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Kirill Nowakovski

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Nationality Flag-Russia.jpg Russian
Date of birth Dec 18, 2007
Date of death summer 2009
Residence Hwangae
Newspaper Kirill N's Official
Congress member of France
25 October 2008 – 25 November 2008
Party president of Bar des Pecheurs d'Ajaccio
15 November 2008 – 1 December 2008
Congress member of North Korea
25 May 2009 – June 2009
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
 Kirill has brought about as much glory to eRepublik as Borat has to Uzbekistan. 

Kirill was a citizen of France and lived there for nearly a year before thinking of really moving... He joined the Légion Étrangère and traveled the world !


Like all citizens in the New World, Kirill is amnesiac and barely "woke up" one year ago. He does not know anything about his past... When he woke up, he found himself in the street, having a bag filled with provisions, and ID card telling his name and age... But, he decided he would be 17. (It is sometimes told he sold this process as " Anti Aging Ultimate Solution ", but he never confirmed this.)

Early Life

Work, Army

In the beginning, Kirill looked for his first job... He joined a company named Carrefour, for whom he worked for most part of his Life.

As he showed great determination and high intelligence, he had rapidly promotion, from simple packer, he became in charge of entire department of the mall. After some weeks, he has again been promoted and was in charge of the entire food sector, nice, isn't it ?

Kirill also joined the army as a reservist, training a lot on week-ends, he has always been better at cowardly sniping heads than I running in straight line while shooting everyone. This got his direct superior, whose name is to remain know for his sanity, go insane and take hostages in Carrefour. Hopefully, Kirill was not working these day.


By this time, Kirill did not care at all about politics and just joined the most famous party of this time, the LEDD lead by Cicero, barely hoping to be selected for congressman elections, or something of the kind.

The Accident

Official French Army Records : " While on maneouver training session, Private Kirill Nowakovski disappeared to be later found, stuck in the explosives reserve. While living, he accidentally walked on a land mine that was activated. He then do what he has been trained to do in those situations. He stopped, dropped, and rolled. Then, he rolled harder. Unfortunately, the land mine exploded. Leaving the Private badly hurt. He has been taken to the Paris-Isle-of-France Q2 Hospital. "

Paris-Isle-of-France's Q2 Hospital : Kirill's Medical File : " Badly injured by an explosion, burnt a lot a bit everywhere, bla bla bla, 2 months in coma, bla bla bla. No problems after those 2 months, bla bla bla. "

Just a bit later Life

After sleeping for 2 months, Kirill felt well. In fact, so well he just take his old job back in Carrefour... And, despite his bad experience in the army, he rejoined it as a reservist. Yet, he did not had the same affectation and was supposed to not fight for a long time and just take care of cantinas, alcohol and "entertainment" on front.

Another little bit after

oon, Cicero would start appearing less and less in the media, leaving Carrefour to other owners... And the LEDD was dying. Kirill then left both. He joined the Mouvement des Révolutionnaires and Organik. Even if his new salary was far from the former one, he stayed there and got friends. Although the MDR's ideas seemed cool, they were not that much active, and most of all, they were all younglings. (Subliminal message : Brogol is cool, vote for him. ) After spending some time there, Kirill joined the Bar des Pecheurs d'Ajaccio, a party mostly consisting old men who joined France even before he woke up. As usual, he got friends there. Yet, unlike in MDR, he had to shout often because those damn old men already started to have ears problems.

Later Life

With his training, Kirill did his best to defend Hungary in the Romanian-Hungary war that would be later known as World War I. At this time, he was not working anymore. In fact, he had so much money that he could just have stopped working entirely for at least a year, maybe one and an half.

Soon, new resources were discovered in the New World. Every company in the world wanted to use them to improve quality of goods, and thus their benefits... Then, instead of living comfortably for a year, Kirill decided to invest everything he had. He obtain the right to create an anonymous organization, and via it, launched an Iron company. Kirill managed the company with the organization, while working hard in his own company...

A bit later than the "Later Life" chapter


The BPA had been renamed to " In Tartiflette We Trust " some time ago... Kirill asked to be presented by inzemix as a congressman, he was elected. Facing the fact that none stand for party presidency election, he presented himself and was elected with 100% of the ITWT votes. As soon as possible, he rename the ITWT to BPA again and gave it back its old image of a peaceful party.

Kirill presented himself and some BPA members to the next congress election. Sadly, his signup paper has been lost by French Administration and he had no chance to be presented. Already not thrusting that much in the system in place in France, he completely resign from the Party, thus giving back party presidency to Papa Frantz after half a month.

Work & War

After two months of hard work, Kirill had made a lot of money with his company. According to him, he won approximately 4000 FRF ( 100 "old" golds, 40 "new" golds). Despite the fact it may not seem to be that much, it was enough for him...

Getting rich, he soon start looking for a new way of making profit. He then found other new-rich people who wanted to do the same... So, a contract was signed. They had a starting capital of Icon-gold.gif 200 GOLD. With the Icon-gold.gif 60 GOLD he brought, Kirill owned 30% of the company, with others bringing 60, 40 and 40 Gold. It was decided that the SO Assistance Vacances would be transformed into an organization and that they would start there. They then though about what they could do... Hopefully, someone wanted to sell a Q4 Weapons Company... And they had it for just Icon-gold.gif 150 GOLD - C&C Systemes D'armes is bought.

When the Spain / Portugal war broke out, Kirill then spend a lot of money to provide himself good equipment. Not being that much experienced, he had been hit while defending Campeche in the second attack. Since then, he has a hard time kicking Spaniards' asses as he need to get some rest before fighting, and some more after. Although he was not on front line, he still managed get hurt in the stupidest way ever. He in fact got shot on the training fields by a bullet which bounced on the helmet that served as a target. The bullet just passed between Kirill's legs. Even if it did not hit any important area, his thigh have been severely burnt. Don't ever mind reconsidering his masculinity, as he still have the most important things operational.

After all this action, he is now retired in Iran, in the Fars region. He there got a pretty decent salary and lives happily with his 5 new wives in a large Q4 Flat in the middle of the town. ( Melkion is still sad after they broke because they both had to move, feel free to date him. Kirill wants Melkion to be happy. ) Recently, he joined the Légion Étrangère, as soon as his wounds will be totally healed, he'll help a lot, as he's now a Sergeant in the regular army.

Joining the Légion Étrangère also gave him some advantages, has he is now in charge of the 12e Régiment de Cuirassiers. His Regiment's devise being " Au danger mon plaisir. " . All he want is not getting his men killed or injured too much. He does not really care about leading then, as he'd prefer watching all this on a satellite map, like all those <bleep!> presidents.

Facts and/or summary


Kirill was French Légionnaire living in Iran.

He owned an Iron company and has been there for nearly a year. He owns too 30% of the Assistance Vacances's shares. He has been congressman for one month and president of the BPA party for half a month.



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