Kid A

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Kid A


Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth November 26, 2008
Residence New Jersey, USA
Sex Male
Political party Libertarian Party
Congressman of USA
26 December 2008 – 25 January 2009
Military unit USA
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Background Information and General History

Kid A is a citizen of the United States of America and a former citizen of the United Kingdom. He was originally from the USA before that. He moved to the eUK because several of his friends from another online community were forming the Vanguard party there. Kid A went through several months of inactivity due to "real-life" which meant that when he returned, his wellness was incredibly low (1.5). However, soon he was well well on the road to recovery.

Kid A moved back to the USA when he realized the economy was much stronger there and it would be worth his while to move.

This was around May 2009 and Kid A joined the Vanguard party. However, it was soon time for the congress elections, and Kid A's old friend Lowell Kennedy was running in New Jersey. Kid A moved to NJ and voted for LK, however, unfortunately, LK lost the election to Claire Littleton.

Currently, Kid A, is considering staying in the USA as the economy is much better and he is considering setting up a business there.

Political History

Kid A joined the Yellow Party under the leadership of Lowell Kennedy when he first joined eRepublik, around December 2008. Under his advice, Kid A ran for congress in Minnesota, and he was elected to the 13th United States Congress. However, soon real life issues began to take old and unfortunately he could not uphold his duties in office. Several months later, on his return, Kid A joined the Vanguard Party, which was founded by Lord Rhindon.


Kid A was formerly the Media Director of the Yellow Pages, which was the flagship newspaper for the Yellow Party, however, on his return to eRepublik in May 2009, he changed his newspaper to the MDH Times.


Kid A fought in several battles for the eUSA between December 2008 and January 2009. He is hoping to continue fighting once his wellness has increased again. He has participated considerably in the war games, which has increased his rank considerably.

Kid A recently applied to join the MI in the USA, so he could fight much more often. He is looking forward to being accepted.


Kid A has recently set up his own organization, Kid A Industries. When he gets a little bit more Gold he will set up a business and hopefully this will be the start of a wonderful business career.

Kid A is running a lottery at the minute. In the current system, a ticket costs 0.5 Gold to buy. There are 20 available tickets, with a maximum prize fund of 9.5 Gold, as Kid A takes a 5% commission. In the future, Kid A intends to raise the stakes considerably in his lottery, with prizes high above 100 Gold. He also still plans on running the lottery for people with slightly lower budgets as well. So far, the lottery has had overwhelming success.

People Who Hate Kid A

Orbit-fish, Rsali9, Aces High Corp, Csali9, Rosendo Salinas, Ross95.

Note: I don't even know who most of those are.

Kid A's Travel Log

26th November 2008 - Unknown date Mid-May 2009 -- United States of America, Florida and Minnesota, and back to Florida/ Dates unrecorded.
Unknown date Mid-May 2009 - Unknown date Late-May 2009 -- United Kingdom, London
Unknown date Late-May 2009 - 15th June 2009 -- United States of America, New Jersey
15th June 2009 - 18th June 2009 -- Turkey, Eastern Anatolia, (via Singapore, Singapore City) --- Operation Turkish Delight, fighting for Central Greece
18th June 2009 - 23rd June 2009 -- United States of America, New Jersey, (via Singapore, Singapore City)
23rd June 2009 - 24th June 2009 -- Netherlands, North region, (via Singapore, Singapore City) --- Fighting RW in Brussels
24th June 2009 - 25th June 2009 -- United States of America, New Jersey, (via Singapore, Singapore City)
25th June 2009 - 25th June 2009 -- United States of America, New Mexico
25th June 2009 - 30th June 2009 -- United States of America, New Jersey
30th June 2009 - 1st July 2009 -- Croatia, Northwest Croatia, (via Singapore, Singapore City)
1st July 2009 - 4th July 2009 -- Hungary, Western Transdanubia, (via Singapore, Singapore City)
4th July 2009 - 5th July 2009 -- United States of America, New Jersey, (via Singapore, Singapore City)
5th July 2009 - 6th July 2009 -- France, Rhone Alps, (via Singapore, Singapore City)
7th July 2009 - Present -- United States of America, New Jersey, (via Singapore, Singapore City)