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Nationality Flag-Ireland.jpg Irish
Date of birth September, 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence Dublin
Sex Male
Minister of Health of Shannon
October 2008 – December 2008
Ambassador of USA
December 2008 – March 2009
Succeeded by Jerek White
Congress member of Shannon
November, 2008 – 2009
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ireland
April, 2009 – 2009
Preceded by Michael Collins
Military rank Icon rank Major*.png Major*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Kiemar was an Irish politician, former Regional Health Minister, five time Congressman of Shannon, and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Beginnings In America

Kiemar was born into the New World in September of 2008 into Massachusetts, USA where he first sought employment in the land industry. Due to a stagnant economy, he immediately experienced a series of layoffs that caused him to join the United States Worker's Party to seek better treatment for low wage workers. After two weeks of failure to maintain stable employment, Kiemar moved to Shannon, Ireland to seek a better life.

IUP Membership

After reading party stances on the Ottowa Protocol and many other stances towards the current Irish Freedom Party government, Kiemar joined the Irish Union Party at that time under Igor Thunderbrow. His first government post came in October when he volunteered to become the Health Representation for the Shannon in order to ensure wellness for the people of his region. In November Kiemar was elected to his first Congressional mandate under the IUP on the platform of tax and health care reform. As junior Congressman Kiemar passed Amendment 1 of the Regional Healthcare Initiative & Employment Act 2008, an amendment which made wellness benefits request only instead of compulsory to reduce the Health Ministry's Spending. After the IUP endured a leadership change, Kiemar decided to join the Irish Socialist Republican Party with fellow IUP member Theus Jackus to help Mulligan set the framework for this newly revived party.


During his time as an ISRP member, Kiemar continued to draw multiparty support in the Shannon's Congressional votes and had several successive mandates. During the Winter Recession of 2008, Kiemar proposed his Radical Economic Plan and passed several of its key elements such as lowering import taxes for raw materials and food. As a result of the proposal of this plan, Kiemar was appointed Economic Spokesperson of the ISRP. When Theus Jackus stepped down from ISRP leadership and withdrew from his Presidential run, Kiemar was asked to replace him as ISRP candidate for President of Ireland.

February Presidential Elections and ISRP Party Leader Election

In February of 2009, Kiemar (ISRP) ran for President of Ireland against Nithraldur (IUP)and 5n4keyes (IFP). As the ISRP's first Presidential candidate since its revival, Kiemar ran on a platform of government transparency, innovation in Ministry structure, and State Industry reformation. After a long campaign, Nithraldur was elected President. However, Kiemar was able to draw a greater percentage of votes than was expected of the ISRP and served as proof of the ISRP's growing importance on Ireland's political stage.

After the defeat, Kiemar was widely expected to take over the reins of the ISRP leadership. However, a little known opponent recently arrived from America named Michael Holcomb won the election by a single last minute vote. Both the IUP and Fianna Fail suffered similar occurances, and fraud was called by Ireland's Michael Collins. Realizing how much power one Congressman had over the entire nation, Kiemar left for Germany where he founded his corporation, the Mephisto Group. In an attempt to remedy the situation Kiemar and Michael Holcomb agreed to a revote on the ISRP's private forum, but lack of forum security led to another fraudulent vote. Michael Holcomb, realizing the futility of his efforts to right a wrong, stepped from leadership and Theus Jackus returned from Canada to fill the void. Kiemar returned to Ireland for the coming Congressional elections and was once again elected to represent the Shannon.

As Minister of Foreign Affairs and the ESA

Kiemar supported longtime friend and ISRP leader Theus Jackus in his Presidential bid in March 2009, and after his victory was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs. As Minister, Kiemar's first act was to call for Ireland to recognize the European Social Alliance and contribute to its founding. This vote passed in Congress by a unanimous vote of 11-0 with a little less than half Ireland's Congressmen voting. After the vote had passed and Ireland was inducted into the ESA as a founding member, ISRP Congressman Aran Tal raised the question of whether a referendum should have been called. Ireland had never held a referendum before, and Kiemar citing his willingness to support one but also mentioned the legality of the previous vote and the red tape and time which would be involved in holding such a movement. IUP leader Igor Thunderbrow, who Kiemar had served with in the IUP, released a fiery press article calling Kiemar an "enemy of democracy" for "refusing" a referendum. This act sparked a rivalry which would go on for the next month. When Top Gun (IF) defeated Igor Thunderbrow (IUP) in the next Presidential elections, Kiemar was reappointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs and hsa actively worked to negotiate war games and other relations amongst Ireland's fellow sovereign nations.