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Nationality Flag-France.png French
National rank 279
Date of birth June, 09 2014 : Day 2424
Political party La Cosca
Newspaper Good Morning eFrance
Dec, 26 2014 – Jan, 25 2015
Minister of Communication
Jan, 06 2015 – Jan, 13 2015
Served under HeavenJere
Feb, 16 2015 – July, 01 2015
Served under La Cosca
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Apr, 06 2015 – May, 05 2015
Served under niceone30
Apr, 26 2014 – May, 25 2015
Minister of Communication
June, 06 2015 – July, 05 2015
Served under Carapicho11
Aug, 18 2015 – Aug, 25 2015
Served under La Cosca - eBelgium
Aug, 26 2015 – Oct, 03 2015
Served under La Cosca - eBelgium
Military unit Service Militaire
Squadron 1st Regiment
Position Captain
Military rank Icon rank God of War*.png God of War*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


The beginning (2014)

2-click during his first four months, he actually started playing from the month of october.

On the military side, he's the member of Service Militaire since his birth. The december 6th 2014, he was nominated Second commander by Miltiados. All his Battle hero medal were earn when he fought for his country : France.

On the political side, he first joined Coalition d'eFrance to learn the political basis. Smelling the coming ending for his party, he joined a fresh party called La Cosca the november 18th 2014 and became one of his first members. Nowadays he is a Soldato. Keyloraz is rewarded for his good activity by his election as a congress member in december 2014. Unfortunately, due to a lack of motivation, he won't be much active.

On the journalistic side, he created a newspaper called Good Morning eFrance which was well received by french people. This newspaper is specialized in serious political interviews but loves putting humoristic facts in it. He hates voter's club. November the 23rd of 2014, he wins 23rd editions of Trophées de la Presse the award of the best new newspaper of eFrance.

The affirmation (2015)

Since 2015, his activity decreased deeply. On february 3rd 2015 until february 6th 2015, he is appointed Commander of the Service Militaire. Keyloraz will give back the position to niceone30 and returned as the Second commander.

Few days before the presidential elections of 2015 january, HeavenJere suggest him the Minister of Communication with Nanoyo. Despite a lack of time, he accepts the job. As planned he won't be able to do a great work and will be fired a week later. Nevertheless he keeps a good memory of this period. Since january 16th 2015, he's the spokesman of La Cosca. March the 2nd 2015, he joins the resistance - after a long hesitation concerning the side he should support - with the goal to fight against the Dictatorship of Chillax. To do that he leaves his MU Service Militaire which support this dictatorship and joins Dragons de Glace Dépravés just during the battle. He wins that day 6 Battle Hero Medal with total damages estimated to 31 million. Despite his side during the battle, his mind is still concerned because he likes players of both sides. During the french revolution organize by the Resistance, he doesn't fight. During the office of niceone30, Hideyoshi Nicolas proposes him to be be his vMoFA, job he accepts. Since april 22nd 2015, he's the Commander of Service Militaire. After a second congressman mandate, he is appointed Minister of Communication by Carapicho11. After a good and exhaustive job, he decides to step back from eRepublik and take some vacancies. That's why he resigns from his position of Commander of his Military unit the Service Militaire and from the job of Spokesman of his party. While he was spokeman, he handled the publication of all articles of La Cosca during four months, publishing 16 articles. He joins the official Military unit of his party La Piovra july the 8th. Since July the 27th, he's the owner of this organization. During the Rumble Regiment Event, he brings 25 tokens to his Military Unit La Piovra and contributes to his good performance. The august 17th 2015, he acquires the eBelgium citizenship because he wants to travel a little bit. Right after that, he joins the belgium subsidiary of La Cosca : La Cosca - eBelgium where he's appointed Councillor. September the 03rd of 2015, he wins 24th editions of Trophées de la Presse the award of the best newspaper of eFrance. He comes back home in his country during October, willing to help France to repel the invaders. Appointed Second Commander of La Piovra on October the 5th.

The silence (2016)

After the dissolution of La Piovra , he joins the newly founded Legends, a Military Unit which regroups most of his former companions. Unfortunately, because of the lack of time of the Commanders, Legends won't be a success. This is why Keyloraz joins his first Military Unit Service Militaire, the circle is now complete. During the resistance war in Paris which opposed France to Argentina, he fought bravely in the second division and did more than half a billion of damages in order to liberate the french metropolis.


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif Hard Worker (x21) Icon achievement Country President off.gif Country President (x0)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif Super Soldier (x212) Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif Congress member (x2)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif Battle Hero (x43)
Icon achievement Media Mogul off.gif Media Mogul (x0)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif Resistance Hero (x3)
Icon achievement Society Builder off.gif Society Builder (x0)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero off.gif Campaign Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif Mercenary (x1)
Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif Top fighter (x0) Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif True Patriot (x28)
Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif Freedom fighter (x7)