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Dead citizen

Justin Moore

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Nationality Flag-Israel.jpg Israeli
Date of birth 24 February 2009
Date of death March 2011 (discovered)
Residence Jerusalem district
Sex Male
Congress member of Israel
Military rank Icon rank Sergeant***.png Sergeant***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Justin Moore was a Citizen of Israel. Justin has received 3 hard worker medals over a course of 1 year. Justin was employed as a Senior Marketing Manager at Cat Food Inc. in the Jerusalem district of Israel. Justin was assumed to be very wealthy and to make large investments into business ventures and political movements.

Political life

He was an active member of Israeli Workers Party but disputes with the long time president Sadeh Badeh led Justin away to become a member of several different parties but most prominently a member of the Likud revolution and eventually helped change the name of Likud to The Consolidation Party where he served 3 terms as a Knesset Member. Justin has been known to say what he feels with no strings attached in the past especially when Sadeh Badeh was the target of his political speeches and newspaper articles. Justin was at the center of a major rift in the nation for a long period of time regarding transparency in the government. Justin Felt that the Sadeh Badeh administration was hogging the power and hiding secrets from the other parties and officials involved in the day to day operations of the nation and said so publicly, therefore, creating deep divides.

The IWP eventually fell due to lack of transparency and the majority of Sadeh's followers leaving him due to this fact scoring a victory for Justin Moore and the Likud, Kadima, UZP and Eventually the Consolidation parties. Justin stepped out of the political world for a long period of time focusing his attention on his daily newspaper, monetary trading, and working to encourage the smaller parties of Israel to merge together as one big party to counter the majority parties at the time in the country. Little success can be contributed in this matter because no real merger took place, but friendships grew closer between the rival parties as time went by.

Political ideology

Justin was a hard right-wing political figure in Israel which is one reason Sadeh and Justin clashed so much upon Justin's entry into the Israel political scene in the beginning. Justin is very outspoken in political circles regarding tax policy, foreign policy, and domestic production while limiting imports to the fullest extent. Bickering has risen up on the past between Justin and administration officials regarding the import tax on Grain. Before the release of V2, grain producers were struggling horribly in the sluggish Israeli economy while the Knesset was fighting to lower Import tax's on grain at the same time. Justin felt that in order to stabilize the grain industry in Israel the import tax needed to be raised to the maximum to discourage foreign transports of grain into Israel that were taking away from domestic business. At this point Justin was not a member of the Knesset but acting as an outspoken senior representative on behalf of the grain companies in Israel. It must be noted that Justin owned a grain company in Israel at the time called "old Fashion Grain". Justin sold his grain company shortly after the Knesset approved a lower import tax on grain.

Justin ran 2 more times for Knesset later on but was not successful either time in getting re-elected by the nation. Justin fell away for some time and was presumed dead by many but reappeared a few months later on the scene to revamp his daily newspaper articles. Justin has seemed to mellow out more as time progressed being careful not to instigate as many arguments and scuffles as the political environment in Israel changed dramatically after the passing of the Sadeh administration and the collapse of the IWP.

Justin stepped away from Israel moving back to his home state of Missouri, and then to Tennessee for a short while, and then went forth on travels abroad.

Return to Israel

Justin returned to Israel on 07/26/2010. He announced his return by running several expensive ads, and releasing a new newspaper article called "justin's Lot" in which the public responded to very pleasantly and with surprise and shock at his return. Most presumed he was dead.

Justin announced that he was immediately joining the United Israel Independents Party (UIIP) and was appointed by the party president CRoy as the Director of Communications being tasked with communicating information through updating the wiki and releasing articles in foreign lands encouraging citizens to come to Israel and join the UIIP offering them a say in political policy in Israel as members, claiming that other parties do not offer that ability as they grow larger and more stagnant. The Success of the articles is yet to be reviewed.

Justin also announced that he would be attempting a run at the congress to sit a 4th long awaited term in the Knesset Chambers in the August 2010 runoff. Justin is awaiting party approval for that option. Upon approval, Justin will announce his platform to the nation of Israel.


Thoughts and Views was the newspaper edited and published by Justin with over 30 readers subscribed to the newspaper. When he becomes Party president of The Likud Party he started to run Likud Party Gazette. Upon Justin's move away from Israel and out of the spotlight both papers fell into non print status.

With Justin's most recent return to Israel, he has started the "International Monitor" newspaper which will work as a mouthpiece for the UIIP and other interests as well as weekly and sometimes daily articles of necessity.


Justin's death was discovered in March 2011. Justin died while he was living in Brussels, Belgium.