Kokage no Kochira

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Kokage no Kochira

Kokage no kochira.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Japan.jpg Japan
Language English
Owner Tetsuya Tameru
Founded Day 834 of the New World
Subscribers Japanese, Dutch, Filipino, South Korean
Articles 89
Content propaganda, reports, news

Founded day 834, Kokage no Kochira is the personal newspaper of Tetsuya Tameru, a dutch citizen born in Japan.

Japanese Politics

Tetsuya held a large interest in Japanese politics at one time. Indeed his first article was an introduction of himself for running in Kanto for the Scorpion Clan. He did lose the election. Tetsuya later published his resignation and open letter to Scorpion Clan in the paper, which caused negative feelings between him and Goku Jones.

The paper was also used on multiple occasions to advocate political peace between the "RPfags" and "FoH" of Japan. Peace was never achieved between the two factions despite assistance and similar printings by Nowe, who had a louder voice in politics.

The last article released in Japan was titled 'why'd you leave bro?' regarding tetsuya's departure to Netherlands. It was a copy of a post released in the Japanese main forum.


If there is one thing Tetsuya enjoyed publishing, it was the propaganda released during the Second Japan-South Korea War

The paper published a series of articles for propaganda purposes in Japan, South Korea, and Philippines. It was "delightful fun" and it was during this time that Tetsuya found that BB codes worked in newspapers, a fact of which he was unsure of before. The quality of his articles improved greatly as a result. Articles published include coverage of the battle for Seoul, the recapture of Seoul, and the entirety of the battle of Jeju.

Later, following the loss of the war by Japan, and the subsequent restructuring of South Korea by president Arjay Phoenician, Tetsuya published (in South Korea) an official apology on his behalf for the negative feelings created by his propaganda. It was and remains one of the few Japanese concessions as a result of that war.

Day 2147 Onwards

The paper has recently become active again, producing articles designed to raise pride in being Japanese and to promote nationalism. It has also been used to attempt to create an ideal economy, where Japanese citizens give preferential treatment over non-citizens in such efforts such as economics. It is a personal goal of Tetsuya to see Japanese economics begin to thrive through more private negotiations.