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Killer Rabbits Brigade


Down with the Carrots

General Information
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Region Burgenland
Total Soldiers more than 200 (most of them dead)
Commanded by 655321
2nd Commander moker

The Killer Rabbits Brigade is a para-media unit that focuses its activity on Hungary and her colonies. Mikrobi and Ernst von Jacob are the two icons of the Brigade. Although they are not members of the unit, their names are mentioned more often on its message boards, than anybody else’s.


The Brigade was founded by 655321 on the 1200th day of the New World. Initially it was meant to be a one man army, however the unit quickly became very popular with the celebrities of the Hungarian media, and so it now pools eleven media moguls.

The greatest deeds of the Brigade include

  • the not saving of Hungary from alien hordes on days 1247-1542;
  • the setting up of a foundation to raise funds for a full-bodied statue of Ernst von Jacob;
  • the organising of a general civilian disobedience movement against curry-flavoured chicken burgers;
  • the constant and loyal support of all allies revealed by the considerable amount of mercenary trophies collected by the unit members.


  • 655321 Pilgrim Father of all killer rabbits
  • Antonius Arrabona juccer's favourite francophile husband
  • bakter80 official brigade-level DO controller
  • csuzliszem master and creator of the Great Dick of Northern Hungary
  • ForradalmiMaki two-day president of Hungary
  • FrenkAce rabbit maniac
  • [galgogyuri flying Dutchman
  • horgerg master poet laureate, the beholder of Zsizsik’s legacy
  • Hun vagy gyerek piggish rabbit
  • HUpakolas 117-time president of the Hungarian Two-tailed Dog Party, Tesco Value beer ambassador, and eternal 4th place candidate on country president elections (actually, he finished second once)
  • Jemby aka apad_lehetnek aka II. Jemby pony maniac
  • Kilencfarku Macska Killer 9-tailed Cat of the V2 Hexagons
  • KristoGabor Multiple winner of the Best Young Killer Rabbit of the Year award
  • moker unit treasurer of the Simicska and Puch type
  • N.D.Tobias qualified and sophisticated spammer on eRep and non-eRep topics
  • Nemmondommeg master of killer rabbit avatars
  • prucsok aka Gabo82 Djozike's brighter side
  • rszszv multi and sex slave nr. 1. of the Pilgrim Father
  • subbidubbi eternal supplier of unlimited number of air conditioned tanks
  • tamaske manager of the Confuse-the-Hungarian-National-Guard initiative
  • Termetes Samu the Great Contemplator of eHungary
  • Tomjohnson green eagle and most respected pen warrior
  • Visor aka Uralkodo Laszlo evil genius prevented only by laziness from world domination
  • Von Seelard heraldist of Hungary
  • zozzy beholder of the holy key of Slovenian citizenship

Former honorary member who now is a full member

  • Pinkontom loving lady of Vecsés

Former members

  • Eheslo living consciousness of Hungary's living consciousness
  • Ersnt von Jacob eternal rabbit idol, the man who knew everything better, the Sage of Nagyvárad
  • Zsigeronto aka Rajk Laszlo aka juccer fattya aka Rajk Endre proud and only member of the ‘GÁT sucks’ movement

Official Killer Rabbit March

by horgerg, master poet laureat

Először minden halk nesszel indul,

Az utolsó répa-pálinka kortya zajong,

S a búcsúszó egy halk kézfogás –

Majd dörren a parancsszó:

Nyulak előre, indulás!

S egyszerre dobbannak a talpak,

Házinyúl, törd szét ketreced!

Nincs kegyelem, nincs megállás,

Mert dörren a parancsszó:

Nyulak előre, indulás!

Rakétavető, gépfegyverek, aknák,

Bozótvágó, csontozó, szuronyok,

Nyúlbogyó helyett gránátvillanás,

Mert eldörrent a Leader hangja:



The Brigade has always been a major promoter of world peace and worldwide reconciliation. Not long after the formation of the unit, we reached out to our Romanian friends as part of our reconciliatory moves. The mixed reception did not break our spirit.

1st National Killer Rabbits Meeting, Bükk

In September 2011 the first ever National Killer Rabbits Meeting was held near Miskolc, attended by an outstanding number of brigade members, namely 655321, csuzliszem, ForradalmiMaki, rszszv and Tomjohnson. The meeting will be remembered for the recycling of mass quantities of pálinka, beer and goulash, the famed 'forgot to take the lens cap off' photo series, and also for the mystical appearance of an unidentified flashing object.


Operation Ingyen teve! (Free the Camels!)


On Day1579 the Arabian Desert was set on fire when The Killer Rabbits landed in Riyadh and nine of them (655321, bakter80, Frenk Ace, Hun vagy gyerek, KilencfarkuMacska, KristoGabor, moker, N.D.Tobias and zozzy) started a resistance war in the region. The Rabbits (and other brotherly animals) fought bravely against the evil Cypriots. Many of them even visited the #caerbannog channel on IRC, making the occasion a truly unique one. The damage done by the Brigade was gigantic.

Killer Rabbit Influence made
bakter80 12,741,913
655321 10,999,054
Tomjohnson 4,969,003
moker 4,587,696
KristoGabor 3,790,065
zozzy 3,734,381
subbidubbi 2,347,000
galgogyuri 1,871,005
Sir Bungi 1,824,165
guLi Zaah 1,655,832
csuzliszem 1,608,770
Vlad Decay 1,588,511
horgerg 1,425,720
Hun vagy gyerek 1,233,116
conan.abarbar 1,069,136
az.elet.szep 1,024,102
Frenk Ace 1,008,897
Zsigeronto 550,000
N.D.Tobias 500,000
yxcqwer 448,316
Antonius Arrabona 420,000
rszszv 265,211
Kilencfarku Macska 265,000
Blinded Truth 258,263
Visor 132,000
az.elet.szar 130,149
borkostolo 116,961 116,929
MelytengeriKund 0
Total 60,681,195

Despite all the heroics of the brave rabbits, the resistance war was unfortunately lost. But the Operation Ingyen teve will be remembered for a very long time, well, at least for a couple of months.


The official Killer Rabbits cake revealed

The eWorld's largest, finest, classiest and bestest Killer Rabbits cake was prepared by rszszv on Day 2040. Made of Unicum (the rabbits' favourite drink besides anything else with pálinka in it) and chocolate truffle, the KR cake became an instant classic, and landed on the second place of eRep's most delicious toplist, only being bettered by the infamous headless chicken.


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