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Kiwi Independents Party

Party-Kiwi Independent Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-New Zealand.jpg New Zealand
Abbreviation KIP
Colors Black and White
Founded October 2010
Dissolved February 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /27 seats, 0%
Succeeded By Speight's Supporters Party
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Kiwi Independents Party (October 2010-February 2011) was a populist, libertarian political party formally active in New Zealand. The party was a constant political force in NZ evolving from a populist, anti-establishment party to a key opposition party.


The Kiwi Independents Party (KIP) was launched in October 2010, by leading figure Gaius Julius Caesar00 and other “English-speaking” citizens outside the provisional government. It opposed backing the New Zealand Union Party (NZUP) of the government but because it was not a top 5 party, it could not run candidates in the October Parliamentary elections.

However, in the November Presidential elections, the KIP nominated Caesar00 as its candidate, the only one to stand against Calbe. He lost but still managed to capture 19% of the vote.

The party continued to remain outside the top-five, even after Caesar00 was re-elected Party president (PP) in November against Matthew Langley. The KIP introduced the popular “free-food” program during this time that aided lower ranked players (under 15) in NZ with free food. This was popular but was not enough to lift the party into the top-five.

In December the KIP took the controversial move of nominating a candidate instead of endorsing Fionia of the Peace 'n' Prosperity Party (PnPP). The party ran Roland Luca, thereby splitting the non-Aotearoa vote and helping Don KronoX win the Presidency. He captured 7% of the vote, coming third.

Top-Five Party

Gaius stepped down in December to allow new candidates to run for the KIP. At this time Jacobo Gronaven defeated former PnPP/Aotearoa citizen James Rellori for the PP. At this time the KIP jumped into the top five thanks to the collapse of the Kiwi People's Party (KPP). In the December Parliamentary elections, Gronaven became the first KIP member elected to Parliament, the party won 1 of 40 seats.

In the January Presidential election, the KIP realigned itself and officially endorsed Bedi Vere of the PnPP. This joining with the opposition would not be the last time and would set a trend. However, in the January PP election, Gronaven suffered a crushing defeat when high-profile PnPP member WelshLad jumped to the KIP.

Under Welsh, the KIP firmly aligned itself with the opposition and replaced the morbid United N. Z. Independent Party (UNZIP) as the PnPP's chief ally. In the January Parliamentary elections, the KIP won 2 of 40 seats. In February, the KIP nominated Welsh for President, with PnPP support. He was defeated by Aotearoa candidate Koska da STRAH, winning 30%. The party under Welsh was notably for serving in the Cabinet of Kurojca and Koska.

By February, much had changed and Welsh had gone AWOL. Without a firm leader, the KIP became rudderless and slowly began to slip back. It suffered membership loss during the land-swap but for a time was larger than the PnPP but it was quickly eclipsed.

Speight’s and Dissolution

The February KIP PP elections featured a contest between veteran PnPP member Crusadercarl and Piximan. With Welsh nowhere, the election was tight but CC won 13 to 10. After his victory, the new PP sought to launch a new party that create a “fun” movement, leaving the seriousness of politics to the PnPP. The KIP was officially dissolved and replaced by the Speight's Supporters Party (SSP).


If the KIP left any legacy it was the party machine and organization. The collapse of non-Aotearoa parties like UNZIP and the realignment of the Kiwi Social Democrats left NZ in a situation where only the PnPP could remotely hope to challenge Aotearoa. The KIP stepped into this void and dropped its anti-establishment past in order to take part in NZ politics.

While it eclipsed the PnPP for a time, the party never managed to fill the hole crafted for it by Welsh. However, it did leave Crusadercarl with a viable organization in which to launch the SSP and ensure that NZ continued to have a vibrant pair of non-Aotearoa parties. Also, its “free food” program was a hit and has been co-opted by other parties since.

Party presidents

Month Party president Notes
October and November 2010 Gaius Julius Caesar00 Served 2x term as PP
December 2010 Jacobo Gronaven
January 2011 WelshLad
February 2011 Crusadercarl Dissolved Party.