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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 2375
Date of birth July 27th,2009
Date of death 2010
Residence California
Sex Male
Newspaper The American Review
Congress member of USA
May 2010 – July 2010
Secretary of Communications of United Independents Party
May 2010 – July 2010
Preceded by Dolpacat
Succeeded by Robert Loggia
Secretary of Elections of United Independents Party
July 2010 – August 2010
Preceded by Justin_McCravok
Succeeded by Doe22
Military rank Icon rank Commander*.png Commander*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


KillerAtLarge, or KAL, was born in Ohio on 27.07.2009 - Day 615 of the New World.

When he first joined he read a bunch of articles and looked through the forums teaching himself how to play. Once he found out that he needed a Q5 hospital to fight properly, he requested a moving ticket from Chris Stanwick. He then used it to move to New Jersey, which had a Q5 hospital at the time. He would later have to leave New Jersey and move to Florida because Russia would take over New Jersey.


Around the time KAL was able to join a political party he got a message from Mercurius100, the America's Advancement Party President at the time, asking him to join the AAP party. KillerAtLarge, being the nub he was at the time, was excited to join the #1 party in the country, and joined willingly. Shortly after joining he registered on the forums and joined the Recruitment Team. It didn't take long for KAL to realize that the AAP was extremely inactive, and extremely boring. Because of this he became a 2-clicker from August of 09 to October of 09. During his 2-clicker period he ran for congress twice in Ohio, losing both times to GoBucks. He was given little to no support from the AAP in terms of votes, and gained all his votes from either Ohio Citizens, or a group of friends that joined eRep with him from another game. Finally near the beginning of October KAL decided to find something else to entertain his eLife. He decided he would move on to the military.


KillerAtLarge attempted to join the United States Training Corps during the World War III. After waiting about a month to be accepted, he saw an article about Seal Team 6 looking for new recruits for TST6. He joined up almost right away, tired and fed up with waiting to be accepted into the USTC. This was sometime in November of 2009. He was only in TST6 for about a month before being transferred into ST6. He was then placed into The Dragons Platoon. KillerAtLarge continued to be a member of The Dragons Platoon until February of 2010. Around this time ST6 created a new position called Chief Petty Officer(CPO) for every platoon. The CPO does weekly roll calls, keeps tabs on everyone's deployment, and helps the Lieutenant of the toon with other miscellaneous things. KillerAtLarge was among the first to become a CPO, and he was transferred to the Golden Lions Platoon to work under Toki Wartooth. He resigned from ST6 in July of 2010, due to RL time restraints.

Back Into Politics

After spending 5-6 months in ST6, KAL once again began to get bored with his eLife.

April 2010

In April of 2010 he decided that he would get back into politics. Due to his past experience in the AAP, he did not want to join a big party. In the end he decided to randomly try the United Independents Party. After joining and registering on the forums, he began to go through their forums. It was clear that they were a lot more active than the AAP was. Around the same time KAL joined the UIP several positions became open for grabs. After talking with the Party President, Kazeal, he took the position of Chief of the Shout Squad.

May 2010

After a successful term the new Party President, Illithian , gave him both the position of Chief of the Shout Squad and Secretary of Communications. During these terms he perfected the Shout Squad, giving it both a forum area for itself and organizing new threads and methods to keep it running smoothly.

June 2010

In June the Party President Herr Nicholas offered KAL his position of Secretary of Communications again. He was also given the position of Secretary of Elections near the end of the month due to the previous secretary resigning.

July 2010

In July he was given the position of Secretary of Elections again. This job consisted of taking care of Congress,Party President, and Country President elections for the party. During the Congress elections that month he managed to get 5 people into congress despite having a very small amount of mobile voters. He also added on to and better organized the UIP Congress Elections Gdoc sheet for future use. Near the end of his term as Secretary of Elections he ran a Party President debate between Pheno Sony and Justin McCravok. You can see the full debate here.

August 2010

This month he was once again offered the position of Secretary of Elections, but did not take it because he was to busy with RL. Instead he choose to be the first ever Chief of Elections in order to help the new Secretary of Elections Doe22.

September 2010

During September KAL was given the Deputy Chief of Staff position and watched over the UIP sorting hat as well as other DCoS responsibilities.

October 2010

He was given the same position of Deputy Chief of Staff during this month as well.

November 2010

Due to inactivity this month KAL was not on the Cabinet of the UIP for the first time since he joined the UIP in April.


He was also Agent Silver of the Independence Investigation Service during the months of July, August, and September.

Once a seal, always a seal!

In December 2010 KAL rejoined ST6 and was placed in the Wolverines Platoon. His Lt is Bob Dupuis and his CPO is Darius Perkin.


KillerAtLarge has ran twice for congress under the UIP banner, and has won both times in the state of Wisconsin. The second time he ran he was also given the TAMA endorsement. KAL is a mildly active congressmen, voting where he needs to,skimming over the congress forums daily, and hanging out in the congress irc from time to time. However he spends far more time on the UIP forums and irc, making it clear that he prefers party politics over national politics. He does not plan to run for congress again any time soon because of RL restrictions making it impossible to devote enough time towards it.


KillerAtLarge does not use his newspaper The American Review very often. When he first bought it, he used it to describe WW3 in a couple articles. Recently he has been seen only using it for his Congressional platform and his voting records. He has also used it once for a Party President debate he hosted.

Fun Facts

  • KillerAtLarge joined the day California was lost in the WW3
  • KillerAtLarge was the first Chief of Elections when the position was created in the UIP.
  • According to the Wiki, the AAP party officially dissolved on his RL birthday of April 17th.
  • KillerAtLarge was among the first people to gain the new position of CPO in ST6 when it was first created
  • KillerAtLarge was introduced to this game by vSkyzv, from another game called Pawn Game. Along with several other people.
  • He was the first and only Election Specialist of the Independence Investigation Service.