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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Slovenia.jpg Slovene
National rank 52
Date of birth March 9 2008, died 12th March 2008, reborn 9th April 2008
Residence Maribor
Sex male
Political party Stranka za Napredek in Razvoj
Newspaper Novice Korotana
Party president of Nacionalna stranka Karantanije
22 April 2008 – 30 May 2008
11 June 2008 – 18 June 2008
Mayor of Nova Gorica
21 September 2008 – 14 October 2008
Preceded by Markovsky
Party president of Zdruzena Slovenija
28 September 2008 – 6 November 2008
Preceded by mariborcan
Succeeded by Kami
84x Congress Member of Slovenia
5x President of Slovenia
1 October 2008 – 5 November 2008
Preceded by mariborcan
Succeeded by uros007
6 March 2009 – 5 June 2009
Preceded by Zitko
Succeeded by StiH
6 October 2010 – 5 November 2010
Preceded by Abutre
Succeeded by SmoothZiga
6 April 2012 – 5 May 2012
Preceded by linuxmint
Succeeded by pikomalecki
3x Congress Member of Austria
Military unit Icon-Slovenia.png Considerate crew
Squadron 1
Position Soldier
Military rank Icon rank Legends.png Legend II
Legend title Legends of Slovenia:
Camu Battalion II
 aircraft rank= Wing Commander*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Karantanec (Born on 9th March 2008 as Duke Hotimir of Carinthia) is a former President of Slovenia. Karantanec was known as Stannis Mannis between 2012 and 2017.

Karantanec's Avatar and his Royal Coat of Arms

Early Life - Austria

He started his life in the New World on 9th of March in his Principality of Carinthia as its Duke and in few days he died.

He revived from the dead exactly 1 month after his birth to eRepublik, half dead (very low wellness), with no personal property, so he had to go to work as an ordinary citizen of eRepublik. It did not take long for him to fully heal his wellness and to gain enough Schillings to buy himself food just to survive the next day.

Later on, he joined the Communist Party of Austria, later known as Socialist Party of Austria, as his homeland has become the Soviet Republic in the time he was dead. He opposed the egoistic government and established the first opposing party in Austria and started to fight for freedom of speech and thought in Austria. Soon he was followed by many revolting citizens. Some of them joined his party. Others did not agree on its party mission and rather created their own party AW shortly afterwards.

Karantanec's knight with banner

Party President of Nacionalna stranka Karantanije

Party of NSK was created to bring the Slovenians in Austria a better future. Its affectations were nationalism, patriotism, and royal-ism. Karantanec grouped the most trustworthy members to assist him with a making of the party's mission and propaganda. In any of the general elections, he did not run for the president although he was a listed candidate. At the end of April the Austrian economy was still demolished and then in late April the NGIs came and started their economic activity by opening companies and employing Austrian working force. With his party, NSK, Karantanec supported a boycott against them and oppressing their rights because NSK did not trust them in order to find out their true schemes. After the negotiations with AW party to make a coalition just a few days before the General election on 1st of May, Karantanec agreed on terms on coalition agreements in the name of his party and did not run for president election but he rather supported the candidate from AW to run for position of country president with support of AW/NSK coalition. The coalition managed to win the presidential elections and in the time of rule brought hospitals to some of the cities and helped the economy to get on the feet.

The problem with Italian immigrants was rising through the month and they created their own party although they said that they migrated only because of the economic reasons. The June general elections gave another coalition, which was formed by the SPA and AIM and was better organized than AW/NSK so it was no wonder they have won the elections. Few hours before the end of the elections the gold was taken by the Austrian president nejcman from treasury and put into safekeeping. The coalition AW/NSK did not trust SPA the gold which was mostly produced by Slovenian hands as SPA lost Slovene trust in the past.

A New Country - Slovenia

On June 10, Slovenia was introduced and as most of native Slovenians, Karantanec moved there. Those who owned a company or were congressmen moved on June 18, including him. He left the position as party president and joined a newly formed Zdruzena Slovenija / Slovenia United (ZS/SU) party which was a party that has united most of Slovenians forgetting their former differences. For more than a month he was PR of the Slovenian government. On September 20, he won the regional elections and became the last Mayor of Nova Gorica.

In the late September, the high council of ZS / SU party decided that after the president Mariborcan's resign Karantanec becomes its new party president and runs for the 4th president of Slovenia in October general elections. In October elections he has become the 4th president of Slovenia. In the time when he was in his 1st term as the president of Slovenia, he changed minimum wage to 3 SIT, started the talk to join the Atlantis through his Minister of foreign affairs and he added the New Citizen Message.

After his country presidency was over he moved to Italy to fight in Swiss Liberation war, where he achieved 5 Superfights. His military career continued in Russia where he fought for Russian freedom and because of his courage and determination, he was promoted to lieutenant. After the war ended he moved back to Slovenia and started his work as MoFA and gained and signed an MPP with Romania. In November he joined the Occult and has started to worship blood. On the 16th of December, he took over SDP party which was the main headquarters of foreigners who couped Slovenia at November congress elections. He changed the name of the party to SDS (Slovenska Domobranska Stranka) and was a candidate on March presidential elections. On 5th of March Karantanec was elected to serve his 2nd term as the President of Slovenia. He became the first and only ˝Prezident˝ of Slovenia which meant he became the President and Prime minister of Slovenia, giving him higher powers. This was done because of so-called transition of Slovenian political and economic life. In his term there were many changes that affected life in Slovenia such as ratifying the new constitution, banning of United parties to avoid dictatorships, actively joining the PEACE operations and liberalization of the economy. In April's presidential elections he won his 3rd mandate as president of Slovenia. He annexed Carinthia where he also got promoted to colonel in first few days of his presidency and later on he accepted an offer from Brazil's president to start war games with Austria and Brazil. He did not run for the 4th consecutive presidential mandate and he has supported StiH as the candidate for the elections. In June he serves as the finance minister of Slovenia. After a long time, he has managed to become Field Marshal on July 16, 2009.


You may take our land, you may take our money, but you can never take our spirit and freedom!

[Karantanec on Italian war proposal to Slovenia]






  • Decoration 4th MU tournament 2.png Day 2415 - Team Player - Helped his Military Unit to win the 2nd place in the New World Cup, Division 4, Slovenia.
  • Decoration How to Build an Empire 2.png Day 2455 - Empire Builder - Defeated over 1000 enemies of his country during the “How to Build an Empire” missions.
  • Decoration Kill Rush 3.png Day 2474 - Third Rank Killer - Helped his Military Unit to win the 3rd place in the Kill Rush, Division 4, Slovenia.
  • Decoration Soldiers of fortune.png Days 2782 - Soldier of Fortune - Proved to be the architect of my own fortune by taking part in the Soldiers of Fortune Event!
  • Decoration Burning base.png Day 2872-2876 - Base Burner - Member of a Regiment which destroyed over 10 military objectives in Operation: Burning Base.
  • Decoration Anniversary 8th.png Day 2922 - Celebrated the 8th Anniversary of eRepublik.
  • Decoration Day 3000.png Day 3000 - Witnessed an Epic Day 3,000 and completed the "Epic Day 3,000" Mission.
  • Decoration League of Allies Bolivar.png Day 3588 - League of Allies - Simon Bolivar merit.
  • Decoration Day 4000.png Day 4000 - Worthy fighter of the Day 4,000.
  • Decoration Valentine 2019 1.png Day 4108 - Sharing the Love - Tier I - Sharing more than 10000 Love Bites.
  • Decoration springbreak 2022.png Day 5271 - #springbreak - Awarded for participating in #springbreak 2022 event.


Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x18)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x167)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x87)
Icon achievement Country President on.gif
Country President (x5)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x869)
Icon achievement Sky Hero on.gif
Sky Hero (x11)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero on.gif
Campaign Hero (x13)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x25)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x1443)
Icon achievement Society Builder on.gif
Society Builder (x2)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x15)
Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif
Top Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Top Aviator off.gif
Top Aviator (x0)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x2915)
Icon achievement Prestige Hunter on.gif
Prestige Hunter (x4)


This is a selection of avatars that Karantanec used.