Koinmandos Koinmunistes

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koinmando koinmuniste

Koinmando Koinmuniste.jpg

General Information
Country Flag-France.png France
Total Soldiers 392
Commanded by Lakich
2nd Commander shrees
1st Regiment Captain lregniez
7th Regiment Captain mimiche4
11th Regiment Captain Frankiky

koinmando koinmuniste is a Icon-France.png French military unit, originally created in 2011 as a paramilitary unit of Koinmunaute Unie Libertaire (KUL) political party. The military unit stayed active after KUL was renamed to the Parti Koinmuniste party and until today it serves as a unit of that party.


In July 2011, koinmando koinmuniste joined the Red Army to fight against the spread of imperialism.


In the past, the Commander of the unit was lregniez, although it is unsure from when to when.

Today, in April 2017, the Commander is Lakich.