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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
National rank 563
Date of birth 29 October 2008 - Day 343
Date of death August 2009 (est)
Residence Florida
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Koiman was a citizen and writer from the United States of America.

The Life and Times of Koiman

Books.jpg This page contains fictional information. (What's this?)

Koiman started playing eRepublik October 29th, 2008. He was born in Pennsylvania, but moved to Moscow shortly after. After being fired in Moscow, he returned to the USA. He acquired a job working for Tetchy Housing and became its longest serving and most reliable employee, until it recently closed, when its owner Angrr Inc decided to stop playing.

Koiman believed that every nation deserves to exist in eRepublik and fought in the Attica resistance war from Turkey started by Toki Wart00th in November 2008. Koiman joined the eUSA army in mid-November of 2008, but decided to resign after after fighting in Poitou-Charentes in World War II. Koiman is a member of America's Advancement Party.

Koiman is a jokester.

Society / Media

  • Press Director for Something Weird, a surrealist, and somewhat comical, paper discussing what ever Koiman thinks of.
  • 10 subscribers as of May 25, 2009