Kinizsi Szazad

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Kinizsi Szazad

Kinizsi Szazad.jpg

The ONE and only

General Information
Founded March 2009
Country Flag-Hungary.jpg Hungary
Total Soldiers 7
Commanded by shellbyster

Kinizsi Szazad is a military unit of Hungary.

Formed in March of 2009 as part of the Hungarian Home Defence Force, it became a well established fighting unit with about 100 members.

Commander Czygler at the time was just one of the 10 members who has achieved the military rank of Icon rank God of War.png God of War.

In July 2009, Commander was CSiPet[1].

Today the unit commander is shellbyster and the unit only has 7 members.


Requirements as of June 2012:

  1. soldiers with 3000 or more strength.
  2. activity in chat rooms and erepublik.
  3. wearing the avatar of the Military Unit.
  4. fight on orders.