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Nationality Flag-Austria.jpg Austrian
Date of birth 7th August 2012
Date of death 2017
Residence Vienna, Lower Austria
Sex Male
Party president of Belgian Monarchist Party
September 15, 2012 – October 15, 2012
Preceded by tremaya
Succeeded by Ray Captain
November 15, 2012 – January 15, 2013
Preceded by Ray Captain
Party president of Belgian Liberal Democrat Party
January 15, 2013 – March 2, 2013
Succeeded by M.Leviathin
Ambassador of Belgium
September 2012 – February 2013
vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium
February 6, 2013 – March 5, 2013
Director of Embassies of Switzerland
5 May, 2013 – 5 June,2013
Congress member of Switzerland
25 May, 2013 – 25 June, 2013
Minister of Defense of Switzerland
5 June, 2013 – 5 July, 2013
Preceded by dyplomata z krakowa
Succeeded by dyplomata z krakowa
Party president of Swiss Liberal Party
15 June, 2013 – 15 July, 2013
Preceded by Hunter4Life123
Succeeded by remi.remi
Spokesman of The Belgian Dream
July 2013 – ?
Preceded by iguyplouf
Congress member of Belgium
25 July, 2013 – 25 September, 2013
vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium
August 6, 2013 – September 5, 2013
President of Switzerland
April 6, 2014 – May 5, 2014
Preceded by Dan/naD Wilshire
Succeeded by Walensk
Military rank Icon rank God of War.png God of War
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kaad was a citizen of several countries, most impact he left in Belgium and Switzerland. It is believed that he is not really dead, he is just a 2-Clicker.


Kaad was born on the 7th August 2012. He quickly joined the Belgian Monarchist Party and the Belgian Armed Forces. September, he joined the official military unit, the Belgian Training Army. After having a job of ambassador for Belgium in France, being 2 times vMinister of Foreign Affairs, he moved the 8 March 2013 to Peru. He joined the LA UNION ePERUANA and the MU Air Force Peru. The 9th March, he founded People of Justice with The Templar. As the other founder left the organisation, it was dissolved until Kaad and Alexey Kondratov found it again in May.

He left on the 1st of May 2013 for Switzerland. He joined there the Swiss Liberal Party and the Swiss National Army. He became Director of Embassies of Switzerland under plasmakp government in May 2013. On May 27th, he also become the advisor of the Swiss Committee of Immigration, the Swiss institution created to regulate the flows of immigration into Switzerland where members of the Committee are appointed by both the government and the Congress. It is composed of 2 Swiss citizens appointed by the government government and 3 Congress members. The Committee is renewed every 27th of each month, after the election of the new Congress. The Committee reviews every request of Swiss citizenship and debates (and votes) to gives its approval or refusal to the request. The decision is transmitted to Congress and to the government. It was created to avoid a reinforcement of the PTO inside Switzerland. Kaad served for only one term in the Committee.

On the 25th May, he become for his first time a Congress member. He started to become the State Official Supplier under the Slovenian aggression. On the 5th of June, the new president, Trogdorthetroll100 appointed him Minister of Defense. In July, he refused to become Minister of Home and Security and left for Belgium. There he become the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs and Congress member for The Belgian Dream. Later he started People of Justice and tried to revive the Luxembourg committee initiative. In 2014 he returns to Switzerland and become President. Later he moves to Austria where he stopped playing.


Kaad was employed by Kitarou Yuki.

He already earned 25 hard worker achievements.


Kaad served as:


Kaad was a member of The Belgian Dream, the 2nd party of Belgium. Kaad was elected as Party president of the Belgian Monarchist Party in September 2012 for the first time, elected again in November and each month until January. He transformed the party into the Belgian Liberal Democrat Party and stayed party president for two terms. He get his first congress seat in Switzerland in May 2013. June 2013, he won the Swiss Liberal Party presidency. In July, after coming back to Belgium, he became spokesmen for The Belgian Dream and was elected Congressmen at the end of July.

In April 2014 upon his return to Switzerland he become President of the country.


Kaad owns the newspaper The Voice of Kaad, ranked 19th in 2013 in the list of top Switzerland's newspapers. He provided diverse article quite daily about fun, war analyses, political analysis, etc.

Graph design

Kaad has created the uniform of Awesome Boot Camp and several players profile pictures. He did some banners for the Belgian Government and the newspaper header for the famous Belgian called Beaver.

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