Komander Jebat

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Komander Jebat

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Nationality Flag-Malaysia.jpg Malay
National rank 22
Date of birth 25 May 2019
Residence Flag-Malaysia.jpg Kuala Lumpur, Peninsular Malaysia
Sex Male
Political party PATRIOT
Prime Minister of Malaysia
April 2020 – May 2020
Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Malaysia
August 2020 – September 2020
Congress member of Malaysia
March 2020 – January 2021
Party president of PATRIOT
March 2020 – April 2020
Party president of Solidariti Ummah Nasional
September 2020 – October 2020
Military unit eT.D.M
Division Icon division 2.png
Position Commander
Military rank Icon rank God of War**.png God of War**
Aircraft rank Squadron leader 3.png Squadron Leader***


At the forefront of Malaysia's fight against political takeover stands the enigmatic Komander Jebat, leading a secret paramilitary force with the single-minded goal of liberating his country from its oppressors. During the dark era of history of Malaysia (Day 4204 - Day 4500), he remained the only citizen actively fighting against the ruthless Brothers in Arms (BIA), refusing to be cowed by their might.

The legendary warrior Hang Jebat lives on in spirit through the determined leadership of Komander Jebat, who draws inspiration from his namesake to battle for the liberation of Malaysia. In his fight against the Romanian Political Takeover (PTO) group Brothers in Arms (BIA), he chose the name Jebat as a symbolic representation of his unwavering commitment to his country's cause.

He is a survivor in the truest sense of the word, having weathered the tumultuous era of BIA's political takeover with a rare tenacity. As one of the few new citizens to have lived through those dark days, he has dedicated his life to the noble cause of freeing Malaysia from the clutches of foreign domination - a cause that remains as urgent today as it was during the BIA era.


Komander Jebat is a skilled coup-maker, operating like a lone wolf with precision and efficiency. Although he can work well alone, he has shown himself to be a team player when needed, having once been part of a pack.


  • Day 4204 - Teleported to eRepublik
  • Day 4344 - Met his 1st mentor
  • Day 4487 - Met his 2nd mentor (de facto leader of Malaysia ATO)


Komander Jebat's political career took off in September 2019 when he ran for Congress. Despite winning five consecutive elections, his power was limited by the fact that Malaysia was fully under the control of the PTO group known as Brothers in Arms (BIA).

In February 2020, he decided to take matters into his own hands and contest for the party presidential election to take over one of BIA's parties. Though he was not successful, he managed to track down several multi-accounts associated with BIA, making significant headway against the group.

March 2020 saw Komander Jebat contest for party president once again, this time with the full support of the newly revived Malaysia Anti Take-over (ATO). The organization had been working tirelessly to formulate a strategy to oust BIA, and their hard work paid off when he won the election by a 7-4 vote. He renamed the party PATRIOT in honor of Malaysia ATO's patriotic spirit.

Month Winner Votes
March 2020 Komander Jebat Citizen9521581.jpg 7 (63.64%)

Later, he was appointed as Prime Minister of the new Malaysian government with the consent of eYDPA. He served for one term before stepping down to allow others to serve their country.

In September 2020, sensing a PTO threat from a former BIA member, he made a political comeback and joined the Federal Unity Party (FUP). He rallied the party members against the PTO insurgency, and in the end, won the presidency with a 10-6 vote. He renamed the party Solidariti Ummah Nasional to remind BIA that the party belongs to Malaysian.

Month Winner Votes
September 2020 Komander Jebat Citizen9521581.jpg 10 (62.50%)

September holds a special significance for him, as it was the month he began his political career in 2019, and also the month he made his political comeback in 2020. After taking a break from politics following a missed congress seat in March 2021, he continues to watch over his country from the shadows.


  • Day 4329 - Earned his 1st Congress Member medal as a Congress member of Malaysia
  • Day 4501 - Earned his 1st Party President medal as the founder of PATRIOT
  • Day 4522 - Appointed as Prime Minister of Malaysia
  • Day 4644 - Appointed as Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Malaysia
  • Day 4685 - Earned his 2nd Party President medal as the founder of Solidariti Ummah Nasional
  • Day 4817 - Completed 1 year of Congress Member medal
  • Day 5156 - Rejoined PATRIOT


Initially, Komander Jebat didn't pay much attention to the economic aspect of the game, lacking a clear understanding of its importance. However, after meeting with Malaysia ATO, he realized the significance of having his own holding company and has since created five.


  • Day 4234 - Earned his 1st Hard Worker medal
  • Day 4501 - Created his 1st Holding Company – Malakat Mall (Dissolved)
  • Day 4525 - Created his 2nd Holding Company – Malakat Premium Outlet (Dissolved)
  • Day 4564 - Completed 1 year of Hard Worker medal
  • Day 4627 - Created his 3rd Holding Company – Malakat Mart Xpress (Dissolved)
  • Day 4756 - Created his 4th Holding Company – Malakat Defense Industries
  • Day 4828 - Created his 5th Holding Company – Malakat Property Group
  • Day 4926 - Completed 2 years of Hard Worker medal
  • Day 5068 - Become a millionaire
  • Day 5290 - Completed 3 years of Hard Worker medal
  • Day 5692 - Completed 4 years of Hard Worker medal


Komander Jebat is a veteran soldier who has served in numerous Military Units and fought in multiple military actions on behalf of Malaysia. He has been a member of the military units UN Peace Corps, ISTANA eNEGARA, eT.D.M, and eMalaysian Elite Force, and has switched between these units multiple times during the given period.

As the commander of eT.D.M, a specialized force that tracks down and eliminates PTO threats, he has demonstrated his ability to work effectively alone. He has single-handedly tracked and apprehended nine BIA-associated multi-accounts. He has earned the distinction of being the first Malaysian citizen to achieve 1 billion damage for his country, a remarkable feat he accomplished with the help of his first mentor during the Swap Strength event in 2019.


» Misc

  • Day 4204 - Joined eMalaysian Elite Force
  • Day 4241 - Joined eT.D.M
  • Day 4402 - Reached 1 billion damage for Malaysia
  • Day 4527 - Joined UN Peace Corps
  • Day 4573 - Joined Istana eNegara
  • Day 4587 - Promoted as 2nd Commander of Istana eNegara
  • Day 4610 - Promoted to Division 2
  • Day 4638 - Joined the Liberation Committee of Malaysia
  • Day 4715 - Promoted as Commander of eT.D.M
  • Day 4901 - Achieved 50,000 strength level
  • Day 5120 - Acquired Desert Wolf tank
  • Day 5450 - Achieved 100,000 strength level

» Military Rank

  • Day 4204 - Achieved Recruit military rank
  • Day 4204 - Achieved Airman aircraft rank
  • Day 4631 - Achieved God of War military rank
  • Day 4652 - Achieved Squadron Leader aircraft rank

» Medal

  • Day 4209 - Earned his 1st Freedom Fighter medal
  • Day 4219 - Earned his 1st True Patriot medal
  • Day 4223 - Earned his 1st Super Soldier medal
  • Day 4263 - Earned his 1st Battle Hero medal
  • Day 4311 - Earned his 1st Resistance Hero medal
  • Day 4338 - Earned his 1st Mercenary medal
  • Day 4402 - Earned his 1st Campaign Hero medal
  • Day 4522 - Earned his 100th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 4617 - Earned his 1st Sky Hero medal
  • Day 4624 - Earned his 100th Super Soldier medal
  • Day 4663 - Earned his 200th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 4901 - Earned his 200th Super Soldier medal
  • Day 5042 - Earned his 300th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 5097 - Earned his 400th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 5141 - Earned his 500th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 5175 - Earned his 600th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 5178 - Earned his 300th Super Soldier medal
  • Day 5207 - Earned his 700th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 5227 - Earned his 800th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 5256 - Earned his 900th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 5282 - Earned his 1000th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 5315 - Earned his 1100th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 5394 - Earned his 1200th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 54?? - Earned his 400th Super Soldier medal
  • Day 5465 - Earned his 1300th Battle Hero medal
  • Day 57?? - Earned his 1400th Battle Hero medal


Despite not having published his newspaper, Komander Jebat has demonstrated his passion for contributing to the eRepublik community. He has been an active member of the eRepublik Official Wiki since March 27, 2020, and has received two Wiki Awards (April 2020 and October 2020) for his contributions.