Kapitan Tsubasa

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Kapitan Tsubasa

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Nationality Flag-Poland.jpg Polish
Date of birth 11.09.2008
Day 296
Date of death Sometime in 2013 (est)
Residence Great Andes/
Little Poland
Sex Male
President of Peru
April 06, 2010 – May 05, 2010
Preceded by Jhon Salchichon
Succeeded by Lord Ghantt
Congress member of Peru
Military rank Icon rank World Class Force***.png World Class Force***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kapitan Tsubasa was the top-ranked citizen in Peru and also one time President before moving to Poland.


Kapitan Tsubasa was employed by 1st PE Food Q5 ERX:SMF. Kapitan Tsubasa has earned 40 Hard Worker achievements.


Kapitan Tsubasa served in GROM and Polish Civil Army.

One of his first Battle hero achievements was earned during the Battle of Southern Low Amazon, the first battle Brazil-Peru War.


Kapitan Tsubasa was a member of the Partido de Emigrantes party.

Kapitan Tsubasa has been elected to Congress on 3 occasions in the past.

Kapitan Tsubasa was the President of Peru, having been elected on April 06, 2010. Kapitan Tsubasa received 578 votes, beating his rival gvztavo, who received 483 votes. Two of the other candidates Giw1988, and Lord Ghantt, featured avatars that endorsed candidates voting for Kapitan Tsubasa.


Kapitan Tsubasa owns the newspaper To tylko ja. Kapitan Tsubasa's newspaper has over 1000 subscriptions, and for this reason, he has earned 1 Media Mogul achievement.


Kapitan Tsubasa has earnt 1 Society Builder achievement.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 40x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 3x Congress Member
Icon achievement Country President on.gif 1x Country President

Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif 2x Media Mogul
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif 72x Battle Hero
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif 4x Resistance Hero

Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 40x Super Soldier
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif 1x Society Builder
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif 1x Mercenary

Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif 13x True Patriot