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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth 24 December 2008
Day 400
Date of death 2011
Residence California, USA
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Knojerakk was citizen of USA.

Military Career

Knojerakk started off his military career in the United States National Guard moving from a position as a Sergeant in 2nd Division, 1st Platoon to a staff Lieutenant then Captain position in the National Guard Leadership. From there Knojerakk was appointed to be the commanding officer of the National Guard Third Division, the Cavalry. After a short time in that roll, he was again promoted, this time to Executive Officer of the National Guard, a position with the rank of Lt General.

With the dissolution of the National Guard, Knojerakk served as a floating member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a representative for the Home Guard and Training Division. After this floating period Knojerakk was appointed as Executive Officer, United States Army where he worked in close concert with General Joseph Schmo to turn the Army into a viable combat force.

After serving as the Executive officer for the Army, Knojerakk was again called upon to lead and took control of the Army following Joseph Schmo's retirement. As of the 16th of September, Knojerakk Decided that it was time for him to relinquish command of the US Army allowing a new generation of officers to take control.

Political Career

Knojerakk has done his best to steer clear of politics, after a failed congressional attempt in Utah back in March. He has however attempted to assist the United Independents Party achieve their goals. He has been a member of their mentor program as well as served as the UIP Election coordinator under Ansen for a term. Since then, Knojerakk has withdrawn from most politics due to a belief that military leaders should not be involved due to the ability to misuse their authority as well as a strong belief in the separation of powers.

Business life

Knojerakk has owned a q1 Weapons company for several months now but has closed down operation due to economic necessity.


Army Cadence is the newspaper owned and published by Knojerakk. There were 100 people subscribed to his newspaper.

Military offices
Preceded by
LTG Jameson L. Tai
Deputy Executive Officer, United States Army Succeeded by
BG Chris Dakteer
Preceded by
LTG Jameson L. Tai
Commander, U.S. Army II Corps Succeeded by
Preceded by
LTG Joseph Schmo
Executive Officer, United States Army Succeeded by
LTG Tremaine
Preceded by
GEN Joseph Schmo
Commanding General of the United States Army Succeeded by