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Kinjiro Tachibana

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Nationality Flag-Japan.jpg Japanese
Date of birth Feb 04, 2012
Date of death 2014 (est)
Residence Japan, Kanto
Sex Male
Newspaper Union Global Telegram,
later known as
Nihon Shinbun
Ambassador to Poland of Japan
November 14, 2012 – Date Unknown
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal*.png Field Marshal*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Tachibana Kinjiro was a citizen of Japan, born on February 4th 2012 in Icon-Japan.png Japan, Kanto, Mizuho, Tokyo. He was a patriotic young man from military family, growing up under occupation of eROC after Chaos of August he quickly joins the resistance to free Japan, in this first steps he joined Imperial Military Academy and Imperial Sun Party however than left both as he accepted invitation to Dai Nippon Party and Nippon Power. However, after a few days, he left them and re-joined IMA & ISP.

He has a well run newspaper called Nihon Shinbun, where Kinjiro wrote about politics, mostly criticizing the government.


Kinjiro was a calm, helpful and loyal person and would risk his life for its friends or country.
He was as well Pro-Japanese and a nationalist.


Kinjiro’s first party was Imperial Sun Party. After that, he left to join Dai Nippon Party and few days after, left to re-join ISP.

He believed in a unified military unit and that Japan rule lies under Japanese citizens, however, accepted non-Japanese living in Japan as long as they do not interfere in Japanese politics.

Kinjiro has become an ambassador to Icon-Poland.png Poland on day 1,821 as his first government job.


Kinjiro was a soldier in the Imperial Military Academy, his family tree can be traced long back of the Imperial Army. He served in the Mitsunami War.

Japanese Chaos of August

Back in the Chaos of August Kinjiro was still young and was attending junior high school in Mizuho, he and his family moved far to Hokkaido and after the war they moved back to Kanto to their family house and Kinjiro went to finish his junior high school, therefore, he had no impact in the Chaos of August history.

Japanese Independence War

As a resistance soldier, Kinjiro didn't have much of power in the resistance war being just a commoner and this is where his political career began.

After long resistance wars and losses, he decided to donate his money to the Government to fight against eROC in the day 1,817 and was decorated with the Order of the Sacred Treasure by President Koppanyi Ferenc, after being left with not much money left he kept on fighting as miracle happened on day 1818 Polish Military Unit "TerazMy" came to the rescue for the Japanese people in their liberation war of Kanto, battle took days, however, results were magnificent as Japan has been liberated from Taiwan.

After a long time of celebrations of liberty and freedom, Kinjiro donated around Flag-Japan.jpg 7,000.00 JPY to the Development Bank of Japan due to the rumours of counterattack of Taiwanese troops on Kanto.

Military Resignation

On Day 1,840 Tachibana has officially resigned from military actions giving a reason "getting more into politics". However, due to his love of the army, he has promised to supply government military units with money and supplies if needed.


Tachibana Kinjiro returned once again to Japan after a long holiday once again shocked by the current position of Japan. Kinjiro continued to support the government with Monetary Donations to its ministries.