Hero
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 7x Battle Hero