Kommunistische Partei eD

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General Information
Country Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Abbreviation KPeD
Forum Forum
Colors red
Founded January 2010
Dissolved November 2010
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeded By KPeD
Orientation Far-Left
Ideology Authoritarian

The Kommunistische Partei eD (Eng. Communist party of eGermany) was one of the top 10 parties in Germany during 2010. It is unsure what happened to the party at the end, however, it was discovered that in December 2010 the party didn't exist anymore. A party with abbreviation name (KPeD) was started early in 2011 and it is believed that the members switched from this old party, to the new party.


The Kommunistische Partei eD was founded in January 2010 by MachtGeil, Degenhardt and other members of the former Red Brigade Germany. Other known early members were, for example, Radu von Schmotz or Kalle Pedersen. Their goal was to establish another leftist party more socialist than the SPeD.

After the foundation, membership increased rapidly, and since then, it has always been a top 5 party. From the beginning, the Kommunistische Partei eD concentrated on Internationalism, a governmental organised economy and supporting of the workers. The party regards itself as a revolutionary party since it aims at changing the German economy and politics in a radical way. It always tried to be independent as a party, be it in a political or an economical way. Economic independence was guaranteed by the foundation of the first KPeD commune. Not only members of the party have found a safe job in the communes that provides them with everything needed; everyone is welcomed there, be they members of the SPeD, OMG, LDP or no party at all. Commune workers are provided by weapons as well an can, if willed to do so, organize themselves in the Red Army which was found in July.

Politically, cooperation with the SPeD was always deemed natural, not only because the Kommunistische Partei eD was founded by former SPeD members. There were, however, attempts at cooperation with the PPD as well, leading to, for example, MachtGeil getting elected as president in March 2010.

Party Logos

The Kommunistische Partei eD had two Logos, the old, traditional one (left) and the new one created by AnsisX (right).

Party-Kommunistische Partei eD v2.jpg Party-Kommunistische Partei eD.jpg


The Kommunistische Partei eD was a well organized party that aimed at both efficiency and internal democracy where possible. The party is lead by the politbureau with a maximum of 10 members. Every comrade can apply for a position in the politburo (if one is vacant) or propose a motion to replace a current member. In both cases, a majority of 66% has to agree, in the second case, the secretary general has to agree. The secretary general is usually the ingame party president - in special cases though, there are exceptions. He is therefore appointed by the politbureau.

The Internationale

The Kommunistische Partei eD thinks that the struggle for more fairness can only be achieved by international solidarity and cooperation, making membership in the Internationale inevitable. The party joined the Internationale shortly after its foundation and has been represented by MachtGeil since then.

The Brigades

Since July, the Kommunistische Partei eD had its own militia. Since the communes started producing high-quality tanks after V2 started, the Red Tank Brigade is the main force of the Red Army. Additionally, other Brigades exist, although they are far smaller.

Alliances and Co-operations

Kommunistische_Partei_eD had great cooperation with SPeD and PPD


List of Party Presidents

Year Month President Congressmen
2010 June OnkelDok ???
2010 July Jimie 6/40*
2010 August Sir Nils 8/40
2010 December Skalg von Tuari 2/10
  • One of those was Gobba who got elected as an unofficial candidate.

Party Members in the Bundestag

July 2010

Candidate Region Votes
Brainwashed Nobody Baden-Wurttemberg 7
Skalg von Tuari Scania 4
Duracraft Wildcard in Bavaria 9
Sir Nils Wilcard in North Rhine-Westphalia 9
Jimie Wildcard in Saarland 21
Gobba Wildcard in Saarland 40

August 2010

Candidate Region Votes
Brainwashed Nobody Baden-Wurttemberg 9
cesgon Saxony 10
Walla-Walla Saxony-Anhalt 3
MMMaster Thuringia 6
Degenhardt Wildcard in Brandenburg and Berlin 7
Sir Nils Wilcard in Bavaria 8
Jimie Wildcard in Saarland 10
Skalg von Tuari Wildcard in Saarland 12

Presidential Candidates supported by the party

Year Month Candidate Party Avatar No. of votes Percentage Outcome
2010 March MachtGeil Kommunistische Partei eD Citizen1785513 v2.jpg 655 64.60 Victory
2010 September Skalg von Tuari Kommunistische Partei eD Citizen2511429.jpg 219 35.49 2nd (winner: 44.73)
2010 October Jimie Kommunistische Partei eD Unknown Person.jpg 199 35.79 2nd (winner: 46.22)
2010 November Konrad Neumann Kommunistische Partei eD Citizen244112.jpg 126 22.66 3rd (winner: 40.11)