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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth 10 February 2009
Date of death 2012 (est)
Residence Kinki
Sex Male
Representative to the Diet of Japan
26 April 2009 – 25 December 2009
25 March 2010 – 25 May 2010
25 August 2011 – 25 October 2011
Commissioner of Japan Election Commission
23 June 2009 – 17 November 2009
Succeeded by exReality
Minister of Defense of Japan
5 August 2009 – 5 January 2010
Preceded by Geno Garon
Succeeded by Metic
Party president of Imperial Sun Party
15 August 2009 – 15 January 2010
Preceded by Tohru
Succeeded by Reiji Mitsurugi
President of Japan
6 January 2010 – 5 February 2010
Preceded by Dokomo
Succeeded by Crawling Chaos
6 December 2010 – 5 March 2011
Preceded by Danyeo
Succeeded by Alfred Ball
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal*.png Supreme Marshal*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

KITA Ikki was citizen of Japan. He has never lived anywhere else. He was a member of the Imperial Diet 15 times, sometimes the candidate with the most votes, and served as Country President of Japan four times. He was also the longest serving Minister of Defense. He is an adherent of the Righteous Nation Philosophy, dedicated to the defense of people's sovereignty and transparency in government. Thus, he strives to create a nation that is capable of defending all ideologies and ways of eLife, strongly rejecting totalitarianism in any form. He is also a dedicated Imperialist, a strong supporter of the Japanese Emperor, his Imperial Highness Kokawayoshi Makoto. His final day was Day 1,449 of the New World (November 8, 2011), exactly 1000 days of eLife.


Early Life

KITA Ikki began his eLife in Kinki region of Japan, born and raised in Kyoto. His first employers were mainly the various AKKU companies in the Akki Hermitson's Universe corporation until May 2009, then he worked for the William/OBK Japan companies until early June of 2009. At the end of May 2009, KITA Ikki became one of the founding members of the Black Dragon Society and started working at Black Dragon Arms, the weapons factory of the Black Dragon Society.

Political Career

The Beginning: March-August 2009

In March 2009, KITA Ikki joined the Imperial Sun Party. On March 22nd, 2009, he announced his candidacy for Congressman in Kinki region. His first campaign was a failure, receiving only one vote, but this did not deter him from staying active in politics. Determined to make good his campaign promise to "rid Japan of rogue congressmen" who came simply to loot the treasury of the hard-working Japanese people.

On April 20th, 2009, at the request of Imperial Sun Party leadership, KITA Ikki left his home in Kyoto and moved to Tohoku region to run for congress. He won the April 25th, 2009 elections with the most votes received in the region to become the senior congressman. He was reelected in Tohoku to a second term on May 25th, 2009. On June 10th, Tohru, party president of the ISP, designated him as Vice President of the ISP, and he was re-elected to a third term on June 25th at the head of an Imperial Sun Party electoral victory that saw its congressional representation increase from three members to ten. In the July congressional elections, the Imperial Sun Party expanded its majority to 13 seats.

On July 22nd, 2009, President Kokawayoshi Makoto appointed KITA Ikki to Vice Secretary of Defense, along with Lauri Mursu, and Vice Secretary KITA Ikki began working on improving the performance of the military, most notably after witnessing training at a JIA facility in Kanto region: Building the Japanese Imperial Army

Minister of Defense: August 2009-January 2010

After the hotly contested August 2009 presidential elections, newly elected President Minamoto Yoritomo appointed KITA Ikki to Minister of Defense. Under the new leadership, the Ministry of Defense began immediately distributing weapons in concert with the ongoing wargames in Lithuania so that JIA soldiers could begin increasing rank more quickly. The new Minister of Defense also planned a reorganization of the JIA's chain-of-command to promote activity and accountability as well as make room for future JIA expansions to include the new immigrants from other countries.

Longtime Imperial Sun Party president Tohru announced her support of KITA Ikki as successor to the party leadership in early August, and on August 15th, 2009, Imperial Sun Party members elected KITA Ikki to Party president with 43 votes. His acceptance speech is available here: Imperial Sun Party Presidency Acceptance Speech

The new Godzilla Party, mostly refugees from devastated North Korea, took the most seats in congress with the Imperial Sun Party close behind. The two parties worked together, despite the obvious rivalry, to pass legislation funding the military, and on September 11th, 2009, KITA Ikki established the Japanese Imperial Navy, another military arm of the Japanese Ministry of Defense. Under his command, the military of Japan greatly expanded its influence and activities. Under his leadership, the Imperial Sun Party remained the strongest party in the Diet in the September, October and November congressional elections.

Country President, First Term: January 2010

On December 25th, KITA Ikki left the halls of the Japanese Diet and announced his run for country president, running on a platform of "新鎖国" (SHIN-SAKOKU or "New Secluded Country"), a policy of non-alignment with the superalliances Phoenix and EDEN. After election day on January 5th had ended, the results were 227 votes, or 51.71% for KITA Ikki, 187 votes, or 42.60% for Dokomo. As promised if elected, KITA Ikki stepped down from his position as ISP party president on January 15th, followed by Reiji Mitsurugi, ISP Vice President and party philosopher. While President of Japan in January, KITA Ikki worked as a volunteer at the state-run Q5 weapons factory before returning to Black Dragon Arms in February.

KITA Ikki used his term as country president to focus on internal matters as well as reassure eJapan's neighbors that it was not an eUSA puppet state as eNorth Korea had been. He also criticized the Godzilla-led congress for dishonesty, especially in attempting to claim "neutrality" while only supporting MPPs with members of the Eden alliance. Also, military deployments were kept to a minimum in order to restrain budget spending. On February 5th, 2010, Godzilla Party president Crawling Chaos defeated KITA Ikki, 178 votes, or 43.84% to 140 votes, or 34.48%. The coalition that defeated the Godzilla Party in January fragmented, and the remainder of the vote was split between other candidates Faeyas and Geno Garon, who KITA Ikki had informed that a split vote would inevitably result in a victory for Crawling Chaos.

Return to Diet: March-May 2010

After six weeks of rest, KITA was re-elected on March 25th, 2010 in Kanto region with the top number of votes. His return to congress involved promoting eJapan's independence and strength, mainly through legislative initiatives designed to force political opponents to actually make a stand in public debates and in the media, rather than conduct backroom deals on IRC or external forums. After some debate, he finally decided to cast a reluctant YES vote in support of eJapan joining the Brolliance, the eUSA's client alliance. He was re-elected again on April 25th with the highest number of votes and continued his work, demanding other members of the government, mainly from the Godzilla Party and its spin-off, the Scorpion Party, hold the eUSA to the standards professed in its alliance charter, a strange deja vu from eJapan's days as a member of the previous PEACE alliance. He announced his support of the eJapanese invasion of eSouth Korea, also known as the "War of The Lulz" in an article entitled Why We Fight . Ultimately the war was lost, due to the intervention of eRussia on behalf of eSouth Korea. KITA Ikki considered the management of the war, under Minister of Defense Dokomo, to be disastrous; the national treasury went from 1800 gold to less than 500 gold, and the Minister of Defense advised a Q5 hospital be deployed to conquered Gyeonggido region, where it was destroyed less than 48 hours later in a successful resistance war. KITA Ikki served until May 25th, 2010 before retiring.

Rebuilding Japan: December 2010-March 2011

In November of 2010, KITA Ikki came out of retirement in the face of an Indonesian attempt to seize control of the government, winning a seat in the Imperial Diet a 13th time, and then winning the eJapan Country Presidency on December 5th, 2010. Former ally Sugawara Michizane had promised the Indonesians the support of his faction, and the traitorous Godzilla Party President TheReverendSeanV also supported the Indonesian candidate, calon rakyat jelata. In the days leading to the election, Japan's population showed suspicious increases, but despite the opposition's probable attempts at election fraud, KITA Ikki won with 165 votes, or 60.65% to 84 votes, or 30.88%. In the December term, KITA Ikki reactivated the military orgs, established a moderated national IRC channel, led Japan into the TERRA alliance with the USA and Brazil as primary allies, as well as rented Chubu region to USA to offset Japan's economic losses due to the new eRepublik economic module changes. Tensions with a Romanian PTO unit in South Korea, FSR, also grew, and attempts to negotiate a region rental agreement with them after they impeached native South Korean Grease failed. In late December of 2010, KITA Ikki was voted by his fellow citizens as "Best Country President of 2010" and received the Order of Democracy.

KITA Ikki won reelection on January 5th, 2011, defeating Alfred Ball with 100 votes, or 54.05% to Alfred Ball's 39 votes, or 21.08%. Growing tensions with South Korea marked this term as former Romanian Clopoyaur, commander of elite Romanian military unit FSR, and his Romanian allies sought to reassert control over the South Korean government. KITA Ikki took a hardline stance against what he considered a "foreign PTO" and worked with the local South Koreans as well as neighbors Taiwan and China. The Japanese military fought well and with the help of some foreign tanks such as Alfagrem, wiped out South Korea twice despite assistance from prominent Romanian and EDEN tanks, such as Bogdan_L and Romper on the South Korean side. The Japanese economy benefited greatly from the war and KITA Ikki's reelection on February 5th was a landslide, receiving 122 votes, or 68.93% to Alfred Ball's 43 votes, or 24.29%. The February term began with a grudging peace treaty with FSR-controlled South Korea and ended with the famous eRepublik Revolution. Although KITA Ikki supported the aims of the various country presidents who attempted to overthrow the draconian Plato, he was not permabanned as were many of the conspirators.

Country President Election Results in those elections KITA Ikki was a candidate:

Election Winner Votes Loser Votes
January 2010 KITA Ikki 227 / 51.71% Dokomo 140 / 42.60%
February 2010 Crawling Chaos 178 / 43.84% KITA Ikki 140 / 34.48%
December 2010 KITA Ikki 165 / 60.65% calon rakyat jelata 84 / 30.88%
January 2011 KITA Ikki 100 / 54.05% Alfred Ball 39 / 21.08%
February 2011 KITA Ikki 122 / 68.93% Alfred Ball 43 / 24.29%

Military Service

On May 10-11th, 2009, KITA Ikki participated in the war games exercises with the Argentinian allies and was promoted after only eight fights to the rank of Corporal. From May 30th to June 7th, 2009, KITA Ikki deployed to Germany with the Japanese Imperial Army to help their ally in the fight against Poland and Sweden, seeing combat in Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. He was promoted on June 1st to the rank of 軍曹 (GUNSOU or sergeant) in only 22 fights. On June 7th, 2009 (Day 565 of the New World) in Saarland region of Germany, KITA Ikki received a battlefield commission to the rank of 中尉 (CHU-I or lieutenant) after 37 fights. While deployed, he witnessed torture in Swedish-occupied Germany, and New Society newspaper ran a narrative of his experience, available here: Report from the Front Lines in Germany.

On June 7th, the Japanese Imperial Army appointed KITA Ikki as Home Defense Force Fireteam Foxtrot Team Leader. On July 5th, he received a promotion to the rank of 大尉 (TAI-I or captain) after 84 fights. Training in the Lithuania-Latvia training exercises, KITA Ikki was promoted to 大佐 (TAI-SA or colonel) on August 7th after 142 fights. President Yoritomo Minamoto's decision to appoint KITA Ikki to Minister of Defense on August 5th moved KITA Ikki out of the JIA chain-of-command and to the top. It would not be long before his first major test came in the form of a hostile takeover by members of the totalitarian Theocracy movement. Although the end of the war resulted in the establishment of a Theocratic state in South Korea, the Theocrats with the help of fighters from Spain and Romania only successfully won two regions.

During the Theocratic War in South Korea, KITA Ikki fought in several South Korean regions, often fighting after using the hospital, sometimes nine times in a single day. Real combat against a relentless foe paid off, and shortly after the war ended, he was promoted to the rank of 少将 (SHOU-SHOU or General) on September 13th (Day 663 of the New World).

On December 6th, 2009 (Day 747 of the New World), KITA Ikki was promoted to the rank of Field Marshal after 646 fights. The next day, on December 7th, the United States of America attacked Kyushu region after the Japanese government refused to allow the USA to pass through on its way to attack Iranian and Hungarian colonies in China. The Battle of Kyushu finished as the second largest battle in the history of the New World and resulted in a victory of Japan over the American attackers. On December 10th, 2009, Emperor Kokawayoshi Makoto awarded KITA Ikki the Order of the Golden Kite for his actions in defense of Kyushu, citing "spiritual and military leadership in the face of opposition, far-sighted planning under pressure and devoted military service to the nation and emperor."

During the eJapan-eSK war, KITA Ikki regularly participated in all the battles, including two as a "Top Japanese Fighter," detailed in this article: The War Winds Down

During his second tenure as Japan Country President from December 2010 until March 2011, KITA Ikki won a total of 14 Battle Hero Medals, using ZERO gold for tanking. He also won 4 Resistance Hero Medals during the region rental of Chubu to USA. In January and February 2011, while monitoring battles during the Japan v. FSR war in South Korea, he also distributed large amounts of government issue food and weapons to allies in critical battle rounds, winning many rounds that would have otherwise been won by the Romanian tanks. Japan successfully wiped out South Korea twice during this period of time before finally declaring peace when Romanian/EDEN tanks started a drive towards Tokyo in February.

KITA Ikki participated in the spirited defense of Japan against the Canadian attackers in the Canada Beer War.

In the new combat rankings of post-v2 eRepublik, KITA Ikki was demoted to Commander, but on August 12th, 2011, he once again achieved the rank of Field Marshal. He achieved the higher rank of Supreme Marshal on September 22nd, 2011.

Media Achievements

New Society

On May 30th, 2009, (Day 566 of the New World), KITA Ikki established the newspaper 新社会 (Eng. "New Society") as a periodical designed to comment on all things Japan. Since August 15th, 2009, New Society has served as the official Imperial Sun Party newsletter. On October 29th, KITA Ikki transferred the New Society newspaper to the Imperial Sun Party organization so that future party presidents could use it to conduct official party business. The newspaper has published articles on diverse subjects:

  • the political situation in Japan
  • the establishment of a commission to oversee elections
  • personal accounts of military deployments
  • military affairs
  • housing in Japan


After transferring the New Society to the Imperial Sun Party organization, KITA Ikki created a new newspaper called 旅人 ("TABIBITO"), which means "traveler," to focus more on his personal observations of cultural aspects of life in Japan rather than political. The newspaper has covered the following topics:

  • Japanese residential architecture
  • Totalitarian governments in east Asia (particularly Korea)
  • Japanese Field Marshals

Japan Election Commission

Logo of the Japan Election Commission

On June 23rd, 2009, (Day 589 of the New World) KITA Ikki founded the Japan Election Commission, a non-partisan oversight commission designed to observe elections and discourage political take-overs (PTOs) and foreign candidates who come for elections and leave with the congressional gold, dubbing them "gold-diggers." After receiving some generous donations from concerned congressmen, Congressman KITA presented the Japanese Diet with a donation proposal on July 1st, 2009 (Day 589 of the New World) asking for government funding in order to purchase the moving tickets necessary to send voters out to defeat rogue candidates. July's congressional elections went very well for the JEC, defeating all but one of the rogue candidates and proving the worth of the JEC organization to the citizens of Japan.

On July 30th, 2009, an official request for applications for the position of Assistant Commissioner was presented to the public in order to prepare a successor for taking over the position of commissioner. On November 16th, 2009, the National Diet confirmed ExReality as the new Commissioner of the JEC and KITA Ikki stepped down, declaring exReality "the right man to lead the noble organization."

Random Facts

  • KITA Ikki's personal slogan is "日本第一" ("Japan First!").
  • "KITA," or "北" meaning "north," is the family name. "Ikki" or "一輝" is his given name.
  • Avid reader and subscriber of the Yogurt Comic News
  • reader of the Ashigaru Taishou
  • designed the logo for the Japan Election Commission
  • designed the official Imperial Sun Party webpage
  • In eRepublik v1, achieved the rank of field marshal after 646 fights, averaging 116.16 damage per fight
  • In post-eRepublik v2/"eRepublik-Rising," KITA Ikki achieved the rank of field marshal on August 12, 2011.