Koinmunaute Unie Libertaire

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Koinmunaute Unie Libertaire

Party-Koinmunaute Unie Libertaire.png
General Information
Country Flag-France.png France
Abbreviation KUL
Newspaper Le Petit Koinmuniste
Organization 3200164
Forum Forum
Colors Red and Black dominant;
Green, blue, yellow, pink - secondary
Founded 16 February 2010
Day 819 of the New World
Dissolved February 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds Parti Koinmuniste
Succeeded By Parti Koinmuniste
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Anarchist

After Parti Koinmuniste (PK) was dissolved in December 2009, gg_tk, who was one of the original generators of the PK party, started the new Far-Left party in France - Koinmunaute Unie Libertaire. The party has been created on February 16, 2010. One year later, party was renamed to Parti Koinmuniste to restore the days of the big gory.

Major achievements

Koinmunaute Unie Libertaire during its short lifespan gave two Presidents of France. First, in October 2010, Ernesto-Che-Guevara and later on Koratos in December 2010.

Party presidents

First President of the party was the founder of the party - gg_tk and lead the party until March 15, 2010. Next couple of elections went really smoothly and the presidents were in chronological order:

On July 16, 2010 t-r-a-s-h was elected but resigned few days later. Interim party president become BbincH, however Tirssett took over the role on the forum and relationships with the other political parties. In August, Tirssett was re-elected for a second term, first time anyone has managed to do that. Koratos was another member who break the record, this time, as first party president with two consecutive terms - in September and October 2010. Again, next couple of elections went really smoothly and the presidents were in chronological order:

gg_tk, the founder, was actually also the person who dissolved the party later on in February 2011. The party was renamed to Parti Koinmuniste.